What Stimulates Hair Growth: 3 Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Who does not want to know what stimulates hair growth to end their unwanted hair fall! In this article, we will learn about what stimulates hair growth, as hair problems, in previous days/ back in our past generations used to face this problem when they get old.

what stimulates hair growth
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Still, it has turned into such a common problem nowadays that even teenagers have to face it. Damaged hair, reduced hair growth cycle, and reduced hair thickness are now common issues for all, so to help you, we have explained how to achieve healthier hair and What stimulates hair growth.

There are multiple ways to stimulate the hair growth cycle without much effort, just by enhancing your hair routine. If you do not have any hair routine, we will help you to achieve one for having a natural healthy hair one does not need to spend a lot of bucks and time in a hair spa1/salon or hair parlor using a ton of chemicals which will at the end ruin your hair much more.

To know what stimulates hair growth, we first have to know what causes hair damage and abandon a few habits for healthier hair.

Twelve causes for your Hair Thinning.

Before we learn what stimulates hair growth, let’s take a glance at the resistances for a healthy hair growth cycle, there are a few common mistakes that you might make that cause this losing hair.

1. Consuming junk foods

Food is food, but not all foods are meant to be for living on it. This means consuming every kind of food is okay but living on junk food is one of the main reasons for not having overall good health, including the hair and skin. Junk food has an immense influence on causing various diseases and is mainly responsible for overall health deterioration. So to achieve healthy hair, junk food is a big “no-no.” Therefore, a balanced diet is necessary.

2. Stress also plays an important role here

 The more one gets stressed, the more we will have hormonal disbalance; the hormonal disbalance affects one’s overall health due to the release of certain stress chemicals, which is also one of the main reasons for hair thinning. So to have healthy hair, one must control their stress 2level.

3. Not maintaining a healthy diet

There is a famous saying that what you take inside it reflects on your outside. To be more specific, this says that whatever food we consume, whether it is good or bad, our body absorbs that, and whatsoever our body absorbs, it is made up of that. For instance, if one consumes more Iron and Folic acid-base acid-based food, he will never suffer from diseases like anemia or other hemoglobin deficient health problems. Thus it is essential to have a healthy diet.

4. Not having a hair regime

It is a known fact that if taken care of things, things last longer, so whether it be your favorite gift, a childhood toy, health, or hair, if one takes care of it regularly, it stays well protected forever.

So including a hair regime in your life is essential to have healthy hair growth.

5. Not using/skipping hair oil.

Just like our body and skin, our hair also needs nourishment and moisture to stay healthy; many people often skip hair oil intentionally not using hair oil also makes hair dry and frizzy which leads to breakage, which later causes hair thinning and other hair problems due to lack of enough nurturing.

6. Avoiding scalp massages

Just applying hair products is not a one-stop solution to all the hair problems; instead, taking care of the other hair-related parts is also necessary. Like the scalp, taking care of the scalp is as important as making a solid base while constructing any building. Having a weak base will cause havoc on the building over time and the scalp; a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair follicles and a healthy hair growth process.

7. Not washing the hair the right way

Nowadays people are often in a hurry so they just put shampoo form a quick lather and then rinse it as fast as they can, which is very wrong and harmful for both scalp, hair follicles and hair growth, so washing the hair neatly with a lot of water to remove the residue of shampoo and conditioner in the scalp is very crucial.

8. Split ends

These are the blunt hair breaks at the end of the lengths of the hair. This break generally happens in the long terminal hair and severely affects the hair length, which has no cure except trimming it up to the hair length until it has occurred.

This split end can travel up to the hair shaft if not treated early, making hair more tender and breakable. So treat the split end as fast as possible.


Using oil at the end of the hair can prevent split ends; apply oil at the end lengths of the hair after each hair trim/cut as it not only protects the hair ends but also help the hair grow by concealing the ends.

