Lectin Free Recipes: 2 Best Recipes

Lectin free recipes
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Protein or lectin are mainly found in grains (or legumes).

The lectin free recipes are gaining much renown due to various experts such as Dr. Gundry are speaking about them. Dr. Gundry came up with a basic explanation about the benefits of the lectin diet and how it works.

Many books are coming out and talking about lectin-free diet recipes, which makes it more impressive.

lectin free recipes
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Before finding yourself some outstanding lectin free diet recipes, Let’s collect some piece of knowledge about a lectin-free diet.

Lectin free recipes
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Lectin Diet: What Is It?

Either go for a reduction of lectins or just eradicate it from your diet. Lectin diet means a diet without lectin or with very little lectin content. In many places, people follow a diet without lectin for a proper lectin-free diet.

Mainly, people with sensitivity to few foods, go for lectin diets. You will find lectin in various plant-based foods. Some foods contain a high lectin content. A lectin-free diet is also known as a restrictive diet, as it will remove many nutrient-rich foods from your diet.

Food that contains a high amount of lectin is mentioned below:

  • Legumes
  • Vegetables (nightshade)
  • Grains
  • Dairy products

There are few foods whose lectin content could be reduced by the cooking process, such as kidney beans. After kidney beans are cooked, they are quite safe to eat, as their lectin content is reduced in the process.

Are Lectins Good For Health?

We have very few researchers that may not give clarity about how good lectins are for health. Lectins are mainly plant-based, but you will find a few animal-based lectins as well. One thing is true that lectins should be cooked properly for avoiding any side effects.

If we refer to an animal study, then it says, lectins could act as an antinutrient. It means, lectins would decide how your body could absorb or collect nutrients.

Lectin can also be related to gastrointestinal issues and some kind of digestion problems. Some experts advise that lectins may bring repercussions for gut health. Beyond all these negative points, you could say that lectins are also quite helpful.

Lectin contains a good amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, all of these are very effective in improving your health. No doubt! lectin free diet recipes would probably maintain your health all the way.

Plant Paradox Lectin Free Recipes

The main intention behind introducing the plant paradox diet was to eradicate lectin from your diet completely. Plant paradox diet suggests people stay away from lectins that may disturb their health. Some of the plant paradox recipes are mentioned below:

1. Chocochip Chip Raspberry Muffins

One of the best lectin diet dessert recipes for dessert lovers. If you are someone looking for lectin free recipes, but can’t skip dessert in the chart, then here is the best lectin-free recipe for your taste buds.

Ingredients required:

  • Olive oil
  • Nut (tiger flour) – one cup
  • Almond flour – one cup
  • Prebiothrive – One-fourth cup
  • Dark chocolate chips (sugar-free) – Half cup
  • Baking powder – One and a half teaspoons.
  • Sea (iodized) salt – Half teaspoon
  • Almond (or coconut) milk – one cup
  • Granular sweetener (brown) – One-third cup
  • Eggs (omega-3) – 2
  • Vanilla extract (pure) – One teaspoon
  • Orange zest (fine) – half
  • Extra virgin coconut oil – half cup
  • Whole raspberries – Frozen

How To Prepare?

Start with preheating – You have to preheat your oven to a temperature of 350 degrees F and place the muffin pan (12 muffin set). To grease the muffin liners, use olive oil by putting some onto a paper (tissue).

Now it’s time for whisking – Take a small bowl and mix or whisk tiger nut flour and almond flour together. then add choco-chips, prebiothrive, sea salt, and baking powder.

Take another medium-sized bowl and put the egg, vanilla essence, sweetener, and orange zest with milk. Then lastly, add coconut oil (melted) slowly to the mixture. Now, combine the flour with the liquid mixture with the fold method (or technique).

Let’s place the batter – After you are done with preparing the batter, now use a teaspoon to place it in the muffin tray. Then place one raspberry in each tray and put some choco chips on the top.

