8 Effective Sinus Exercises For You

Sinus exercises
Sinus exercises

Sinus exercises are for you if you are bothered by inflamed nasal passages or running nose? Haven’t tried few stretching exercises for the sinus, then this article may help. Sinus can be very difficult for people that work daily.

Sinus generally doesn’t require any special treatment, and you can definitely control sinus symptoms by doing sinus exercises.

Sinus exercises will improve your symptoms by reducing the inflammation of your nasal passage. Running nose can be frustrating that will prevent you from being active and workaholic.

You must do a few sinus exercises to build your health by reducing sinus symptoms.

Symptoms Of Sinus

  • Mild or severe headaches
  • Facial swelling
  • Pain in the teeth and ear
  • Fever
  • Stuffiness in the nasal cavity
  • Cold and cough
  • Sore throat (in few cases)

Symptoms of sinus may vary from person to person. You can’t predict all these symptoms will be the same for everyone. But running nose is common in most cases.

There is another term called a bacterial sinus infection. Researches say this type of sinus infection is generally caused by some bacteria that may also harm your body. Medications can cure bacterial sinus infections. The bacterial sinus will not stay for more than a week, according to reports, if you take proper medication.

Yoga is highly beneficial in curing sinus or will reduce the symptoms. There are several yogic exercises that you must do to improve your sinus condition. Some of these are:

Yogic Sinus Exercises

1. Uttanasana

Uttanasana is one of the most popular sinus exercises that will heal your inflamed nasal passage. This posture is generally standing and bending forward.

According to many researchers, Uttanasana can be efficacious in stimulating your respiratory system. And further, it will clear your nasal passage by providing relief to nasal congestion.

Not only for your nasal health. Uttanasana is very effective in improving the overall health of your body. Uttasana is great for flexibility and spine strength.

Apart from all the other benefits of Uttanasana, it will work pretty well for your mental state. The study showed that Uttanasana would reduce depression and anxiety.

Many reports showed that yoga could heal your health problems in a better way. And you can also do a few more steps to get a faster and better result.

Sinus exercises

These steps include:

  • You should add a few breathe clearing exercises before doing Uttanasana.
  • You must try to add tea to your daily diet.

Also, make sure you take teas that are beneficial for the sinus. Ginger tea can be an effective tea for sinus symptoms.

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2. Salamba Setu Bandhasana

If you are looking for some good sinus exercises to improve your blood circulation, you should try Salamba Setu Bandhasana. According to research, People with good blood circulation tend to have fewer sinus symptoms.

It would help if you tried doing Salamba Setu Bandhasana to open up your chest. Reports showed that it would help in boosting your respiratory system, apart from reducing sinus infection.

Salamba Setu bandhasana is astounding for flexibility and stretching of your neck, chest, and spine. It would be best if you tried this to improve your circulation for sinus relief.

Sinus exercises
Salamba Setu Bandhasana

Other steps to follow while doing Salamba Setu Bandhasana are:

  • Use a yoga mat or any comfortable blanket for better posture.
  • Do Salamba Setu bandhasana accurately as per requirement.
  • Improper posture will lead to health issues (sprain, pain in neck or spine)
  • Try to do a Bridge pose (Salamba Setu bandhasana) in the morning.

3. Viparita Karani

People that suffer from sinus infections must do exercises to open up their chest area. This will further help in building your respiratory system strong and energetic. Sinus infection will bring trouble to breathing.

And for this, you should try to maintain your respiratory tract. Also, you must ensure that you are holding each position for 3-5 minutes for good results.

Sinus exercises
Viparita Karani

While doing this yogic asana, you must follow these steps:

  • Use a good comfortable blanket for all these sinus exercises.
  • A soft blanket is always more beneficial for these sinus exercises.

4. Salamba Badha Konasana

Salamba Badha Konasana is one of the most efficacious exercises for sinus relief. This exercise is also named as bound angled pose due to the angled formed by your legs.

While doing Salamba Badha Konasana, you can get immense benefits for your overall health, and it is astounding for opening your chest.

