What To Give A Dog For Upset Stomach: 5 Best Remedies

Upset stomachs in dogs 1are one of the most common problems. In most cases, it is not a matter of concern and can be cured in two or three days. But in some cases, the upset stomach of dogs can stay for a prolonged time. In these cases, there are certain things that you will have to do to treat your dog.

Always keep one thing in mind: if your dog is facing an upset stomach very frequently and is accompanied by fever, vomiting, and other problems, there is a high chance that your dog has been affected by some food allergies. It happens because your dog might be sensitive to certain food items or ingredients. 

What to give a dog for upset stomach can be a problem for many dog owners. To clarify this problem, this article targets all the important things you should remember while helping a dog with an upset stomach.

Symptoms Of An Upset Stomach In Dogs

Certain symptoms sum up to the problem of upset stomach in dogs. There is a probability that your pet might be suffering from an upset stomach if any of these symptoms persist. 

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nipping at their sides
  • Licking the floor or eating grass
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Weird noises from the stomach
  • Passing very smelly gas
  • Stomach pain

These dogs’ symptoms alone do not indicate an upset stomach. But if your dog is facing all of these symptoms together, there is a high chance that your dog has an upset stomach. It is the time when you should take extra care of your dog.

What To Give A Dog For Upset Stomach

Mentioned here are some of the ways by which you can help your dog with an upset stomach. Always remember, if the problem of your dog’s upset stomach increases, make sure to take help from a veteran as he is the best one to provide you with various dog sore stomach treatments2.

1. Fasting

In the case of a dog’s stomach ache and other stomach issues, intermittent fasting can help relieve the pain to a great extent. Some researchers state that fasting can help dogs with vomiting and diarrhea. It is safe for dogs but makes sure to perform it for a short period.

But it does not signify that you will have to starve your dog. Make sure to give them enough dog food but for a specified period. Please do not give them human or spicy food, as it might cause more problems to the dog’s tummy. Make sure to provide them with light and easily digestible food.

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If a dog can go 24 hours without eating anything, it will boost its digestive system and help it recover faster. It can help resolve many issues of a dog’s upset stomach. If you plan to make your dog fast for a whole day, ensure to provide him with access to clean, fresh water, as staying hydrated during this time is very important.

2. Bland Diet

A bland diet is the best way to treat your dog with an upset tummy. The most common and effective homemade bland diet is chicken and rice. While making this regular dog food, mix 75% of plain steamed rice with 25% boiled skinless chicken breasts.

Feeding your dog with bland diet while he is facing an upset stomach is one of the best ways to treat a dog’s tummy. If the symptom persists for more than 5-7 days, then continue the bland diet for some more days.

If you are a new dog owner or are confused about what amount to feed your dog, you can follow the list below. The list is curated according to the weight of the dog.

  • for dogs weighing <5 pounds – half a cup of food
  • 5 – 15 pounds – half cup to 3/4th cup of food
  • 16 – 30 pounds – one to one and a half cups of food
  • 31 – 50 pounds – one and a half to two cups of food
  • 51 – 75 pounds – two to three cups of food
  • 76 – 99 pounds – three to four cups of food
  • More than 100 pounds – four to five cups of food

Bland Diet Instructions

If your dog is suffering from an upset stomach, it is best to give them smaller quantities of food for certain days.

You can follow the tips to divide the quantity of food into three different meals. You can cook them all together and give them to your dog at several intervals, or you can cook it separately, completely your wish.

One thing to remember is that these bland diets should only be fed to the furry friend. Please do not add anything to enhance the taste of the food on certain days, as it may cause more harm to the dogs.

If you cannot cook homemade bland diets, you can also choose some of the dog foods specifically made to be given during an upset tummy. 

The Process To Transition Back To A Normal Diet

Start giving your dog normal food when the bland diets have been strictly followed for 4-6 days. You will be able to notice that the symptoms of your dog are slowly vanishing. 

At this time, you can reduce the bland diet ingredients and add the normal ingredients to enhance the taste. Make sure to feed your dog at regular intervals for the initial days. Give them smaller amounts of food and not a lot altogether.

It will help them digest better and keep their stomach healthy.

3. Feed Some Yogurt

Certain foods work like magic on a dog’s upset tummy; one of those is yogurt. Yogurt contains natural probiotics, which have good bacteria. They help in treating the upset stomach and also help in managing gas and diarrhea.

