Portrait of a woman with a septum piercing and short blonde hair Portrait of a woman with a septum piercing and short blonde hair

7 Bold Ways for How to Take Care of a Nose Piercing

In simpler terms, if we need to define nose piercing, we have to say that it is a kind of piercing done on the nose region of the body. People can get pierced on various parts of the body, and similarly, they can get one on their nose. We will talk about how to take care of a nose piercing in detail so that you are fully aware of everything.

Did you get a new piercing on your nose, or have you been thinking about getting one lately? Then, you have come to the right space where we will discuss what to do and what not to do after getting a nose piercing.

After piercing, they can wear a nose ring that will elevate their look. The main purpose of getting a nose pierced is to wear a piece of nose jewelry.

Nose piercing might look beautiful from afar but it is very difficult to take care of; if it is not taken care of, it might turn into an infected nose piercing. Yes, many face this issue after getting their nose piercings. So, proper care should be taken so that the area gets healed as soon as possible.

1. How Much Time Do Nose Piercings Take to Heal?

On average, nose piercing takes about 4-6 months to heal. It depends on an individual’s knowledge of how to take care of a nose piercing, so the healing process takes less time. This way, they take proper care and safety measures to heal nose piercings.

The other factors that tell us the time that nose piercings take to heal are-

  • The location of getting pierced matters a lot. If you have to see where you are getting the hole, like in the nostrils, septum, etc… Nostril piercings and septum piercings are common nose piercings.
  • Good quality metals take less time to heal than poor metals or others. Gold, silver, stainless steel, and nickel are the most preferable and safe metals.
  • Last, but not least, knowledge of how to take care of a nose piercing is essential to healing a nose piercing. The care you must take before the procedure is equally important for nose piercing aftercare.

2. What Is Septum Piercing? Is It Similar to Other Piercings?

Nose piercing is not only limited to only nostrils. You can pierce the septum as well. The septum is the area between the nostrils that is the middle part of your nose. Therefore, the piercing that is done there is known as septum piercing1. It is completely safe to get that area pieced. But, similar to the other regions, you must take care of it equally. The same procedure is followed to pierce there as well.

how to take care of a nose piercing
Image by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels Copyrights 2020

3. How Is a Nose Piercing Done?

The process of taking care of a nose piercing doesn’t start with the question of how to take care of a nose piercing, but with the question of how it is done and whether both ends take proper precautions or not. If you are new or it is your first time getting a body piercing, then it is good to know everything in detail so that you don’t panic 2much.

Nose piercings are done with the help of piercing guns. These piercing guns are beautifully designed for such purposes only. The sharp needle perfectly pierces a hole in the nose where the person can wear their choice of jewelry. The gun creates a tiny hole equivalent to the size of the nose jewelry.

Nose piercings should only be done under the guidance of a professional piercer as they are more aware of the process, and that too in the correct order. It is best to choose such places as it is about young women’s health. Professional piercers will guide you with the aftercare of the procedure, and the initial care that should be done will already be taken care of by them.

4. What Are the Rules That a Professional Piecer Should Follow?

The professional piercer must look after the matter as he/she is responsible for the procedure. And, for that, they must follow certain things that are termed to be precautions. A few things that professionals should follow in a piercing studio are mentioned below step-by-step:

how to take care of a nose piercing
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash Copyrights 2020
  • The area where you are getting pierced should be safely cleaned with mild antibacterial soap and pat dry with the help of a tissue.
  • The professional should wash their hand, which means the hands should be cleaned.
  • The professional should wear sterile gloves on both hands.
  • The professional piece should use a numbing cream to complete the procedure calmly.

5. How to Take Care of Nose Piercing? The Best Effective Ways.

So, now we will talk about the topic for which you have our pinged page which is how to take care of a nose piercing. The nose piercing aftercare is the toughest part of the piercing journey, as the healing process fully depends upon it. You have to take care of your piercing site by following the things we will discuss below.

5.1 Clean a Nose Piercing

how to take care of nose piercing
Image by Angela Roma on Pexels Copyrights 2021

A nose piercing requires a lot of cleaning. If you have noticed, you can see that some watery substance emerges until the piercing hole is not perfectly healed. So, if you don’t keep a clean nose piercing, it can cause some infections if the area gets clogged. It is very important to clean a nose piercing if you don’t want to get infections on your nose, which are painful and irritating.