9. Using the wrong products

Many people probably do not know their hair type; many curly hairs appear to be frizzy wavy hair. The curls got damaged for lack of moisture, pollution, and lack of care which is aided/enhanced by using the wrong hair product.

Always apply hair products according to your hair needs and even consult a dermatologist3 in this regard.

Those who have curly hair should always check for a hydrating/mild shampoo that does not dry out the hair’s natural moisture.

[NOTE:- dry and frizzy hair tends to cause more hair loss due to hair breakage, so moisturizing it through an oil or conditioner is necessary]

10. Using too many chemical treatments

what stimulates hair growth
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Hair coloring using chemical treatments is all very trending right now and very fashionable. Thus chemical treatments are a quick getaway in today’s trend; this chemical treatment makes your hair look so healthy and shiny.
But the truth is different: this oxidizes your hair, making it weaker than before; it just looks lustrous but is damaged; once the chemical treatment wears off with time, the hair will be worse than before.

11. Age and genetics

Now, this is something you cannot solve on your own. You will need dermatologists and salon experts to fix this. The solution is also temporary as there is no cure for aging till now; genetics can also be a prominent reason for hair falling in patches. Genetic diseases like androgenetic alopecia4 are cured but vary from person to person and other factors; the details are in the next topic.

12. Androgenetic alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is a randomized genetic disorder where people become bald due to severe hair loss. This hair loss can occur in patches, this can occur in both males and females irrespective of their gender, but the balding patterns differ from male to female; it is a chronic disorder that can stay for a few years to a lifetime, this disease is treatable through platelet-rich plasma therapy5 and other hair cosmetics like wigs, and hair patches, etc., can also help in hiding the baldness. A hair transplant can also help in hair regrowth and fight baldness.

Jada Pinkett Smith is also one of the victims of this disease.

Now that we know what causes damaged hair and reduces hair growth, let’s move on to the next part of what stimulates hair growth, having a healthy hair care regime stimulates hair growth.

Haircare regime

A hair care regime means regularly taking/maintaining hair care to promote hair growth and make hair grow faster. A hair care routine need not be extravagant and expensive.

Instead, it can be simple yet nurturing. A simple hair care regime includes regular oiling. One can use essential oils or any other nurturing oils, a scalp massage and feeding the hair follicles, washing the scalp carefully, and then moisturizing it. In this part, we will explain one of the essential parts of what stimulates hair growth.

what stimulates hair growth
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Hair oils

Using lukewarm oils twice a week with scalp massages can make your hair grow faster by reducing dryness in the hair cuticles and protecting hair growth; scalp massage also helps in blood circulation in the scalp, which is one of the main factors for hair growth and can also help in reducing stress and also fight split ends.

what stimulates hair growth
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Scalp massage

A standardized scalp massage results in optimal hair growth and fights dry hair, increases blood flow, makes the scalp healthier, and relieves stress. It also stimulates natural hair growth. And always try to use hot oi/ lukewarm oil, but if you want a cold oil massage, that will also work fine. And also, let the oil sit overnight, and at least 1 hour for the minimum.

Washing the hairs

remember shampoo is for the scalp but not for hair; with the shampoo, you should only wash your scalp, always try using mild shampoo and incase if you do not use a mild one, dilute it with water in a mug before applying into the hair.
Then massage your scalp from the lather and rinse it if you are concerned about your hair strands. Do not worry. The lather formed in the head will wash every gunk away from the hair strands. While rinsing the lather, rinse the scalp so well that no foam comes out of the hair.

Applying conditioner

shampooing makes hair dry, so using a conditioner is an excellent escape to remove that dryness; there is a key to hair washing: shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner is for hair, so whenever applying conditioner, spare the scalp.
You can also use damp/wet hair oil as a leave-on-conditioner. Jojoba oil is one such great oil for strengthening and making hair manageable.

FACTS: Jojoba oil

let us discuss one of the essentials of what stimulates hair growth jojoba oil is extracted from Jojoba. This oil also helps fight dandruff and does not stimulate natural hair growth or fight hair loss. It might constitute good hair health as it contains vitamin e, an excellent moisture source.

