What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth – 10 Amazing Oils

Hair growth is not a simple equation and what oil is good for hair growth is a much bigger equation!

Your hair goes through a lot – pollution, humidity, dryness, and lots more. All these factors damage your tresses, and it is pretty challenging to take care of and keep them beautiful in your hectic schedule.

It is always a dream of every girl (and boys too of late!) to have long, luscious, looking hair that will blow along with the wind to make great pictures. To have strong, healthy, and shiny hair, proper nourishment should be given to it.

Just like your body parts, your hair also needs nutrients to grow. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a fashion these days, but this simply promotes better eating and using organic and locally produced products.

The same trend applies to beauty products as well. There is a rapidly gaining popularity of DIY home remedies 1and items. With so many beauty products available in the market, we are often left confused about which to buy and use.

While bringing a change in our diet is good for nourishing our hair from the inside, we shouldn’t ignore the oiling of the hair. From times immemorial, our mothers and grandmothers have been advising us of the old-school idea of oiling our hair twice a week. They have told us about the benefits of leaving the oil overnight as the best way to nourish and pamper our hair.

Oils for hair offer a lot of benefits to not only boost hair growth but also increase the shine, smoothness, and general health of the hair. Oil will help combat the general problems like hair loss, dandruff, and hair breakage, among other issues faced by our hair.

Deciding on what oil is good for hair growth is difficult, but a good hair oil will remedy the damage, stimulate hair growth, add luster and nourish the hair. From avocado to argan to nuts to seeds, people are turning to them for various hair concerns.

Oiling the hair offers benefits that lead to the ideal conditions to support hair growth.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth

Oiling your hair is necessary if you want to maintain hair health. Whether you want to avoid chemicals or just want to experiment with new hair care products, natural oils are suitable for the hair.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Applying hair oil Photo by kuprevich From Unlimphotos Copyright 2021

Green beauty products are gaining popularity among people, and so many hair oils are available. From natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, or essential oils like lavender and lemongrass, women are adopting these oils to gain those lovely long tresses.

Here are a few points on what oil is good for hair growth to make a difference to your mane!

1. Coconut Oil

Of the thousands of oils that can be used for hair growth, coconut oil seems to hold the beauty crown! No matter where you live, coconut oil is one such oil that is available across the globe. Use Organic Coconut oil whenever possible.

Coconut oil is like duct tape, and it can suit any hair type. That is because it is rich in Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids2, and antioxidants that promote hair growth. It penetrates any hair type and brings out the required results.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Coconut Oil Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash Copyright 2021

Coconut oil can provide you with much-needed moisturized hair by sealing the hair cuticles from becoming frizzy or splitting. It can also help slow down hair loss or breakage3 because of its unique content of fatty acids.

Lauric acid, which is the primary fatty acid found in coconut oil, has antimicrobial properties. This protects the hair from irritants, bacteria, and environmental damage. It will also help to soothe dry scalp and works well for those suffering from dandruff.

If you are wondering what oil is good for hair growth and hydrating issues, then apply coconut oil and massage your hair well deep into the roots to the ends. It will give you healthier hair with a subtle shine.

As Coconut oil stays inside, it not only acts as a shield against any of the damaging agents but also helps in increasing the tensile strength of the hair.

But if you have brittle hair, then don’t use much Coconut oil as it could cause protein build-up and result in hair breakage.

2. Argan Oil 

Argan oil is extracted from the nuts of Argan trees and originated from the exotic land of Morocco. In recent times Argan oil has stridden into the beauty world for all those wondering what oil is good for hair growth, especially for curly hair, dry hair, and brittle hair.

Due to its deep golden color, it is also called “liquid gold,” and it contains high levels of fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants. Just a few drops of Argan oil also helps to condition, and protect the hair, in styling, as a mask, and much more.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Argan Oil Photo by GraffiTimi from Unlimphotos Copyright 2019

Argan oil is considered a natural oil as it is said to undergo minimal processing. So it is a good option for healthy and fast growth of hair.

This liquid gold is hydrating, moisturizing, and not too greasy. Argan oil helps repair damaged hair and prevents the hair ends from getting split or damaged by heat and UV rays.

3. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is ideal for all hair types and contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. The carnosic acid in these essential oils helps improve blood circulation to the scalp, thus leading to increased hair growth.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Rosemary Oil With Rosemary Twigs Photo by madeleine_steinbach From Unlimphotos Copyright 2019

You can notice significant hair growth after six months of using Rosemary oil, similar to the natural ingredient Minoxidil (generally found in Rogaine). If you blend this essential oil with Jojoba oil, it could be less irritating than its direct use.

4. Castor Oil

Castor oil is a thick oil that is said to be rich in Vitamin E, minerals, and proteins that will work wonders on your hair. It is extremely difficult to wash off. Hence, it would be good if you could mix a few drops with sesame oil and use it as a scalp treatment.

While using this mixture for promoting hair growth, put on a shower cap and leave it overnight for best results.

If you are thinking about what oil is good for hair growth, then Castor oil is one of them. Castor oil locks in the moisture to give a beautiful shine to your tresses. It promotes healthy hair growth and helps the hair strands to become soft.

Castor oil works as good nourishment on the dry and flaky scalp. As it is rich in ricinoleic acid4 and antioxidants, Castor oil helps in blood circulation, thus enhancing the health of the hair follicles and helping in hair growth.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth - Top 7 Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair Growth

5. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a versatile oil with all the contents of a beauty product. Yes, the same Olive oil that is a kitchen staple works wonders on your hair. Olive oil is abundant in antioxidants, Vitamin E, and oleic acid that will work as a blessing on your hair.

