how to detox from weed
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How to Detox from Weed: 3 Easy Home Remedies

Not many can handle the pressure well when it comes to thriving in the 21st century. The way the world works might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, since history immemorial, humans and addiction (good or bad) have gone hand in hand, and so has the detoxification from those addictions.

It is hard and unbearable at times, and the process might not be a frosted butter marshmallow, but it is a journey of a bumpy ride, but it bears sweet fruits for sure. Among many kinds of addiction, from caffeine to hard drugs, one particular substance still under speculation and skepticism is cannabis addiction, aka weed or marijuana.

When it comes to the process of How to detox from weed, it is advisable always to have a thorough knowledge of what we are dealing with since a detox process can sometimes go awry as well. Keep an eye out on this article, and you shall know everything to make your body whole again.

What is the Detox Process?

how to detox from weed
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When a person is addicted to some substance, it becomes toxic to the individual’s body and soul. And to rid the individual of such toxins, a detox process is followed where a set of interventions are performed aiming for withdrawal and intoxication of the acute addiction.

It is time-consuming, with numerous execution steps guaranteeing a safe withdrawal after someone stops using/consuming drugs. Several drug tests are performed to start the process, and we will get into it as we proceed further into the article.

It should be noted that every individual has a different experience with the detox process, mainly depending on the amount of drug consumed, the time across which the drug has been consumed, and the individual’s body fat to some extent.

As we ease into the article “How to detox from weed,” here are some extra facts that might help in case of withdrawal.

Knowing the Drug, Marijuana

So almost everyone is familiar with the taboo word weed and the fact that most teenagers and young adults are victims of weed abuse worldwide. But everything has a good side and a bad.

Weed/marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers. It stems from the plant Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica, with the most sought-after research scope chemical of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Effects of Marijuana

As we already mentioned about THC and how it is a mind-altering chemical, some of you may wonder how that works. Here are some symptoms of weed abuse that might feed the curiosity a little and rest; put two and two together, you will have a definitive answer

  • Enhanced and increased senses
  • A different sense of time
  • Hallucination
  • Relaxed body and muscles
  • Humourous attitude
  • Change in the mood
  • Disoriented coordination of body movements

It is almost like daydreaming in a different space and dimension!

How to know whether you are addicted to Marijuana/weed?

In case the list of symptoms below is relatable to you, you might want to take this to a professional for guided help.

  1. You lose interest and concentration on activities you normally like
  2. You seem defocused
  3. Your relationships are suffering due to your foul mood
  4. You seem irritated and cranky
  5. You show withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, restlessness, slight chills and tremors, and sweating out of the blue
  6. Your tolerance for getting intoxicated has increased
  7. You are unable to stop using or smoking weed

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC can be detected in several body parts; some are quite unusual. To test for THC, pros usually diagnose the hair follicles, blood, urine, and sometimes fat cells. According to studies, These are the parts that can have traces of THC, making them the target for medical tests implementation to look for traces of THC in the body.

How to detox from weed is a question that needs a thorough explanation before jumping right into it. So make sure you know every tad bit there is to know about detoxification of weed before knowing the know-how.

However, the duration of THC traces in these body parts depends on numerous factors such as:

  • Metabolism of the individual
  • Body fat percentage of that person
  • How often does the person smoke marijuana
  • The quantity of the drug being consumed/smoked
  • Exercise routine and lifestyle of the person in question

It is worth noting that not every part of the body can retain THC equally due to its particular sensitivity. For example, THS in saliva can easily wear off within 7-8 hours of consumption, whereas urine, blood, and hair follicles can hold room for it for many days. This is mostly because the body metabolizes THC.

When it comes to fat cells, THC is a lipid-soluble chemical, which means it binds itself to the body’s fat cells, making it harder to get metabolized, and thus, detoxing from fat cells takes longer than from any other part.

Looking into every factor of THC present in the body, here’s a list of the parts that retain THC and are mostly tested for detection by pros.

