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laser for stretch marks

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Who doesn’t love maintaining his or her body? Most of us do several practices, remedies, and treatments to acquire a flawless body. However, during puberty, it took several changes and modifications in our bodies. For example- enlargement in vagina and penis, broad shoulders, face expanding, and several other changes. 

These changes and expansion of body parts lead to stretch marks. These stretch marks can be visible or may not. (laser for stretch marks)

However, occurring of stretch is not compulsory in everyone’s body. Some people do not gain heavy visible stretch marks. On the other hand, some people obtain visible patches on their body parts. These patches are called stretch marks, which can be ignominious for us. 

Gone are those days when you can’t wear your favorite dress due to stretch marks. Especially women wearing short dresses can feel uncomfortable and embarrassed owing to dark and evident spots and patches. 

To get rid of evident patches, lasers treatment is known as one the best permanent treatments.

Laser for stretch marks and patches is a profoundly successful strategy for eliminating those stretch imprints you get from being pregnant, encountering fast development during adolescence, or simply acquiring or getting in shape on account of an activity, working out. In case you’re pondering accepting laser treatment, it assists with knowing the real factors. Here’s a straightforward manual for laser for stretch marks.

What do you Mean by Stretch Marks?

A stretch mark is a patch or scar on the body that creates when our skin stretches or psychologists rapidly. This is an unexpected change caused due to the elastin, further causing stretching and expanding of skin. 

Reasons for developing stretch patches-

laser for stretch marks
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  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • While gyming and workout
  • Rapid gain or loss of weight

Types of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are differentiated into many genres. However, the two main types of stretch marks are-

  • Striae Rubrae- Reddish pink color stretch marks
  • Striae albae- White color stretch marks

Other than these two, there are other classified stretch marks like-

  • Striae gravidarum: Stretch patches that happen because of pregnancy.
  • Striae nigrae: Dark dim or dark stretch imprints (typically pertinent to more obscure composition skin types).
  • Striae caerulea: Dark blue/purplish stretch imprints (additionally material to those with more obscure appearances).
  • Striae atrophicans: Thinned skin related to stretch imprints may create in those with Cushing’s condition, because of the delayed utilization of corticosteroids or after surgery.

Red Marks vs. White Marks

Stretch patches and marks are shaded lines or streaks that show up on your skin from weight gain or development. They’re basically tears on the skin; however, they aren’t signs of a medical problem.

Stretch marks regularly start as red or purple imprints and gradually blur to white or silver over the long haul. Even though they may never vanish totally, treatment can help the shade of your tracks. In different cases, stretch imprints disappear all alone.

More current, red-touched stretch imprints (striae rubrae) are simpler to treat. The presence of working veins permits red stretch imprints to be more receptive to treatment.

White stretch patches (striae alba) are more established and harder to treat. After some time, your veins will limit, making it difficult to invigorate collagen creation. Treatment results may not be as extraordinary contrasted with those of red stretch imprints. However, there are alternatives accessible to help them blur all the more normal and quicker.

Where did stretch marks occur in the body?

Generally, stretch marks transpire on those parts of the body which tend to expand during puberty. These areas are the thighs, shoulders, waist, arms, chest, stomach, hips, pubic areas, and legs.

How Can You Prevent Stretch Marks Naturally?

1. Don’t Overlook Your Weight

Excessive increase in weight is known as one of the common reasons for the onset of stretch marks. Besides artificial treatments, like a laser for stretch marks, you can step for a very organic way to deal with stretch marks and patches. Controlling your weight will bring a reduction in the expansion of your body. This phenomenon will lessen the chances of stretch marks. Click here!

2. Take Care of Your Diet

laser for stretch marks
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In consideration of the first point, an increase in weight happens due to carelessness in the diet. Fatty and oily/greasy food is the prime reason for the rise in weight. To have a healthy diet, here are the top vitamins that should be included in your checklist.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Protein

One approach to ensure you’re getting an assortment of supplements is to pick natural food sources in different tones. For instance, a morning meal of eggs, entire wheat toast, and blended berries add numerous tones to your plate while pressing in an assortment of supplements.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking sufficient water may help keep your skin hydrated and delicate. Delicate skin will not in general create stretch imprints as much as dry skin does. Drinking jazzed drinks, similar to espresso, may really expand your danger of creating stretch imprints. On the off chance that you drink espresso, ensure you’re offsetting your liquid admission with a lot of water, natural tea, and other sans caffeine liquids.

