Aloe Vera Hair Mask: Awesome 5 Benefits and 3 Recipes

Aloe vera is one of the most effective ingredients added to your hair mask to improve your hair condition. Aloe vera hair mask will be efficacious in promoting hair growth. Aloe vera’s nature and effectiveness will be more beneficial for people if they use it correctly.

Your hair needs special protection, just like your face. In our daily lives, we expose our hair to attract various harmful chemicals or pollution that need to be cleaned.

This article may help you to get a brief knowledge about aloe vera hair masks.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask: An Astounding Hair Protector

There are certain things that one should learn before applying an aloe vera hair mask. The hair mask is a protector that will work within minutes to nourish your hair. Like we apply face masks to heal our faces, a hair mask is equally important to manage your hair.

Due to not taking care properly and clinging to our dull, lazy routine. Now you must be wondering how will a hair mask aid in managing your hair. Aloe vera hair mask will help your hair get back the nourishment that was lost somewhere.

Your hair gets frizzy and unmanageable due to a lack of nutrients. Like your face needs face cream and a mask to replenish the lost nutrients. Similarly, a hair mask needs to be applied 2-3 times a week to provide nutrients to your hair’s roots.

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Before getting into the recipe for an aloe vera mask, you must arrange all the ingredients required for making an aloe vera hair mask.


  1. Aloe vera gel from the aloe vera plant
  2. You can use yogurt, honey, or coconut oil. You may add any of these 3 to make your aloe vera hair mask more beneficial.

The quantity of each ingredient should be exactly similar to the quantity of aloe vera gel. For example, if you add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, then the yogurt content should be 2 tablespoons. Further, the quantity may vary for the length of hair.


1) Great For Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp is the most irritating problem that girls go through. The itching problem may occur due to dandruff spoiling your scalp condition. Studies showed that aloe vera can do miracles for dandruff.

Scalp inflammation1 is particularly because of dandruff or may also happen due to allergies because of any products.  Aloe vera is filled with anti-inflammatory characteristics that will reduce inflammation instantly. Aloe vera hair mask will also help in reducing inflammation.

And if you add yogurt to the aloe vera hair mask then it will definitely work much better. It will not only minimize dandruff produced on your scalp. But will also help in improving your scalp condition.

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2) Cleans Your Hair

Aloe vera hair mask will clean your hair by reducing the oil content. There are some people having oily hair problems that may also have dandruff or scalp problems.

Aloe vera works as a great cleanser for both skin and hair. And if you apply an aloe vera hair mask twice a week, it will entirely clean your hair. Sometimes you can find extra sebum residue on your scalp and hair that will solve your hair problems.

Aloe vera hair mask will help make your hair more shiny and long. Another great nature of aloe vera is that it will not react easily. Or we can say that aloe vera is going to be very gentle for your scalp condition.

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3) Repairs Your Hair

Aloe vera will add a good amount of vitamins to your strands. Aloe vera hair mask will fill your hair with vitamins A, C, and E. Three of these vitamins will promote cell growth2.

And further, it will take part in stimulating your hair growth at the earliest. Vitamins will also make sure that your hair looks shiny and attractive.

Add collagen to your aloe vera hair mask. Aloe vera hair mask is rich with cooling properties that can heal the damage caused to your hair because of sun exposure. Also, collagen will help in maintaining the lustre of your hair.

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4) May Help In Hair Growth

Aloe vera hair mask is amazing for improving hair growth and hair condition. Aloe vera contains collagen that will help in building your hair growth. Aloe vera hair mask will retain your hair nutrients.

Our hair needs certain nutrients for growth and maintenance. You can also add yogurt or coconut oil to your aloe vera hair mask for better consequences.

Aloe vera hair mask will clean your hair and will maintain the proper hygiene that is needed. And further by adding a good amount of collagen you are adding food to your hair.

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5) To Reduce Hair fall

Hair strands get damaged very easily as it captures some harmful particles or rays. Aloe vera hair masks can really be effective in reducing hair fall. By promoting hair growth it will also reduce hair fall.

So you can make your own aloe vera mask and apply it for 30 minutes before your bath. You may also keep it for 20 minutes as per requirement. Also, make sure you use a mild shampoo for hair wash. Kindly check your shampoo to be paraben and sulphate-free.

Your shampoo should be cruelty-free so that it can be used without any guilt.

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With different oils:

You can also add certain essential oils for making your aloe vera hair mask more effective. Some of these are:

1) Aloe Vera Gel With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree essential oil is great for preventing deal flaky skin stored on your scalp. Tea tree oil can work for the dry scalp by making it moisturized.

Moisturizing your scalp is very important that can be done by adding essential oils to your mask. Adding tea tree oil3 to the aloe vera hair mask is pivotal to ensure you are adding a good amount of moisturizer to your hair.

Or else it will start getting dry and will result in hair fall. Moisture binds your hair as well making it more strong. So don’t forget to add tea tree oil to your mask for better results.

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3) Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is very friendly for promoting hair growth4. Lavender can be effective in improving the cooling properties of your scalp.

Lavender essential oil once added to the aloe vera mask can help in the soothing itchy scalp. It will also add a pretty pleasant smell to your hair. Lavender is amazing for improving the fragrance of your hair.

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Try one of the best DIY hair masks for adding antibacterial properties5 to your scalp. You can prepare this aloe vera hair mask while sitting at home. Just make a little effort for some unbelievable hair health.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it OK to apply aloe vera directly on hair?

  • You can directly apply the raw aloe vera gel to your hair and scalp. Work it with your hands into your scalp, hair, and ends. To help seal in the moisture, apply a few drops of castor oil and massage in.

Q. Can I apply aloe vera gel on oiled hair?

  • Oily Hair. For those of us plagued with oily hair, aloe vera is worth looking into. Aloe is effective in stripping extra sebum oil and residue, yet it’s gentle enough to not damage your hair follicles. It’ll also help your hair get that healthy, shiny look.

Q. Should I apply aloe vera on wet or dry hair?

  • If you are using aloe vera gel for hair as a leave-on conditioner, then you can apply it on wet hair after your usual conditioner. But if you are using it as a mask, then you should apply it on wet hair and wash it off after a couple of hours.


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