25 Incredible Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

All have heard of the benefits of black Sesame seeds but do we all know about them? I guess NOT! So here in this article, we will find everything related to different sesame seeds, particularly about black sesame seeds, their nutritional values, supplements, and excellent Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds1Let’s discover all of this without interruptions and get all your insights on it.

1. Black Sesame Seeds

HEALTH BENEFITS OF BLACK SESAME SEEDS IN 2020/no one never told you about

Firstly, before talking about the benefits of black sesame seeds, let us know what sesame seed pods are, and different colored seeds like white, brown, golden brown, black, and more.

1.1. Sesame Seed Pod

The sesame plant, scientifically known as Sesamum Indicumis the source of sesame seeds, flowering plants belonging to the legume family. Pods are like the outer protective covering for seeds. Each pod stores a minimum of 50 to 80 seeds in it. It is the oldest natural oilseed-providing plant in history, originating from the Sunda Islands, Indonesia. Later times made their way through India, the Middle East, China, Japan, and other countries.

1.2. White Sesame Seeds

They have a nutty flavor with a gentle aroma used for sprinkling over food products like hamburger buns and as a vital ingredient in tahini sesame paste in middle eastern cuisines. Hulled white sesame seeds contain less nutritional value than black sesame seeds as they hold the hull intact and hence benefit from it.

1.3. Black Sesame Seeds

The most distinguishable feature is the intact presence of the shell’s hull, known as unhulled sesame seeds2. That gives extra nutritional value to the black sesame seeds. Hence, the benefits of black sesame seeds are more and nearly support every health benefit such as eye, oral, cardiovascular, skin, hair, and more.

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Bowonpat/ unlimphotos/ Copyright

1.4. Brown Sesame Seeds

It has sweet and nutty with a milder flavor. Also, its aroma gets intensified on toasting. They are rich in calcium. They can also be used in making sesame tahini paste and as an essential ingredient in middle eastern dishes like halvah or stir-fries.

1.5. Fun Fact

It has been cultivated for so long that it is around 5000 years back in history. Once, in an Arabia Nights tale worldwide known as “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” an expression came to be very popular, that is, “open sesame,” which symbolizes that the sesame seeds contained magical properties in them.

Let us start with the benefits of black sesame seeds:

2. Benefits Of Black Sesame Seeds

Regularly eating black sesame seed products will serve you with various sesame seed benefits and promote optimal health that we are going to discuss now:

2.1. Healthy Hairs

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Nikolai Ulltang/ pexels/ Copyright 2018

Hair requires sufficient vitamins and minerals for growth and a healthy scalp and black sesame oil contains them all. It is rich in Omega fatty acids such as Omega 3-6-9 that help keep your scalp moisturized and healthy. This promotes hair growth and maintains shine.

2.2. Skin Care

It protects against UV rays that can damage skin cells and promote aging. Hence also helps treat sunburns due to overexposure to the sun and delays aging by removing wrinkles. It gives scratch-less and pimple-free glowing skin by controlling the skin pores expansion. Also gives soft and smooth heels during the cracks.

2.3. Maintains High Blood Pressure

Black sesame oil contains magnesium that comes in handy in lowering your blood pressure and maintaining health. According to a study, Antihypertensive and antioxidant effects of dietary black sesame meal in pre-hypertensive humans”, it was found that intake of black sesame seeds capsules containing 2.5 grams of it daily by 30 adults resulted in declined systolic blood pressure3 only in 4 weeks. On another side, the placebo group remained unaffected.

2.4. Lower Blood Sugar

It helps maintain blood sugar levels using a compound known as pinoresinol that activates the enzyme called maltose. Also, it is rich in protein and other good fats rather than carbohydrates, thus supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

2.5. Rich Source of Antioxidant

It helps cure many chronic diseases caused by oxidative stress4, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and more. It has antioxidant properties that reduce oxidative stress and prevent cell damage in the body. Sprouted black sesame seeds contain more antioxidants and can be consumed for breakfast or meals.