Serum as a bonus

Apply the hair serum to little wet hair follicles and leave it on. If you are ready to spend a penny more, you can opt for a hair serum, as hair serums stay much more than a conditioner. It also aids in frizz-free and lustrous hair.

Though genetics and age are a factor in hair growth and hair loss, the least we can do for our hair is take care of it. So I guess now you have the answer to what stimulates hair growth? Well, the answer is a hair care regime leads to healthier hair growth.

Now let us discuss what kind of hair oils we should use to encourage hair growth. So here is a list of oils that stimulate hair growth:

1. Peppermint oil

let us move on to the following essentials of what stimulates hair growth; peppermint oil is extracted from the peppermint plant; it is a beneficial herb not for only hair, but for also skin it fights acne pimples and can even its naturally extracted juice along with turmeric can be used for curing wounds.

Peppermint oil is proven to support hair growth and increase hair thickness because it helps regrow hair follicles, but this only works if you have applied the oil in the anagen phase.

Peppermint oil promotes hair growth, is healthier and increases hair follicles, and boosts hair growth. And also helps in restoring hair growth.

2. Coconut oil

this is another essential of what stimulates hair growth. Oil extracted from fresh coconut has multiple benefits. It consists of antifungal properties, which can also help in dealing with dandruff.

Natural oils are always proven to be an eccentric part of hair loss treatment; coconut extracted oils are cold when applied. It can help the hair in many ways, like fighting any fungal infections in the scalp. even having scalp infections leads to hair loss,

in research, it was found that those who applied the oil have healthy strands and no split ends healthy growth, and this oil also helps the hair follicles regrow hair.

3. Rosemary oil

This is another essential of what stimulates hair growth; we can also call this oil a magic tonic for hair. This oil is even dermatologist-approved and has recently been recommended by most dermatologists.

As the name suggests, it is a popular essential oil extracted from the rosemary plant; one

can apply it to the hair directly, but this oil is a bit pricey. One can dilute this rosemary oil with another like coconut or olive oil. One should not worry about diluting it will be less effective as a little bit of this oil does so much more that one should not worry about it.

When mixing it with another oil, remember to add just 8-10 drops of this oil into the other you are using.

The oil can be jojoba, olive oil, coconut oil, and other preferred natural virgin oils; apply it directly to the hair, leave it overnight, apply for 6-8 weeks, and you will likely see changes in the hair. Your hairbrush will have lesser hair.


In this article, we gave our best, and we tried to feed your curiosity about what stimulates hair growth; hair problems are something more based on age and genetics, and escaping from this is reasonably not accessible even after treatment, though hair loss is a genuine problem nowadays. Not just age and genetics but post-pregnancy hair loss is also a problem faced by every mother.

There are a lot of hair loss problems, and to cure it, hair loss treatment is available too, and excluding these 3 groups of people other who face such hair loss can cure it by changing some habits mentioned above.


To answer what stimulates hair growth, mix all-natural oils like jojoba, peppermint, olive oil, rosemary oil, coconut, and other virgin natural oils, and apply them daily at night in the hair shafts area/scalp, followed by a light massage. Apply this for six to eight months.

This oil mix can make your hair not just silky and shiny but stimulate hair follicles which leads to more hair growth; this also strengthens hair roots, enhances hair shaft elongation, and many more

[NOTE:- one can use a separate spray bottle for easy application]

CAUTION:- Prolonged use of this oil can make you the Rapunzel of real life.


  • Now, you might ask, what is the anagen phase?

well, the anagen phase is the phase where new/baby hair grows.

  • What are hair shafts?

Hair shafts are made up of hair protein known as keratin which grows in the hair follicles.

  • What is a Hair follicle?

Hair follicles are the tiny pores in the scalp and the skin from where hair grows. The hair follicle is capable of growing short vellus hair or can grow big terminal hair.

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