1. THC in urine

Studies have shown that THC is detectable in urine for as long as seven days, and in rare cases, it has been seen that delta 1-THC was detected in urine after four weeks of use.

These are generally found in users of heavy marijuana, and due to their long and heavy use, it takes longer and more effort to detoxify the body.

2. THC in blood

In marijuana users, THC in the blood can be detected within as long as seven days, depending on how frequently drug consumption takes place in the body. THC metabolites can be present and traced for as long as 30 days in the blood.

3. THC in fat cells

As we read earlier, THC is lipid-soluble; it is stored in fat cells and thus takes time to detoxify. That means if body fat present in a person is higher, the chances of THC traces also increase. People with higher body fat concentrations have a lower metabolizing rate than those with low body fat, thus making it detectable in fat cells.

BMI(Body Mass Index) is a way of calculating an individual’s body fat. However, it should be noted that weight, and BMI, increase with muscle mass; it might not be an acute way of calculating body fat.

Let us dig deeper into “How to detox from weed” and see what we find out!

Diagnosis of Weed abuse

how to detox from weed
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Several tests, collectively called drug tests, determine the presence of traces of illegal and harmful substances in your body. To start a detox process, one must undergo a drug test.

A most common type of drug test is a urine drug test, where a sample of the individual’s urine is collected to determine the presence of traces of drugs in the body. A urine drug test’s result normally varies from an hour to seven days.

When it comes to drug tests for weed abuse, pros mostly perform a urine test to look for the traces and proceed into the detox through the detox methods provided in this article.

Here is a list of drug tests that one could go through for more clarification:

Types of drug test

Urine drug test

Statistics show marijuana use can be traced in an individual within 3-5 days of use for infrequent users; in heavy users, it can be traced within 1-15 days, and in chronic users and users with high body fat, it can be traced up to 30 days!

Although the presence of traces of THC may vary from individual to individual, THC metabolites are often traced due to their in-body longevity.

Hair test

Cannabis use is detectable with the drug test of the hair, and the most recent 1.5 inches of hair growth is considered for each strand of hair to carry out a hair test drug test.

Saliva test

Cannabis is detectable by drug tests or saliva testing. Like blood testing, this drug test method requires looking for the parent drug instead of THC metabolites to ascertain the presence of marijuana in the body.

Blood tests

Cannabis or marijuana in the blood can be traced within 24 hours of consumption for heavy users for up to 7 days; however, it is not a frequently used drug test.

Detoxification of drugs

The question How to Detox from weed has a vague and varied answer. The process is cumbersome, and often it takes your mind all over the place, thus making you frustrated, and you end up giving up on the research.

We know how annoying it is to jump from one website to another, looking for the answers that could save you or your loved one from the peril of what could lie ahead in the future if the withdrawal doesn’t occur.

So look no further and let us do the heavy work while you get ready with a pen and paper cause we are jumping into an ocean full of information for you!

So there are two ways by which the drug detox process takes place. One is Non-Medical or Social detox, and the other is Medical detox. Other than that, there is a detox kit consisting of homemade detox drinks, detox pills, detox smoothies, etc. Let’s talk about both, shall we?

How to Detox from weed?

So the next step after the diagnosis comes to the results, but even before that comes that anticipation when your heartbeat skyrockets while waiting for drug test results!

If you pass a drug test and it comes positive, here’s what you need to do and know about THC detox.

So the most basic THC detox method requires a detox kit consisting of detox drinks, detox liquid, like detox mouthwash, cranberry juice, detox pills, detox shampoo, and chewable tablets.

The marijuana detox process is a gradual one with a slow pace, and THC detox is no child’s play. Therefore, patience and faith in the THC detox process are highly recommended.

Let us take this discussion of How to detox from weed step by step as we learn about the metabolization of weed which makes detoxification easier.

