Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery: 8 Helpful Ways

Wisdom teeth are the last sets of molars that may cause various complications. Wisdom teeth removal recovery, thankfully, is simple and not too painful of a process if adequate care is taken.

Wisdom teeth may come starting from the age of 17. But there is no evidence that wisdom teeth may come only at 17. This growing period may vary from 17 to 21 years of age. Various reports show that people may show symptoms of wisdom teeth even after 21 years of age.

Many people suffer from various complications because of wisdom teeth1. Generally, you may be required to remove wisdom teeth if it comes in a bad angle, is decayed, fails to erupt completely, or starts affecting the adjacent teeth. Now after its removal, everyone searches for wisdom teeth removal recovery remedies. This may help in a speedy recovery.

This article may help you in giving a brief knowledge about some remedies for wisdom teeth removal recovery.

Wisdom teeth removal recovery
Wisdom teeth

The healing after wisdom tooth removal by the dentist may take up to 3-4 weeks. But still, even after this timeframe, some people may take up to 3 months for proper wisdom teeth removal recovery.

During that period you must take proper care of yourself and the operated area to avoid any infections. These infections may bring various dangerous problems to you. You can definitely do your regular routine work as before.

But there are some drawbacks that may lead to infections. These are:

  • Smoking
  • Spitting
  • Using straw while drinking
  • Doing difficult exercise

You may experience some bleeding after surgery. But if the bleeding or swelling is unbearable or excessive, you should consult your doctor if needed, as you may have some problems that your doctor can help you with. The bleeding may last up to a week.

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Symptoms: To Consult A Doctor

  • Trouble in breathing
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Unbearable pain
  • Medication is not helping to reduce the pain
  • Bleeding from nose

Now while you are in the wisdom teeth removal recovery period, you must take care of your oral health.

And you must do several recovery remedies to stay out of infections.

Remedies For Recovery

Before getting into any surgery or operation. You must set your mind to follow the steps:

  • Try to take care of yourself and to follow the instructions of the doctor.
  • Oral surgeries need special attention and care to prevent any negative effects.
  • You must follow some steps to get a speedy recovery.


Do the proper cleaning of your mouth as instructed by your doctor. Cleaning is pivotal for any wound to heal. You must not neglect your oral health while you are under the wisdom teeth removal recovery period. You must do things that can work for your surgery.

Cleaning is great for preventing your wound from bacteria or external factors that may spread infections. You should follow the instructions provided by your dentist to maintain good oral care and hygiene2.

You may follow home remedies for cleansing your wounds as well. Saltwater is a trusted remedy for various health problems. You can use a cup of warm water, add a teaspoon of salt to the warm water and you may clean your affected area. You may try rinsing with the help of salt water. Always keep gauze to clean any excess blood coming out.

You can also take various external healing products that are safe to use and as recommended by your doctor. Be careful with your stitches and blood clot3. Don’t try to tamper with your stitches.

Keep the stitches and the gauze for as long as the doctor advises, as it may cause various problems if removed prior to the advised time.

Try not to tamper with the blood clot. As it acts as a shield for your wound. It will let your wound heal internally. There is no point in disrupting the blood clot as it plays the role of scab and protects your tooth hole. Try to be patient and careful at the same time. If you dislodge the stitches or blood clots, then you may suffer. As this may cause severe pain and spread infections, that may harm your body as well.

A dry socket4 is a condition when your blood clot is removed and the jaw bone is exposed. This condition is extremely painful and may cause various negative side effects.

Wisdom teeth removal pain
Post wisdom teeth removal pain

Tips And Home Remedies

Now you must learn about pain management. As wisdom teeth removal recovery may happen to be a painful period for many. Following are some tips:

Applying Clove Oil

To overcome your wisdom teeth pain you can try clove oil. There are various studies that show how beneficial clove oil can be for oral care. It may also help tooth decay, reduce swelling, and work as a pain reliever. Clove may show antibacterial properties5 that may prevent bacterial infections.

You can stick to home remedies a swell. You may try boiling 5-6 cloves in water and using it to rinse your mouth for pain relief.

Boiling cloves in water can give you immense benefits to fight against bacterial infection and this may reduce pain as well. Clove oil can be great to provide relieve wisdom tooth pain. If wisdom teeth are removed then that may have various unexpected repercussions for people that are new to this.

But proper care may lead to wisdom teeth removal recovery in a safe way.

Clove oil

Tea Tree Oil

There are various essential oils known for providing relief to your painful gums. Tea tree oil is an amazing antibacterial agent. That can act as a protectant for your painful gums.

But here you shouldn’t use any essential oil that is available in the market. You should consult your doctor before getting any essential oil for any wounds, as it’s a sensitive thing to rely on. Various study shows that tea tree oil can reduce inflammation.

You can apply it on your inflamed gums to kill any bacteria that may be present there.

Garlic And Ginger

There are various researches on garlic and ginger for oral care. Researches show that garlic (crushed) can be an agent for killing pathogens that may cause various infections in your gums.

Ginger if combined with garlic may give better results. Try to use a fresh paste of these for effective results.


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If you are someone going through headaches on a daily basis then you must have heard about aspirin. Aspirin is one of the best medicine for pain relief. It can also fight tooth pain.

But being a medicine, it should be taken according to the dosage. Try to consult your doctor before taking aspirin or other over-the-counter medications for toothache.


One of the best remedies for any pain. Turmeric has been used traditionally for its amazing results. It can be highly effective in treating stomach pain. Turmeric is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties6. It can definitely reduce inflammation in your gums.

But you need not apply turmeric directly to your gums. You can add turmeric to boiling water, and rinsing daily with a cup of warm turmeric water can definitely help you as a part of home remedies for wisdom tooth pain.

Turmeric can be highly efficacious in showing results for your wisdom teeth removal recovery.



One of the natural analgesic that may provide a cooling sensation to your skin. It may give a cooling sensation to anywhere if applied. But you need to dilute it with any mouthwash (as recommended) by a doctor before using it.

For better and safe results try to dilute it with a mouthwash that contains alcohol and then you can directly apply it to the impacted area. It may give results for wisdom teeth removal recovery.

Oregano Oil

This oil can boost up your wisdom teeth removal recovery. Oregano oil is an excellent agent with amazing healing benefits. It can reduce teeth pain and can also prevent inflammation. Various studies show that it can reduce swelling.

This ingredient may add some extra benefits to your wisdom teeth removal recovery journey. But before using this you must dilute it properly. You can use 2-3 drops of oregano oil and add it into carrier oil, then apply it to your affected area. You may repeat it twice a day.

But before doing any home remedy, you should consult your dentist. As many people may show unnecessary side effects to these remedies.

Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil is known for various benefits to your body. The lavender essential oil may also help in fighting bacteria and protecting your tooth holes.


Before trying any essential oil or home remedy you must consult your dentist. Oral care should be done properly in case of wisdom teeth removal recovery period. And taking care of your oral health is really important for a speedy recovery. A little negligence may harm your teeth in a very dangerous way.

This may also result in tooth decay. And various other losses. You can definitely give home remedies a try for better results.

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