5.2 Saline Solution

The best thing that you can use to clean a nose piercing is a saline solution. The saline solution works as an antibacterial 3solution that perfectly cleanses off the yellowish gunk from the piercing site. Take some saline water into cotton balls and gently wipe off the gunk. It will not only help the site to breathe, but you will feel relieved.

5.3 Wash Your Hands Before Touching the Site

how to take care of a nose piercing
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Touching the nose piercing without washing your hands is the biggest mistake that anyone can make. Always ensure that your hands are washed with soap and free from dirt or bacteria. If the piercing comes in contact with bacteria or any viruses, then it may cause infection.

5.4 Avoid Touching the Area Regularly

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is that they often keep touching the piercing. This not only disturbs the area, but it takes more time and effort to heal. Only touch it when you have to clean the space.

5.5 Wear Loose Jewelry

The pierced area is very delicate after the procedure, so it is best to wear metals or jewelry that are of good quality. Loose jewelry, like nose rings, nose studs, etc., is the most preferred type. Loose jewelry works best for the pierced area because it provides the right amount of oxygen and helps to speed up the procedure without delaying the healing period. Wear new jewelry that is fully sterilized 4in distilled water.

5.6 Avoid Wearing Makeup

how to take care of a nose piercing
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash Copyrights 2021

If you have got a new piercing, then for a few days, try to avoid wearing makeup. Makeup can clog 5your hole and worsen the situation by delaying the healing time. So, if you don’t want to delay the healing time, then at least for 0ne-two weeks, avoid makeup or in the area especially.

5.7 Avoid Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Professional piercers recommend avoiding visiting swimming pools, hot tubs, or any other places where your piercing comes in contact with dirty and unfiltered water. Generally, public water spaces carry a lot of bacteria 6in them. So, it is better not to visit such places until the piercing is healed.

6. What Happens When You Don’t Care About Your Nose Piercings?

Getting a nose piercing might look beautiful from afar, but when you get one, the real battle for safety immediately starts. It is slightly towards the risker side of getting a body piercing as you can face many other issues until the area is completely healed. The nose is one such place that is very risky to get because you can come up with other health issues that might be dangerous for you.

how to take care of a nose piercing
Photo by Mikhail Nilov/ Pexels Copyrights 2021

6.1 Serious Infection

If you don’t take care of your piercing, then you can have bacterial infections near the area. You can also catch viruses as well if the tools are not clean. If you detect any pain or infection in the area, immediately rush to a specialist for a better cure.

6.2 Bleeding

Many people trace bleeding in the area for many days, which can later cause swelling and pain. You will face irritation in that area and won’t be able to breathe either. People with sinusitis are more prone to such cases.

6.3 Allergies

Sometimes people have an allergic reaction to the metals used during the procedure. Many people don’t search for or recommend suitable metals for the procedure. Later, the metals react adversely with your skin and have reactions.

6.4 Scarring

Suppose your nose area gets small bumps, or in the future, you want to remove your nose piercing, then it will leave scarring behind.

7. Signs to Rush to a Doctor

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Photo by Engin Akyurt/ Pexels Copyrights 2019

You must seek medical attention immediately if you find such signs after getting a nose piercing. Medical assistance guides you in taking care of a nose piercing and provides you with some medications that will speed up your healing process.

  • Fever
  • Swelling or bleeding
  • Gunk from the piercing site
  • Pain.

So, as we have come to the end of the session of dealing with how to take care of a nose piercing, I hope we have provided you with all the details that will benefit you. The piercing aftercare is comparatively harder to follow as everything you do directly relies on the healing procedure.

So, taking care of the piercing will speed up the healing process and relieve you from any pain and discomfort. I hope this detailed study on how to take care of a nose piercing helped you.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

8.1 What should I avoid eating after a nose piercing?

Avoid eating processed food and food with starch, as they can slow down the process of healing the pierce in the nose.

8.2  Is it OK to shower after a nose piercing?

Yes. You can take a shower as usual and clean the piercing with saline solution afterward.

8.3 How painful is a nose piercing?

During the piercing process, people, generally, feel little to no pain. However, after getting pierced, it is crucial to take care otherwise it can increase the pain in the nose or on the whole face.

8.4 Should I twist my nose piercing while healing?

No. It is dangerous and painful to touch or play with the piercing in any way as it can damage the piercing further and increase the pain.

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