Laser for Stretch Marks. Will it Help?

Most kinds of laser treatment utilize light to enter the dermis and animate collagen development. The top layer of skin breaks down, and the better skin under replaces it. Since these types of laser treatment permit the skin to mend itself, they’re for the most part protected, negligibly obtrusive systems. Different kinds of laser for stretch marks are even less-intrusive, utilizing light to target harmed veins underneath the outside of the skin without upsetting the actual skin.

laser for stretch marks

While laser treatment is for the most part profoundly compelling in eliminating stretch denotes, the accomplishment of the system relies upon how old and how noticeable your stretch imprints are. Numerous patients need up to ten meetings of laser treatment before the stretch imprints vanish totally. 

Why is Laser for Stretch Marks Best?

  • No effective treatment for stretch marks.
  • It gives permanent results.
  • Expanded energy for cells in the treatment territory.
  • Improved insusceptible reaction.
  • Improved recuperating reaction.
  • Advancement of collagen for new skin creation.
  • Better lymphatic waste, prompting decreased growth.
  • Improved blood dissemination in the treatment region.
  • Diminished aggravation.
  • It is a painless procedure.
  • Processed with complete professionalism and care.

 Drawbacks of Laser for Stretch Marks

  • Sun protection is essential before and after the laser treatment. If you appear for laser treatment with a tan or burn from the sun, your dermatologist can’t treat you. Practicing laser for stretch marks could cause a severe strain on your skin. After having laser treatment, you’ll need to shield your skin from the sun until your skin mends. If the sun’s destructive beams hit your treated skin, you can build up another scar.
  • To get an effective result, professionals opt for several tries and treatment. For example, a person with dark and evident patches will have to suffer more than one laser treatment.
  •  If a scar limits development, laser treatment can help you move all the more unreservedly. In any case, protection suppliers consider laser medicines corrective medicines. Medical coverage, for the most part, doesn’t take care of the expense of restorative therapies.
  • Laser treatment will lead you to step back from your common habits and lifestyle routine including smoking, drinking, stop taking nutrient E, headache medicine, and different prescriptions and enhancements that can defer recuperating. Quit utilizing skin health management items that contain a retinoid or glycolic corrosive for 2 to about a month.

laser for stretch marks

  • Redness, growing, and tingling. Treated skin might be bothersome, swollen, and red. Redness might be extraordinary and may keep going for a while. The disturbance of a formerly existing skin condition, for example, rosacea, can add to redness.
  • Laser for stretch marks can prompt bacterial, viral, or contagious contamination. The most well-known contamination is an erupt of the herpes infection — the infection that causes mouth blisters. As a rule, the herpes infection is as of now present yet lethargic in the skin.
  • Laser for stretch marks is a time-consuming method to get rid of scars.


Because stretch imprints are ordinary doesn’t mean you need to live with them. Laser for stretch marks is a non-surgery that utilizes beats of fragmentary laser light to separate stretch checks and improve your skin’s presence. Old white stretch imprints or patches can be cured and you can feel free to show off your body. 

laser for stretch marks

Stretch marks are a very common issue occurring in our body. Though, care should be needed. This guide brought you top natural as well as artificial ways to treat the scars. Preceding seeking after treatment, comprehend there’s a chance your stretch marks may not vanish totally. 

In case you’re contemplating getting laser treatment for your stretch denotes, it’s useful to realize what’s in store. Converse with your dermatologist about how long your recuperation period will be and how you can deal with keeping your skin sound during that time.

According to professionals, only 20% to 60% improvement can be seen after the laser treatment. However, it totally depends on the texture of your skin. If you have delicate and soft skin, I would recommend not going for a laser for stretch marks. 

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