2.6. Healthy Blood Vessels

Calcium and magnesium benefit the blood vessels as they help the smooth and continuous flow of blood through vessels and maintain blood pressure. It helps prevent plaque formation in the arteries through its antioxidant property and the presence of Vitamin E5 in it.

2.7. Protect from Radiations

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Gerd Altmann/ pixabay/ Copyright 2018

Sesame seeds contain a component known as sesamol that protects against radiation. Our DNA and intestine can be protected from radiation damage using sesame oil or seeds.

2.8. Support Digestive Health

They are rich in fiber content and, thus, promote the smooth functioning of the digestive system. The fiber helps cure constipation and quickly wastes out of the body, facilitating healthy intestinal functions.

2.9. Support Cardiovascular Health

The magnesium and Vitamin content and lignans help promote a healthy cardiovascular system. They help maintain blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels and promote a healthy blood vessel system. All of these benefits directly facilitate a healthy heart, promoting a healthy system.

2.10. Anti-inflammatory Property

Copper provides anti-inflammatory properties6 to the black sesame seeds or oils that help fight the diseases like Alzheimer’s. It also supports optimal health and a healthy cardiovascular system.

2.11. Improves Brain Health

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Riad Tchakou/ pixabay/ Copyright 2022

Neurotransmitters transmit signals to our brain, and hence, healthier these transmitters faster the communication/transmission. Black sesame seeds contain a dopamine-producing component called tyrosine, which helps sharpen your memory and improve alertness.

2.12. Helps Fight Cancer

A component apart from magnesium that helps fight against cancer is known as sesamin. According to a study, “A comprehensive review on the anti-cancer properties and mechanisms of action of sesamin, a lignan in sesame seeds (Sesamum indicium),” it is found that sesamin has properties like anti-inflammatory, angiogenic, pro-antiphagocytic, and more. Thus, it promotes cancer treatment. Read more.

2.13. Improves Bone Health Benefits

 benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Parker_West from Pixabay/ copyright 2018

Along with copper and minerals, sesamol provides anti-arthritis properties. This promotes bone health and provides arthritis treatment. It helps make bones strong and anti-fragile. The black sesame seeds oil massage helps with joint pains and inflammation. Thus, improves bone health.

2.14. Helps Curing Anxiety

This is the time when everyone is praying for hypertension and anxiety. Further leads to depression, so head massages of sesame oil and intaking its product provide the visible benefits of black sesame seeds to an individual. Components like thiamin and tryptophan, which are stress-relieving Vitamins, are also available in sesame seeds which calms your mood and brings stability to your thoughts and mind.

2.15. Promote Eye Health

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Mustafa ezz/ pexels/ Copyright 2018

Traditional Chinese medicine has proven that liver health connects to eye health because of their connection. So, if the liver benefits, the eye will benefit too. Following this as the black sesame seeds increase blood in the liver and hence it, provides nourishment to the eyes as well by preventing blurry vision and more.

2.16. Detoxifying Property

It has detoxifying properties as it is a rich source of antioxidants. This helps detox your skin and provide smooth and acne-free skin. One of the benefits of black sesame seeds oil is that it attracts the oil-soluble toxic components and rinses off with the water, detoxifying your skin.

2.17. Promotes Quick Healing

Its anti-bacterial property helps fight bacteria like staphylococcus, streptococcus, and fungi such as athlete’s foot and heals them efficiently. Its healing power is efficient and robust. Also, it helps in controlling and healing vaginal yeast infections. It heals cracked heels and dry skin or deep cuts faster.

2.18. Works As Suns Cream

It acts as a natural suns cream by protecting the skin and hair from harmful Ultraviolet Rays. They protect your skin from suntans and sunburns. Applying before or after exposing your skin or hair to the sun and pollution provides healing properties and prevents aging.

2.19. Helps Nullifying Alcohol Effect

We know now that the benefits of black sesame seeds are support a healthy liver system and improve blood flow. So this helps the liver to easily and efficiently decompose the effects of alcohol.