Metabolism of Weed in the system

how to detox from weed
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It is common knowledge that to detoxify the body, the weed must be metabolized in the system first. Without metabolism, there will be no detoxification at all!

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, after consumption (by ingestion or smoking), goes directly into the bloodstream. At the same time, some are stored(temporarily) in fatty cells and other parts of the body and are metabolized or broken down in the liver into several THC metabolites. Further, when a drug test is performed to trace THC in the body, doctors mostly look for these THC metabolites.

With time, these remaining THC metabolites are excreted through urine and stool. The conclusion of the first step in How to detox from weed is its metabolism of it.

Is there any way to speed up the metabolism of weed?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to speed things up. All you could do was give your body time to adjust to the drugs and deal with them in due time. Take it from our elders, you cannot hurry your way through life, and neither is there a shortcut to healing and knowing how to detox from weed!

But you can practice a lifestyle that ensures exercising regularly, drinking lots of water, following a healthy diet with healthy dietary fiber, and well try THC detox kits and home remedies that will aggravate the healing process.

Below we are providing details of detox kits and home remedies that will help you with your body’s detoxification. So are things looking up for you as we go further into how to detox from weed?

THC Detox Kits

So it is an easily available and partially DIY package that consists of detox shampoos for hair follicle tests, Detox drinks, Detox mouthwash, etc. we will be getting into the details one by one because the answer to the question of “How to detox from weed” needs some time to unravel!

Here are some Detoxification kit DIY that you could use in time of need.

Detox drink

how to detox from weed
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If you are stranded and need to flush THC from your body so that on a random drug test, your reports do not come out test positive, there are a few options for you that you might want to check out.

Some factory-made chemical-induced body detox drinks available on the market could be just your saving grace. So here’s the first option for How to detox from weed!

Detox pills

how to detox from weed
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Detox pills are not that different from detox drinks; however, pills need more time to take action in the body than a detox drink. These pills are taken over a particular period of the prescribed dosage, varying from a 5-day course to a 7-day course to a full 10-day course. One of the best THC detox pills available includes a regimen of detox products called Toxin rid 5-day detox program.

Makers and manufacturers firmly believe that even though pills might take a little more time to show effect than liquid, these pills can be very useful in detoxifying the body of marijuana and other kinds of drugs.

Pills are mostly recommended to heavy marijuana users since they need more frequent drug flush out of their system and pills to come in handy with minimal side effects.

This Routine comes with 75 tablets, dietary fiber, and detox liquid for in-depth detoxification. If you think you can handle the routine and keep up with it, then we feel like it is worth giving a try, thus making it your second option of How to detox from weed!

Home remedies for THC detox

There is nothing that a kitchen of a domestic household cannot contain. If you know where to look, you will get the answer to every problem, including the one we are dealing with now, i.e., how to detox from weed?

Here are some home remedies listed for you that you can rely on without spending a lot of money on chemicals and whatnot.

Lemon juice along with mint and water

how to detox from weed
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Lemon juice is widely known for its multi-dimensional healing properties. Still, the most important one is that lemon juice is a very powerful antioxidant and contains vitamins A and C.

The lemon juice mixture might take some time to show effect in the body. However, many users have confessed about the simple procedure of making and how effectively it works compared to any home remedies.

The process of making the mixture is simple. In a glass, add water, depending on the capacity of the glass, and add 1 tbsp of lemon juice, crushed mint leaves, and voila! There you have your delicious lemon soda. In addition to drinking, this mixture every day, almost 7-8 glasses, helps you boost your immunity! Count this as your third option for How to detox from weed!

Apple cider vinegar

how to detox from weed
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Now it is not unknown that many people consume ACV to lose weight while they are on an exercise regime, but the good news is apple cider vinegar has more than one advantage when you have a thorough knowledge of the compound!

It is mostly used for salad dressing and is an amazing detoxifying drink. It might n to be as effective as Detox drinks and 5-day detox programs; however, studies have shown that it is no less useful than any other home remedies.

