On a journey to peace and self-love. On a journey to peace and self-love.

15 Easy Mental Health Tips For You

Here are a few mental health tips to help you find a peaceful balance. From time to time, we all feel down, and sometimes it is so bad that you don’t know how to get up again. By caring for yourself and loving yourself through the tough times, you take the first step towards reducing stress, sadness, and anxiety.

Good mental health is a state where you cope well with problems and enjoy your life. These mental health tips are sure to help you in the pursuit of mindfulness.

15 Easy Mental Health Tips for You: For Inner Peace

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1. Journaling

Go to the stationery store and pick out a small notebook, some good stationery, and you are all set to begin!

Rant about that one person who made you sad today. Or, write in detail about the things that made you happy. A journal is all about you and your experiences. Make it vivid and full of memories.

Sit down every day to work through the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions running through your mind by writing them down on paper.

It helps you de-clutter your mind and relax. Writing also ignites creativity and clarity. Many vouch for this unique mental health tip, for it’s that effective.

Buller Journal Ideas
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But if words daunt you, and it’s a task you don’t look forward to, you can always doodle or make art in your new notebook. From beautiful art to mindless drawing, Art Journaling is all about colors and scribbles. You can even make collages with pictures or the most random sketches and call it a day.

Do it daily for a few minutes, and experience the instant changes it brings to your life. Artists, doodlers, and designers will surely be gleeful of this tip out of all the mental health tips given.

2. Talk to Your Friends

The pandemic has made it hard for us to connect with new people and cherish our old friends. The stress you face in these pandemic times is only amplified if you don’t talk openly about your problems. Make sure to call your loved ones regularly.

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All of us crave the security that our friends make us feel. It’s in our very essence. Show your friends some love, and talk about your past good memories and the daily grind. Research has shown that human beings thrive best with the help of social support in the form of friends and family.

3. Walking

Walk every day for at least 30 minutes. It’s good to be in shape when lockdown has all of us sulking indoors. If gyms and workout regimes are too much of a hassle for you, then walking is a great way to remain fit.

It’s imperative to get yourself out in the sunshine and do some physical activity. Regular exercise will be beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Brisk Walking
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Remember to feel everything around you, and keep all your senses open to even the littlest detail. Notice every small thing, like the feel of leaves under your touch and the colorful wildflowers. This is mindfulness, a technique that allows us to relax by focusing on our surroundings and observing the details in them, to be in the moment.

4. Caring for a Pet or a Plant

Taking care of your cute pet by bathing them, giving them food, and cuddling them is a surefire way of relaxing and receiving lots of love. You feel important and adored by the animal, and this exchange of love is the best way to lift your mood from hell to heaven instantly.

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But if you don’t have a pet animal, you can always go and buy a small cactus (or any other plant, really)!

Watering the plant daily and experiencing little joys like finding a new leaf emerging are enriching and relaxing. It makes us more aware of all the greens that surround us and grounds us in our day-to-day hustle.

If you feel that gardening is a bit of a job, then buy plants that are low maintenance. Cactus, Aloe Vera, and other succulents add beauty to your room and are also small friend who sits there on your windowsill every day.

Who knew taking care of flora and fauna around you can be part of good mental health tips?

5. Using Social Media Minimally

Social media is a boon during Covid-19 times, helping us connect with friends and family far away from us. Be it virtual meetings or chatting incessantly, social media has helped us to keep socializing.

But too much time spent on these platforms will surely make us haggard. The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) always accompanies us. A whole day that could’ve been productive gets wasted idly scrolling through Instagram for hours. And when the day ends, instant regret fills up our minds, and in a bid to improve, we search for mental health tips online.

Avoid such a scenario by making a small change in your lifestyle. Reduce the time you spend online.

Procrastination sets in for a long time, and we feel bad and lose motivation. Those are deep dents in your mental health. Besides, too much social media usage has other negative influences too.

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A great mental health tip that will help you is controlling your time on social media platforms. Setting timers for social media apps by assigning a specific time for each app’s usage per day is a good way to control your social media usage better. It will take a while, but you will eventually stop spending unnecessary amounts of time on social media.

6. Good Sleep

Have you ever woken up after a deep slumber, feeling as if you were reborn?

That’s when you’ve slept well. Sleep is the time during which our body is most relaxed, where it rejuvenates and repairs. The same is true regarding our minds. Sticking to a fixed sleep schedule is the best mental health tip you will ever know.

Numerous studies have shown that poor sleep has detrimental effects on your mental health. A study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests higher rates of depression in college students are directly linked to the lack of sleep they get.

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Do you find it hard to sleep well? These are some effective mental health tips that will help you sleep better. Always prepare to sleep in a cool and darkroom.

Before sleeping, make sure that all your devices are off and away from your hand. Spend those moments to read something light-hearted instead, in the dim glow of your bedside lamp.

