How To Crack Your Back: 5 Most Effective Techniques

How to crack your back, is as same as modifying or adjusting your spine. There are many ways by which you can crack or adjust your back on your own. Are you looking for how to crack your back? Then you are at the correct place.

While adjusting your back it’s not always mandatory to hear those popping sounds for confirmation about your cracked back. Sometimes, you may adjust or crack your back without the popping sound. After you crack your back, a feeling of relief comes over you. Just make a note that you should not apply huge force or pressure to crack your back.

How to crack your back
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Some of the best techniques to crack your back are:

1. Back Of Chair Stretch                  

Choose a chair that has a solid back to give proper support. Then you can intricate (interlace) your fingers either behind your head or take up (extend) your arms towards the upward direction over your head.

Slightly slant towards the backward direction and relax your whole body.

Slant back for some time and make sure your body is completely relaxed.

Continue slanting your back till your back is cracked over the edge (top) of the chair.

How to crack your back
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  2. Chair Twist

Cracking your back would be easy if you do all the posture in a correct and required way. Follow the steps to crack your own back:

Choose a normal height chair and sit on the same with a correct straight posture. Then slightly move your body to touch the left side of your chair simultaneously reaching your arm.

You could keep your right hand steady on the chair (right hand). Now slowly lift your left arm to take it (or hook it) towards the back of the chair. Now start twisting or crossing your body (upper). Your spine should not be bent but in a straight posture.

At the same time your feet, hips, and legs should be steady and facing in the forward direction.

Repeat all the steps in the proper sequence to give a good stretch (or twist) to the other side of the body.

3. Back Extension

Another most recommended extension exercise for how to crack your back. The steps include:

Make a duke (or fist) with any one of your hands, then swaddle the fist (or duke) with the other hand around. Make sure both of your hands are located at the spine (base). While doing this first step, you must be in a standing position having your spine straight.

Then push (or extent) your hands in the upward direction stretching your spine up as well. The angle formed in between should be upwards. Then slant back slowly under the pressure of both of your hands to get that cracking sound of your back. The cracking sound of the hand is normally similar to the cracking of cookies.

Now play with your own range of motion to try the exercise differently, but make sure you follow the right posture. As sometimes the incorrect posture in any stretching exercise could bring the risk of injury.

How to crack your back
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4. Standing Lumber Extention

This is another beautiful stretching exercise for back cracking that may also be recommended by a physical therapist. It will also work effectively for your back pain. To give stretches to your back, upper spine, and shoulder, try out the following steps:

Start with a standing posture (position) and then make sure you place both of your palms on the top of your butt or at your lower back. Your fingers should be directed towards the ground.

Now extent or lift your spine in a slow-motion towards the upward direction and then arch towards downward. while forming that arch make sure your use you’re lower back correctly with the pressure of your hands gently.

You have to be in the same position for the latest 10 seconds and a maximum of 20 seconds, ensure you are breathing perfectly.

You may practice this exercise according to the flexibility of your muscles.

This exercise is also great for completely eradicating the tension in your muscles after various exercises or activities. To feel good, try out this exercise under the instruction of a licensed professional.

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5. Upward Stretch

Whenever it comes to how to crack your back, their upward stretch is one of the well-known ways to get that crack in your back. Stretching is always good for every person looking for good physical health.

Stretching exercises are brilliantly effective for improving your knee (joint), leg, neck, shoulders, and muscle groups. To perform upward stretch follow the below-mentioned steps:

Stand in a correct posture on the floor, Keep your knees, chest, leg, and shoulder straight and not hanging around. The sitting position is not appropriate for upward stretch, so try to go for the standing position.

Then place your fingers by crossing them in the back of your head. Slowly start stretching your body in the upward direction. After that slowly start making an arch by slanting backward and use your hand force to apply pressure to your head.

Try to be in this position for 15-20 seconds while breathing properly.

How to crack your back
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How To Crack Your Back

Cracking your back by yourself is okay, it’s not wrong.
There are no health issues in cracking your back, but if you crack your own back frequently, then it may cause problems.

According to several medical advisors, cracking your back would make your squishy capsules located in vertebrae (outer edges) more flexible by giving good stretch. Cracking your back also provides relief to minor back pain. For better advice, it is always preferable to talk to a chiropractor.

Cracking your facets (joints) would give you relief from stiff and painful back problems. However, we can’t assure cracking back as a permanent treatment for back problems. If you are looking for treatments for spine correction, back problems, etc then talking to a physical therapist is more appropriate.

You could try cracking your back if you feel like doing once or twice a day. Just make sure you follow a therapist’s recommendation for a better suggestion. If you are still pondering on how to crack your back, then try out these tremendous cracking your back techniques.

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