It will work amazingly for relaxing and making your nervous system more active, and Salamba Badha Konasana is great for your groin and abdomen as well.

It would be best to do this asana to relax your overall body or prevent sinus symptoms.

sinus exercises
Salamba Badha Konasana

And also, there are few things you must follow while doing Salamba Badha Konasana. These are:

  • Try to put two cushions or soft pillows underneath our legs while making the angle.
  • Also, use a good-quality mat or blanket to avoid any minor pain.
  • Don’t forget to hold the position for 5-6 minutes at least.

5. Adho Mukha Svanasana

You must do Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-facing dog pose) daily for instant results.

According to many researchers, once you are done with Adho Mukha Svanasana, you can get instant relief from sinus pain. Reports also showed that it could cure sinus infections better and any other asanas.

There are some cases where the intensity of infection is quite high, so those cases need professional advice. Studies showed that in case of minor pain or symptoms, asanas could help in reducing them.

Adho mukha svanasana is very effective in improving your flexibility and maintaining stability. Adho mukha svanasana is extremely good for healing sinus congestion.

It is one of those sinus exercises that you can do without a lot of effort. It will work amazingly to reduce your paunch as well.

Give this asana a must-try for some outstanding benefits for your overall health.

Sinus exercises
Adho Mukha Svanasana

There are few things that you must keep in your mind while doing Adho Mukha Svanasana. These are:

  • Try to hold the posture for 2-4 minutes.
  • Don’t make yourself uncomfortable by doing it very strictly.
  • Enjoy your asanas for positive results.
  • If you have a running nose, then don’t hold this asana for more than 2 minutes as it will irritate you then due to running nose.
  • Make sure you don’t eat a lot of heavy food before doing these sinus exercises.

Try to do Adho Mukha svanasana in an open environment with fresh air.

6. Anulom Vilom Breathing

Anulom Vilom is a breathing exercise that will work in an astounding way for your respiratory system. Anulom Vilom will clear your nasal passage by reducing the inflamed nasal passage.

Anulom Vilom will definitely improve your sinus symptoms by improving your breathing structure. It will clear your breathing problems.

Studies showed that Anulom Vilom would also show effective results in reducing your belly fat. Anulom Vilom is amazing for cardiovascular health and the respiratory system.

You must add this yogic asana to your sinus exercises list for better results. You should start your day with Anulom Vilom to claim the following benefits:

  • To improve patience and capacity to control your anger.
  • To increase the capability to tolerate
  • To reduce stress and anxiety.
  • For your brain health and mental peace.

Anulom Vilom will do marvels for your skin. Few things should be followed while doing the Anulom Vilom breathing exercise. These are:

  • Do Anulom Vilom on an empty stomach for better results.
  • If you face difficulties in doing Anulom Vilom, then try to do it a little easier. You can take an easier breath and in a relaxed position.
  • Also, do Anulom Vilom in the morning time for more appropriate results.

Other Sinus Exercises

Other Sinus Exercises you can try are the following:

1. Forward Bend

It would be best if you tried doing a seated forward bend to improve your sinus symptoms. A seated forward bend will clear your nasal passage and improve breathing problems.

Foward bend in a seated position will also improve flexibility and reduce your stomach fats. Doing Forward Bend daily in the morning will show positive results in treating sinus symptoms.

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2. Matsyasana

Fish Pose or Matsyasana is astounding for your sinus congestion. The Fish Pose will do wonders for your stress muscles. It will help in reducing stress from your neck and shoulder.

Matsyaansa will also work in relieving pain from your throat. Matsyanasan can be added to the list of sinus exercises for stretching and flexibility.

Mastaysana will provide strength to your neck and back. You can do Matsyasana for a proper stretch to activate your organs.

Stretching exercises can be a part of sinus exercises for a marvelous consequence in reducing your sinus pain. You must do Matsyanana daily for sinus infections and the overall body.

Sinus Exercises

Go ahead! And try these astounding sinus yogic exercises or asanas to provide relief to your sinus pain.

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