Much research states that yogurt has a good effect on the dog’s digestive system and on other animals like mice, cats, and other animals. While feeding yogurt, make sure you use plain yogurt, not the sweetened ones, or have added flavors.

4. Use Broth While Fasting

Bone broth is one of the best food to use while your dog is fasting. It is not only just suggested for dogs, but bone broth is the best food for even humans during a fast or if you are trying to lose weight. It can also be given to dogs if they suffer from fever or vomiting.

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If your pet is hungry by just drinking water the whole day, you can give them some chicken legs, bone broth, or beef. It is always better to cook it yourself and not order anything from outside as certain chemicals are in the products brought from the market.

Please do not use other ingredients or spices, including onion and garlic; make it as bland as possible. It will help in treating the upset stomach of your dog quickly.

5. Include Sweet Potato Or Pumpkin

If you are looking for bland food options for your dog, sweet potato and pumpkin are some of the best options. You can use fresh raw pumpkin and sweet potato to feed your dog. You can cook up some sweet potato, dice some pumpkin, and provide it to your dogs.

If your furry friend is not fond of these foods, you can always trick them. Boil some sweet potatoes, remove the skin and smash them properly. Then give your dog a few tablespoons of this sweet potato. You can do the same with pumpkins, which will be a boon for the dog’s digestive system.3

How To Prevent Upset Tummy In Dogs

There are some ways by which you can prevent the upset stomach of dogs and keep a check o your dog’s health and the digestive tract. Let us find out the different ways.

1. Change Your Dog’s Water Frequently

It is important to change the water of your dog frequently. The water in your dog’s water bowl can have bacteria from the saliva and is harmful to drink. Make sure to wash the utensils of your dog often to ensure a healthy eating process.

It is also suggested that you use utensils made from good quality steel and not the ones made up of plastic.

Another thing to keep in mind is that make sure your dog has access to clean, fresh drinking water, as some of the tap waters might not be healthy for your dog. If your dog is facing stomach issues after drinking the regular tap water, you can give them purified water or even boil it, cool it down, and give it to your dog.

If you only have access to hard water, it is important to refrigerate the water or use distilled water. Distilled water is the best option for you as it is inexpensive and has great health benefits.

2. Keep A Check On Your Dog’s Diet

If you have suddenly changed your dog’s diet, it can also be a major reason for your dog’s upset stomach. If you want to change the diet, do it slowly and give your dog time to adjust to the changes. You can add new ingredients in smaller amounts and wait to see how your dog reacts to them. If they are doing okay with the change, you can go ahead.

Dogs and most other pets need consistency in their diet and not variety. There is very little or no need to experiment with your dog’s diet until and unless you feed them a balanced meal.

If you still want to change the dog’s diet, do it over 6-10 days. It will not only help them in adjusting to the change, but it will also make the dog’s digestive system healthy.

You can always give your dogs one or two treats to make them happy and keep them interested in eating a regular meal.

3. Don’t Feed Your Dog Human-Foods

Some dog owners have the habit of feeding human food to their dogs. You might not be able to realize it, but this can be one of the biggest reasons for your dog’s upset tummy. Certain ingredients in human food can be harmful to the dog’s stomach.

It is always better to avoid giving human food to your dogs. It is because the digestive system of dogs is not as strong as ours, and it is not built to digest human food. That is why different dog foods are available on the market specifically designed for dogs’ digestive systems.

Apart from human food, some other foods can be dangerous for dogs. Complete your research before feeding anything and everything to your dogs. If you notice symptoms, go for a vet visit and take immediate medical attention. 

4. Give Your Dog Probiotics

Giving probiotics to a dog at proper intervals can improve their digestion power and make their digestive system healthy. Probiotics have good bacteria that help deal with various stomach problems.

But if your dog suffers from an upset stomach, you must deal with that problem before diving into anything else. You can start including probiotics in your dog’s diet once the sore stomach problem is fixed to help prevent further problems. 

You can use natural probiotics like yogurt or use probiotic supplements. Both are essential in keeping your dog’s digestive system healthy. Probiotics are also useful in helping with diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upset, and various other stomach problems.