Many wonders of olive oil answer the question of what oil is good for hair growth. Well, it is a beautiful oil for hair growth as it not only revitalizes the scalp but also nourishes the roots and softens your tresses by giving damaged hair strands a smooth texture.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Olive Oil Photo by blackieshoot on Unsplash Copyright 2021

Olive oil has rich moisturizing properties and can be used along with lemon juice to fight off dandruff5.

6. Tea Tree Oil

One of the well-known essential oils, Tea Tree oil, is used in various products for the body, hair, and skin. If you are someone who has oily hair, you may feel oiling is not necessary.

But Tea Tree oil has powerful cleansing, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help unplug hair follicles, thus nourishing them from the roots.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Tea Tree Oil Photo by yanadjana From Unlimphotos Copyright 2021

Tea Tree oil also helps to fight dryness and dandruff. It helps in scalp treatment by absorbing the nutrients and stimulates the growth of your hair follicles, thus putting your doubts about what oil is good for hair growth.

Tea Tree oil is highly concentrated and hence needs to be diluted and used.

It can also be mixed with your shampoo or conditioner to bring effective results. Regular use of Tea Tree oil can benefit in increasing hair growth.

7. Almond Oil

If you want to know what oil is good for hair growth and helps to fight breakage, then Almond oil is one of the options for you. Almond oil is packed with a high concentration of Vitamin E, Magnesium, Proteins, and Fatty acids.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Almond oil with almond seed by Gamjai From Unlimphotos Copyright 2018

Almond oil also helps to strengthen your tresses and protects your hair against loss, thus helping it to grow better. If a few drops of Almond oil are used after your hair wash, it will seal in the moisture deep and give your hair a lustrous look.

8. Jojoba Oil

The most common misconception that you can find is the pronunciation of Jojoba oil. It is called ho-ho-ba oil. This oil seems to have a lot of characteristics of sebum, the natural secretion of the scalp.

It will hence not interfere with the naturalness of our scalp or hair and would be the ideal answer for what oil is good for hair growth.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) leaves, seeds, and oil Photo by vainillaychile From Unlimphotos Copyright 2016

If you have dry hair, then Jojoba oil could act as a remedy for your thirsty strands. Its oil-rich composition makes it highly moisturizing and hydrating. Jojoba oil is also rich in minerals and vitamins like Vitamin B, C, E, Copper, and Zinc, which boost its hydration.

Jojoba oil penetrates the hair shaft of dull hair and lends it a rich luster. It also has several healing properties by acting against dandruff, reducing hair fall, and helping the growth of new hair cells.

9. Lavender Oil

Extracted from lavender flowers, Lavender oil is an essential oil that has various purposes. If you are looking for what oil is good for hair growth, then Lavender oil will not only improve hair growth right from the follicles but also leave your hair looking fuller and thicker.

The antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities of Lavender oil help to increase the number of hair follicles. It also moisturizes the scalp and brings a balance to the sebum production in the scalp.

Massaged along with a carrier oil like Coconut oil or Olive oil improves the circulation in the scalp, thus reducing hair loss. Ideal for all hair types, Lavender oil, helps to reduce stress as well.

Lavender Oil for Hair Growth

10. Grapeseed Oil

Although it is not such a well-known oil, Grapeseed oil is gaining popularity for hair care and growth. Just like the name suggests, Grapeseed oil is extracted from grape seeds.

It contains nutrients, antioxidants, and emollients that are required for the growth of healthy hair. Grapeseed oil strengthens the hair, moisturizes the scalp, and works well for brittle, weak, and dull hair.

What Oil Is Good For Hair Growth
Grape seed oil Photo by yanadjana From Unlimphotos Copyright 2019

Grapeseed oil is a non-greasy, odorless oil that is excellent for the regrowth of lost hair. It revitalizes the hair follicles to grow faster and helps to fight hair loss.

Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Our scalp has thousands of hair follicles that regulate our hair growth. Our hair grows only about ½ inch per month; as we age, this cycle slows down.

Follow a hair care routine and choose what oil is good for hair growth, depending on your hair type.

  1. Regularly oil your hair with any good essential oil or natural oil.
  2. Keep in mind to be consistent with the hair oil you use.
  3. If you notice excessive hair fall or thinning, then you must apply oil to your hair shaft as part of the hair care routine.
  4. You should oil your hair at least twice a week. Try and massage it into your hair for 5-10mins as this helps to increase the blood flow into your scalp.
  5. After you apply hair oil, steam it by wrapping your hair with a hot towel and leaving it on for about half an hour. This helps the oil seep deep into your hair.
  6. Before you buy a hair oil check the ingredients. Try not to use a chemically treated product. It is always good to use the right oil that contains natural ingredients.
  7. If you wish to use a combination of 2-3 hair oils, then you should do it yourself instead of buying a mixed product from a store.
  8. Never use essential oils directly into your hair or scalp as they are powerful and can cause a burning sensation for some skin.
  9. Use essential oil with a carrier oil like Olive oil or Coconut oil, or use it with your shampoo or conditioner.
  10. If you are going to use hair oil for the first time, ensure that you do a patch test on your skin to check out if you experience any reaction or not.

Lastly, remember that you cannot regrow your hair overnight. Regular oiling and taking care of hair will yield good results only after a few months.


Good hair oil will stimulate growth, fight dry scalp and dandruff, repair damage, add luster, and nourish your hair. The best thing is to understand what type of hair you have before deciding on what oil is good for hair growth.

Stay patient and follow a healthy diet and a healthy hair care routine to get long, voluminous hair in no time!

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