Easily available in almost every household, it is fairly easy to make with a glass of water and two tbsp of unadulterated acv thoroughly mixed. Although many people consume more than 2 tbsp to be on the safe side, it is always better to refer a professional before increasing the amount so that things do not go haywire.

We know how bitter it tastes, and our taste buds oppose the idea of it altogether, so how about you add some sweetener like organic honey. Make sure to consume this mixture twice every day for the best results! Accordingly, this makes your fourth option for how to detox from weed!

Cranberry juice

how to detox from weed
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Sounds fancy. Don’t worry; there is no catch. It is just as it sounds. It might not sound very useful as a detox drink but trust the writer; it will speak for itself! Cranberry juice helps frequent urination, causing the body to detoxify naturally. It is extremely nutritious and has been used to treat many troubles like urinary issues, liver problems, and a simple upset stomach over time!

Preparation is extremely simple. Where you need half a glass filled with ice with no extra sweetener, add some water, cranberry juice, a little apple cider vinegar, and if you want mint leaves or lemon juice, there you have your savory mocktail. Who said detoxification could never be yum! Finally, here’s your fifth option for how to detox from weed!

I believe we have covered almost covered this article with rich information about how to detox from weed. However, some things are important enough to be taken into consideration for you. The Withdrawal and the withdrawal symptoms. It is a hard and long way but hey! We know you can do it with some determination and some love and support!

Withdrawal from weed consumption

We are more than just providing How to detox from weed, so here are some things you can expect while detoxing.

When you are deep into something which becomes a habit or routine, it is relatively hard to change the schedule, let alone give up on that altogether. However, it is not impossible. With the right guidance, you might have a shot at redemption and cleansing your body of the drug. I repeat, the road is bumpy and long but not worthless!

Once you stop using the drug, the body will show some withdrawal symptoms and try to keep you from your abstinence from the drug. The trigger will be rough on your body and mind, but there are ways available by which you can recover completely.

Withdrawal symptoms you can expect

Marijuana Anonymous Org. states that the most common withdrawal symptom is insomnia and nightmare, followed by depression among the affected. However, there are a few more symptoms worth noting listed below:

  • Craving for cannabis
  • Loss of appetite
  • Heightened anger and anxiety
  • Restlessness and overactive tendency
  • Shock and seizures
  • Increased sweating and dehydration
  • Stomach pain and fever

It is a little overwhelming. Or perhaps a lot overwhelming. But this I can say is that this fight is not lost. There are many ways and plans of recovery; all you have to do is not have a pessimistic outlook on the entire circumstance.

How you can help yourself

how to detox from weed
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There is no shame in admitting what you are feeling and no shame in asking for help. However, the first step to recovery starts yourself before an outside intervention. Prepare your mind and make it at par with your body. It is a fact that your physical and mental health is intricately aligned with each other, and recovery is a process that needs full support from both of your being.

By building your mind into a hard rock brick of positive persona, know that half the battle is won. The recovery plan will only work if you open your mind and immerse yourself completely. Your body will absorb the process only if your mind lets it!

So, where can you ask for help?

During your detoxification, while practicing some preventative methods like

  • Staying hydrated
  • Exercising daily
  • Eating a healthy diet

if you still feel like these are not enough, we recommend you approach someone you can trust. Maybe a family member or a friend, someone who could hold your hand and support you while you make it through the whole process. You can also approach a local detox center and follow their recovery plan. A detox center is a professional and efficient way to recover; we hope it will help you immensely.

You can also try inpatient rehabilitation. Now it might sound scary and like taboo, but it works. And just in case you are worried about what people will say? Then do we care? It is for your greater good anyways!

This is when you take control of your life and live cleanly and healthily. Remember, you’re never truly alone; if you reach out, help will be given. All you need to do is ask for it and pave your current life for a better one because you deserve nothing less!

To read further on body detox from drugs, click the link right here!

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