2.20. Promote Oral Health

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Gerd Altmann/ pixabay/ Copyright 2017

Black sesame seeds oil helps provide a healthy mouth and teeth by removing the bacteria known as streptococcus mutants from the mouth and saliva content. It helps whiten your teeth, controls plaque build-up, and even removes the ones already built to prevent tooth damage.

2.21. Helps In Thyroid Control

Black sesame seeds contain selenium which is present mainly in high amounts in the thyroid gland in every individual and helps in the formation of thyroid hormones. Hence, supporting thyroid health. It can be consumed in any of the sesame seeds, whether hulled or unhulled.

2.22. Helps Women During Menopause

They also contain plant compounds known as phytoestrogens that are similar to estrogens so they can fulfill the need for estrogens while undergoing menopause and help fight various diseases related to the lower number of estrogens in a woman’s body.

2.23. Supports Immune System

It contains excellent nutritional value and is rich in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, copper, anti-inflammation elements, zinc, protein, and more. Hence they promote a healthy immune system and increase the body’s immunity to fight against pathogens and any harmful effects.

2.24. Excellent Source of Protein

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by samer daboul/ pexels/ Copyright 2019

Black sesame seeds are rich in protein and are required for muscle building and a strong body. Intake of a good amount of sesame seeds to meet your body’s requirements and prevent protein deficit. You can sprinkle it over your cuisine and enjoy the taste and benefits of black sesame seeds together.

2.25. Good for Baby Care

Since black sesame seed oil are suitable for skin care and provide skin benefits, they are also good for baby skincare. They can handle their tender, soft, smooth skin and protect them from rashes and other skin effects due to diapers and heavy flow.

So you see the benefits of black sesame seeds that help us maintain a strong and healthy body. Let us discuss what makes them so beneficial.

3. Nutritional Value

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by zkruger/ unlimphotos/ Copyright

Black Sesame Seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, healthy fats, DV (Daily Value) iron, Vitamin E, amino acid, dietary fiber, DV saturated fat, oxalic acid, and more. We have already discussed the benefits of black sesame seeds containing all these components.

So let’s move further and see its nutritional value according to around two tablespoons of a black sesame seed, equivalent to 14 grams:

  1. Protein – grams
  2. Calories – 100
  3. Total Carbohydrates – 4 grams
  4. Dietary fiber – 2 grams
  5. Calcium – 180 mg
  6. Iron – 2.7 mg
  7. Potassium – 85 mg
  8. Total Fat – 9 grams
  9. Saturated Fat – 1.3 grams
  10. Monosaturated Fat – 3 grams
  11. Polyunsaturated Fat – 4 grams
  12. Magnesium – 16% of DV
  13. Zinc – 9% of DV
  14. Copper – 83% of DV
  15. Selenium – 18% of DV

Dietary selenium is known as a trace mineral, meaning it needs to intake in fewer amounts as it is sufficient to provide its benefits in smaller amounts. Black sesame seeds contain this selenium mineral not only in unhulled sesame seeds but also in the hulled sesame seeds that facilitate thyroid hormones. Because it is primarily present in the thyroid gland in your body.

If you want to store black sesame seeds for a longer time, refrigerate them so they can last up to six months; otherwise, only three months. But you can increase their shelf life to approx. one year by freezing them before refrigerating them.

4. Supplements

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Malgorzata Haggu/ pixabay/ Copyright 2017

Now let us see in what forms and supplement products we can find black sesame seeds content. Regularly eat sesame seeds in grocery stores nearby your locality to get more benefits. Buy sesame seeds and sesame oil, as they are the most common forms that are accessible easily.

Other than these, you might consume roasted sesame seeds, unhulled, hulled, tahini, and more. Some other products that can provide benefits of black sesame seeds are:

4.1. Black Unhulled Sesame Seeds

These are unhulled sesame seeds that are jet black and have a strong aroma. Also, it is gluten-free and organic.

4.2. Toasted Sesame Oil

This is darker in color and prepared from unhulled sesame seeds that were toasted and then sent under the cold press to give it a unique nutty flavor and taste. It can be used as stir fries and for garnishing purposes.