5. Avoid Many Dog Treats

 Taking too many high-calorie treats can be one of the major reasons for your dog’s upset tummy. It is important to check that not more than 10% of the daily calorie needs of the dogs should come from treats. 

Many treats are healthy and taste good, but checking the total treats given to the dog regularly is still important. You can use the treats as rewards and only give them when they earn.

Another best option for treats is the dry kibble of your dog. It is healthy and does not have many calories.

When To Seek A Veterinary Attention

In most cases, a dog’s upset stomach can be treated at home by following some steps. But in rare cases, the upset stomach might not tend to recover even after a week. In those times, it is important to seek immediate veterinary attention.

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Certain signs and symptoms indicate that you might need medical support soon.

  • Prolonged vomiting
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Retching, but generally, nothing comes up
  • Presence of foreign objects in the vomit or stool
  • Stomach pain
  • Lethargy
  • Nervous pacing
  • Fever
  • Weight Loss
  • Dehydration
  • Uncontrollable Drooling
  • Not interested in eating food

Sometimes, the vet might make a diet chart for your dog. It will help them in fighting with upset stomachs and also help strengthen the digestive system. In other cases, the vet might prescribe some medicines to help cope with the upset stomach.

Figuring Out The Cause Of Upset Stomach

One of the main parts of treating your dog’s upset stomach is finding out why. If you can go to the core of the problem, 50% of the problem gets solved. Here are certain points that can lead to the upset stomach of our dogs.

  • The most common reason might be because your dog ate something unhealthy.
  • Upset stomachs can also occur if they eat something raw or uncooked, which is supposed to be eaten cooked.
  • If your pet eats too quickly and does not chew properly, rush to play. 
  • If your pet eats something which they are not supposed to eat.
  • If your dog has a food sensitivity.
  • If they have any other stomach-related problems.
  • Gastrointestinal infections, inflammation, bloating, digestive system disorder, ulcers, motion sickness, inflammatory bowel disease, and digestive system cancer are some causes of upset stomachs in pets.
  • Liver failure, uterine infections, and kidney disease can also lead to an upset stomach.

If your dog’s upset tummy is recovered on its own, there is no need to go to the core of the problem. But if the problem persists, it is important to find the root cause.

 In case of severe vomiting or bloody diarrhea, it is advised that you seek medical help as soon as possible. Letting the dog suffer is not at all a good idea.

For senior dogs, you can also use canned pumpkins. It helps in better digestion and can soothe the stomach. An unsweetened yogurt is also a good option. It is a probiotic that aids in digestion.

What Medicines To Give To Your Dog

Some dog owners wonder whether human medicine will work on a dog’s upset stomach. As crazy as it sounds, certain human medications work well for a dog’s upset stomach. But we suggest you do not give any human medication to your dog as there can be side effects.

It is always better to seek help from a vet or consult any nearby vet medicine shop to collect effective medicine.

Many medicines are available that treat the upset stomach of dogs very well. They can treat the upset tummy of the furry friend within 2-3 days.

Products To Calm An Upset Stomach In Dogs

Certain products are effective in calming the upset stomach in dogs. Let us find out about them in detail.

1. DarRice For Dogs

DarRice is one of the best probiotics that can be given to dogs during an upset stomach. It has all the nutrients in tin rice and can be a great product for treating stomach issues.

You can mix this probiotic with dry or wet food and feed it to your dog. It is as effective as natural home remedies and works wonders on pets.

2. Pedialyte

If you want to save your dog from dehydration and wish to take a little care of your pet, Pedialyte is the option. Remember that your dog won’t be interested in taking these medicines, but you must feed them without failure.

Take a towel and a syringe and drop the medicine inside their mouth. Make sure to hold your dog properly so it cannot get away during the process.

After you feed your dog with the medicine, pamper him a little and make him feel at home. Make sure that your dog is comfortable and does not have any problems.


By the end of this article, we hope that your doubt about what to give a dog for an upset stomach is resolved. You will have to take care of your dog just like you would take care of a human when they are ill.

Make sure to feed them proper dog food and keep them hydrated. Please keep checking the dog’s food, and do not let them eat anything bad. If your dog has bad stomach aches, please give them something to soothe the pain and buy him some time to get to a doctor.

In most cases, there is nothing to worry about, and your little friend will recover within no time.

In case of any problems, do not delay taking your pet to a local emergency veterinary hospital.

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