7. An Escape from Reality

Daily life can sometimes feel very monochromatic and drab. Your busy schedules are sure to leave you craving for an escape. The best thing to do when you feel that way would be just to escape!

Traveling does change the way we perceive our world.

Be it a long vacation or just a long drive at night, routinely find ways to escape from the daily grind. Such moments reset your perspectives, widen your horizons, and mentally prepare you for the challenges ahead. It energizes you for the long run ahead and is, thus, an amazing mental health tip.

Fit for Travel
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Trips aren’t the only way you can find joy. Continuing hobbies, like drawing, singing, playing a musical instrument, baking, etc., are rejuvenating your mind. It’s a happy escape the mind takes, to be removed from boring day-to-day activities.

8. Meditation, Yoga, and Peace

Time and again, we hear everybody vouching for the benefits of meditation and with good reason. With daily practice, anybody can master the skill of meditation. The deep reflections we go through when meditating can be greatly insightful. It’s also a time when we have unparalleled clarity of mind, helping us focus deeply.

Meditation is the most effective mental health tip that you should be following for dealing with those intrusive thoughts and anxiety problems.

To take it a notch higher, try yoga. Yoga poses and breathing exercises are designed to improve not just the mind’s tranquility but also your physical strength. It helps you sort through your feelings, emotions, and thoughts, and you begin to focus better. It’s the best mental health tip that anybody can give you!

Letting go of worry, finding inner peace yoga practice

Also, practice mindfulness. It’s the simplest way to find a sense of peace in all your moments.

9. Discovering New Music

How does “discovering new music” become a mental health tip? Music is known to have direct effects on our moods. Listen to music that you love daily; it lifts your mood and ignites inspiration. And make sure to discover more music that touches your heart.

Ask all your friends for their favorite songs, and build up your collection. From Hans Zimmer to Lady Gaga, listen to everything and discover new beats you love and a new you. Thanks to this list of mental health tips, you now know how important music is to people.

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Music is known to increase our cognitive abilities, memory, and focus. Music can also unwind us and make us dance along, making this one the most enjoyable of all the mental health tips. So, sing your melodies or hum along to the catchy tunes of a new song.

10. Eating Outdoors

We have a lot of unique mental health tips, and one such is this which gives you a break from the everyday routine.

Ditch your kitchen for a day, and eat out. Or a safer strategy to adopt during Covid-19 times would be to order in. It would help if you occasionally treat yourself and your friends to fancy food and drinks. Treat yourself to great delicacies on a nice day out.

Now, this might sound like the wackiest of mental health tips, but it is an effective habit that can change your mood. If you can, try changing your usual lunch spot at the desk to a spot in the park. Or even the balcony. Eating outdoors is a really refreshing activity, and will make you enjoy the food you are eating.

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Eating outdoors stimulates you and makes you feel good. Try this mental health tip, and share your experiences with us on how it went in the comments section.

11. Cope with Stress Effectively

Stress management helps you to calm yourself down and think clearly about things that cause you a lot of stress. A long warm bath, meditating, listening to music, painting, gardening, etc., are ways you can ground yourself and relax.

Sleeping more regularly also alleviates stress. Stress can have adverse effects on your physical health, too, so you must curb the stress before it grows up into something you can’t handle. Stress is a part of life, and as we grow up, there’s more stress waiting for us on every corner we turn.

Always remember, you can effectively handle stress with these few simple mental health tips. Develop these good habits, and with just a little bit of effort and care every day, you will have inner peace.

12. Learn a New Skill!

Not only can you impress others with the new skill you honed up during lockdown, but it can also improve your love for yourself.

When you learn a new skill or even a language, you’re opening up new experiences and arenas that you’ve never seen before. It’s a great way to discover life and your own talents. And it also helps by lifting your moods.

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Imagine this: you play the melody of your favorite song on the piano without any errors for the first time. You frame the first scenery you ever painted and hang it on your wall.

You absolutely nailed the dance choreography you spent days learning for the first time. Learning new skills gives you ways to celebrate small victories, making you more confident about yourself.

13. Surround Yourself with Happiness

The negative news is everywhere around us. If we focus too much on only the negativity around us, we forget about the good things in life. Don’t spend too much time watching the news, which is often filled with negativity around the world.

14. Gratitude Journal

Sometimes, when you feel especially down, here’s a small activity you can do to set your priorities right and also feel better. On a piece of paper, write down slowly all the things that keep you going and all the things that you are eternally grateful for.

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15. Lastly, Smile More and More Often!!

Research shows that the physical act of smiling can produce hormones that bring pleasure to us. Hence, smile and laugh more often. Even though a thousand things bring us down, there are a million more things that can make us smile. Find ways to be happy, because it is your choice.

In conclusion:

Include these mental health tips in your daily life, and experience the difference yourself. Share these mental health tips with your family and friends too to help them through their hard times.




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