4.3. Black Sesame Seed Oil – Extra Virgin

It is lighter in color compared to toasted sesame oil and is also high in antioxidants. It also went under the cold press to get its excellent taste. Though, it is an apt choice for almost all cooking types.

4.4. Unhulled Tahini Black

It has a very mild flavor but is very different from others. It is a gluten-free7 product that is manufactured using organic black sesame seeds.

4.5. Black sesame Flour

It is made from black sesame seeds husk in fine powdery form, has a nutty flavor, and is high in protein. It can be used in baking, dressing, smoothie, and more.

5. Allergic Reaction

Some people are allergic to sesame seeds and could not intake black sesame or any seeds. They have to be careful of the sesame content in any food product. So instead of the benefits of black sesame seeds, people with this allergy face severe reactions.

Allergies are the reactions that occur when our body or immune system mistakes the substance to be harmful to our body and cannot tolerate its presence. Thus, people with sesame allergy must avoid all related products to prevent severe reactions.

5.1. Symptoms

  1. Nausea
  2. Anxiety
  3. Digestive issues
  4. Skin reactions like rashes or acne
  5. Cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure and more
  6. Breathing problems
  7. Swelling around eyes, face, and other
  8. Cramps
  9. Diarrhea
  10. Weakness

5.2. Avoid

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by Nanisimova/ unlimphotos/ Copyright
  1. Food products are now labeled as “contain: sesame,” so look for it as a preventive measure.
  2. Also, avoid the products labeled as “may contain or may contain traces” to ensure you do not intake sesame by mistake.
  3. If you are dining out and the menu does not contain the label or ingredient, do ask for the sesame content so that you do not suffer later.
  4. Do not use sesame seed oil as well for massage or on the face or hair. Otherwise, you might face severe reactions on your skin and hair.

5.3. Best Substitutes

Benefits of black sesame seeds
Image by sirawit99/ unlimphotos/ Copyright

People with sesame seed allergy can use the following substitute so that they can also get the benefits of black sesame seeds:

  1. Sunflower seeds are considered the best substitute for sesame seeds because they are best used for baking and garnishing. People with sesame seed allergy can fulfill their nutrition needs by using the alternative.
  2. Flax seeds are not the best alternative, but they work out in terms of nutty flavor. Other than that, it is very different from black sesame seeds; in size, they are more significant.
  3. Hemp seeds are a good alternative but are not suitable as a condiment in sushi rolls as they might distort the taste and are also not good to be eaten with rice.
  4. Poppy seeds are a closer substitute to black sesame seeds because of their nuttier texture and fiber and protein components richness. Though they are smaller and slightly bitter.


6. Final Note

So you see how many benefits of black sesame seeds are that optimal support health and make you fit in every sense, be it heart health, liver, eyes, hair, skin, and more. You can intake the black sesame seeds and benefit easily as they can be sprinkled on noodle and rice dishes, used as a condiment in sushi rolls, and many more ways.

Your diet plan must contain all types of vital food products, and black sesame seeds are one of those. So do not wait; add it to your daily diet plan and enjoy its benefits. Beware of being allergic to them. If you find any difficulty or issues consult your doctor immediately without any delays.

I hope this article will be helpful and insightful for you.

7.  FAQs

7.1 What Health Advantages Do Black Sesame Seeds Have?

Healthy fats, protein, dietary fiber, and several vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc, can all be found in black sesame seeds. They are also abundant in antioxidants, especially lignans, which may have health advantages like lowering inflammation and preventing some diseases.

7.2 Can I Eat Raw Black Sesame Seeds?

Absolutely, you can eat raw black sesame seeds. Nonetheless, they are frequently roasted before ingestion to improve their flavor and digestion. By lowering the chance of spoiling, roasting black sesame seeds can also assist to increase their shelf life.

7.3 Do Black And White Sesame Seeds Differ From One Another?

The same Sesamum indicum plant is the source of both black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds, but they differ somewhat in flavor and appearance. Compared to white sesame seeds, which have a softer, slightly sweeter flavor, black sesame seeds have a stronger, nuttier flavor.

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