Now it’s time for baking – Now bake the muffins for 20-30 minutes. Then enjoy your muffins after taking them out in a tray.

This can be a good gluten-free breakfast option for many people.

lectin free recipes
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2. Avocado Salsa

If you are not a fan of sweet taste and want to follow Gundry’s advice, then you can try this flavorsome avocado salsa. Avocado salsa is a good recipe for avoiding lectin in your diet. Let’s learn about this healthy dish’s recipe.

Ingredients required:

  • Avocado – One whole avocado
  • Olives – A handful of olives
  • Red onion – Tablespoon
  • Extra virgin olive oil – two tablespoons
  • Lime juice – One small lemon
  • Garlic and clove – One
  • Dry Oregano – One teaspoon
  • Pepper – As per rqeueiremnt
  • Salt – As per taste

How To Prepare?

You need to chop the avocado and make small pieces of the whole avocado. then add chopped onion, garlic, and clove in it. Then add olives and lime juice.

After that put some extra virgin olive oil in the mixture. Add oregano and pepper as sprinklers. Don’t skip adding salt as per requirement. Also, adding lime juice and stir properly to improve the taste of avocado salsa.

You can also add any sauce (lectin-free) to it. You can also add olive oil to it. Olive oil is a great thing that must be in your gluten or lectin-free recipes list. Olive oil is known worldwide for its astounding beneficial factors.

Enjoy this delicious salsa with a bread slice as your morning breakfast or brunch.

Lectin free recipes
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Are Lectin Free Recipes Healthy And Tasty?

Lectin free recipes are always up to avoid grain and other ingredients that may not be approved for your health. You will also find vegan recipes for lectin-free recipes to follow.

According to Gundry, the lectin diet recipe would favor your health and prevent any side effects. You can eat these without any guilt or chaos.

You can prepare your lectin free meal easily by using all the ingredients available at your home and is also convenient for vegan. For better clarity about the lectin-free diet program (by Gundry), you can also check a few trusted websites or consult an expert.

Eating lectin diet recipes would welcome health benefits (for vegan too), but be aware of everything before you start this diet program.

Lectin free recipes
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Is Lectin Free Same As Gluten-Free?

Lectin-free diet food (plant paradox recipe) is almost similar to gluten-free diet food. Gluten-free and lectin-free both are protein restrictive diets that show some side effects. In a gluten-free diet and lectin-free diet, you have to avoid protein.

You can say, both gluten-free and lectin-free food diets are almost the same according to the guidelines and instructions. In gluten-free diet food, people also intended to avoid sweets or any other food rich in protein.

In lectin-free food also people try to avoid food rich in lectin (or protein). The recipe for a lectin-free diet would also work for gluten-free food programs.

Both lectin-free and gluten-free show similar benefits and sometimes side effects. So, in these lectin-free and gluten-free diet food programs, it’s not easy to find any differences.

Lectin Free Recipes

Lectin free recipes (plant paradox recipes) would be almost similar to a gluten-free diet plan. You have to make your body free from lectin (protein) intake. Lectin-free recipes would be very healthy for people sensitive to protein.

Plant paradox is introduced for folks with many health disorders for protein intake. You have to follow Gundry’s advice for following the lectin-free diet program perfectly.

Try to use fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare lectin free recipes for claiming all the benefits perfectly.

You can continue your love for snacks and desserts by flowing the great lectin free recipe. It’s just that you have to leave and substitute few ingredients to get the proper lectin-free recipes benefits.

The lectin-free recipe is also very simple to make and free from unhealthy ingredients. Therefore, it won’t affect your health. You can find many more breakfast recipes for people following a vegan or any other specific diet.

Website and pages are good sources to keep yourself updated about lectin free recipes. Give yourself an easy treat with a bit of difference from your regular recipes, by trying out these lectin free recipes. Also, search for many other easy lectin free recipes by following the authenticated websites.

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