Health Benefits of Pecans : Top 12 Incredible Facts

The health benefits of pecans are plenty. Many people have these in their daily diet, mainly while they have their breakfast.

These nuts are jam-packed with a good source of several nutrients and carbohydrates. The crunchy feature and buttery flavour of pecans make people include them in several dishes.

These delicious nuts are healthy and can make an easy snack on a holiday time or can be added to a meal on a daily routine. Pecans have a unique flavour from other tree nuts. You can purchase pecans in various and a variety of sizes.

How to Eat Pecans?

There are many health benefits of pecans.

You can intake a handful of pecans with a combo of peppers and goat cheese or a salad for some crunch. They have the highest fat content1 of any other nuts. More than 70 per cent of pecans are made up of fat. They contain healthy fats.

According to the research, only a few types of fats are unhealthy to have in your diet. They may cause high blood pressure, an increase in cholesterol levels, and an increase in fatty acids, which results in cardiovascular disease, which, pecans don’t have.

Nutritional Benefits of Pecans

They are available in various forms, including pecan halves, whole pecans, pieces, meals, and granules. The fibre present in them can help keep you energetic and satisfied.

Just 28 grams of pecans contain 200 calories, 3 grams of fibre, 20 grams of mostly unsaturated fats, and 3 grams of protein, making it a satisfying snack with many minerals and vitamins.

Health Benefits of Pecans: 12 Incredible Facts about Pecans!

Now, let us get to know some of the health benefits of pecans:

1) Pecans are a Plant-Based Source of Protein

Pecans consist of plenty of proteins. When you add these to your daily meal, it will prevent you from feeling hungry even after eating a minimal amount of food.

Many people categorize pecans as a dessert food due to their rich and naturally sweet and delicious nature and avoid them. So, they may lose a great source of nutrients by this.

2) Pecans prevent many Diseases

Pecans have plenty of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, and zinc. They support our immune system and help our body fight off infections and wounds.

Folate, one of the B vitamins, is also present in pecans. It helps you to fight against or prevent changes to your DNA that might otherwise lead to cancer.

It also contains antioxidants that can help protect your body from cell damage that causes Alzheimer’s disease2, Parkinson’s disease, and cancers.

3) Pecans are Good for the Heart Health

Pecans help lower blood pressure because they contain a large amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. A monosaturated fat such as folic acid ellagic acid3, and phenolic antioxidants4, is present mostly in pecans. It keeps our hearts healthy.

When you eat foods that contain monounsaturated fat instead of foods that contain high saturated fats, your LDL levels may become lower. It results in a risk of heart disease or coronary artery disease.

A handful of pecans can decrease the levels of bad cholesterol. So, to reduce the risk of heart-related diseases, you must intake foods with good cholesterol.

4) Pecans help in managing Diabetes

Pecans contain very little sugar. They slow down the absorption rate from the bloodstream into peripheral tissues and help improve blood overall blood sugar levels. This helps you maintain energy levels and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Nuts can help prevent heart disease in people with diabetes. Eating them does not cause a spike in blood sugar, even in people with diabetes. This is because pecans have a shallow glycemic index5.

5) Pecans Preventing Skin Problems

More than 19 vitamins and minerals are present in pecans. They are also a natural, high-quality source of protein. They are packed with fibre and eliminate waste and toxins from your body so that they help to improve the appearance of your skin.

These nuts also have vitamin A and zinc, which help prevent skin infections and achieve a clear complexion.

6) Pecans Boost Your Brain

Pecans are a high vitamin E diet, and It lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by up to 25%.

The vitamin E and antioxidants help reduce inflammation, and protect cells and, therefore, tissues of vital organs like your brain.

7) Pecans help in Weight Loss

They usually contain lots of fat. But, the type of fat found in these nuts can promote weight loss and maintenance.

Because nuts are a good source of oleic acid that makes you feel full while also boosting your health.

8) Pecans prevent Hair Loss

Pecans are a good source of iron. They are also rich in amino acids that contribute to the growth of full, healthy hair.

Hair roots can grow and prosper within the scalp by promoting healthy blood flow. The nutrients of pecans can assist in the prevention of hair loss as well.

9) Pecans prevent Cancer properties

These nuts are filled with ellagic acid that has anti-proliferative properties6. This acid inhibits the binding of carcinogenic agents like nitrosamines and aromatic hydrocarbons to your DNA.

In addition to this, Oleic acid has been known to curb Breast Cancer, being a monosaturated fat.

Pecans can reduce your risk of developing colon cancer by improving the functioning of your digestive system.

10) Pecans Boost Immunity

They contain high amounts of zinc, which helps in the strengthening of the immune system.

They are an excellent source of phytonutrients that are plant-based chemical compounds7 that can help your immunity grow and protect you from diseases.

11) Pecans have Anti-aging Properties

As many antioxidants are found in pecans, they help improve one’s skin’s complexion while promoting a clear complexion.

Due to this, pecans help to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration of the skin. Even the fibre in them can rid your skin of toxins, ultimately improving the appearance of your skin.

12) Pecans Play an Important Role in PMS and Osteoporosis

Pecans are generally rich in phosphorous and fibre. They lower the risk of developing osteoporosis considerably.

The high phosphorous levels can help you maintain a higher bone density and stronger teeth and maintain your body’s waste system. PMS often causes digestive disturbances and bloating. The fibre content in pecans helps overcome these symptoms.

Key Takeaways

After being aware of the many health benefits of pecans, you can grab a handful of pecans every morning and add these to your meals to experience many health benefits like this.

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