All About the New Figure 8 Fitness Scheme

Have you ever heard of the process of Figure 8 fitness? Many of us in today’s world are fitness freaks who workout every day and this technique is perfect for us!

It shapes our body and is super easy too! You won’t have to deal with the experience of painful workouts, or going to the gym if you follow this technique. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Figure 8 fitness.

Figure 8 Fitness

Figure 8 program is a beneficial fitness program, which is gaining massive popularity at present. Not only is it a good substitute for those painful exercises present in your exercise routine, but it also helps in various ways like burning fat and forming abs. This technique is quite fast, but tremendously effective, creating a positive impact on your body.

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What is Figure 8 Fitness?

Figure 8 Fitness is primarily an exercise program, which significantly includes dance. This means you will have your workout via various dance steps, which are full of fun, and will make you feel energetic too. Especially if you are a woman, you can confidently apply the Figure 8 fitness program for great results, irrespective of age.

Figure 8 technique is a dynamic workout training, focusing on shaping your core and cardio. This dancing exercise has three distinct phases, including learning, burning, and sculpting. It is closely related to other workouts, programmed mainly for ladies, and has become a well-known technique for cardio in the present day.

Besides, working on core muscles, the workout assists in losing fat rapidly too. At first, you will get a nutritional blueprint provided by a fitness guide. You will also get a belly fat report, along with a success tracker. Workout sessions will have video coaching as well.

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Figure 8 Fitness Origin

A well-known personality in the world of Latin dance is Jaana Kunitz. She is primarily a Latin ballroom dancer and the one who started the regime of Figure 8 Fitness. Apart from being a dancer, she is a great choreographer as well. Besides, she creates fitness routines too.

She is indeed great at creating workout routines, especially for those who desire to be healthy, and fit while staying at home. It is a matter of wonder, that her Figure 8 fitness exercises are always filled with fun, and energy, which makes the workout session, a phenomenal one.

Working Procedure

The Figure 8 fitness working procedure is unique. In the package of Figure 8 Fitness, you will find a DVD for you, helping in learning the cardio moves. There are 3D exercises too. Every workout is 30 minutes long, and the workout mainly targets your core, and the external, and internal oblique abdominal areas. They also work on back muscles.

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Various studies, it is verified that aerobic dance reduces the body weight of middle-aged women, which signifies that aerobics is completely okay as a substitute for cycling or jogging. The utilities of aerobics are more or less the same as those of Figure 8 fitness, increasing both your strength and stamina.

Figure 8 Program Routine

Purchasing the Figure 8 training system means that you have accepted the terms and policies of the company. You will find a total of 14 distinct video workout sessions.

You will feel the benefits soon when you will experience increased strength and muscle growth. But remember to execute the routine daily, and correctly.

Nothing will be boring here, and there will be a lot of fun in performing those moves. In the fitness routine, you will discover a complete fitness guide, a journal, a nutritional blueprint, and lastly, a tracker, to track your progress.

Figure 8 Fitness Program Benefits

1. Learn –

Not only you can secure health benefits by applying for the Figure 8 program, but you can learn various dance moves from the workouts too.

There are numerous dances including paso doble, salsa, jive, and many more, which you can figure out through this fitness program. You can easily learn, as every dance move is labelled on-screen. It remains one of the greatest benefits of the Figure 8 exercise.

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2. Have Fun –

As specified, many times earlier, by performing the figure 8 workouts, you will experience tremendous joy. By completing each exercise, you will feel energetic and will get away from boredom too.

3. Easy to Perform –

Some workout programs seem to be impossible to perform, but exciting. Nothing is worse than that. But in the Figure 8 program, you can perform the moves with ease, and get rid of those painful workouts, but can have the same benefits. You can learn the moves under expert guidance, as the program teaches you the core moves.

You can get a grip on all the core moves before going to the full workouts. If you don’t understand a specific workout, the best thing you can do is just keep moving. Just keep moving, that is the key to any workout. For example, if you are struggling with a specific move of paso doble or salsa, instead of seizing up, you can adopt a simpler move until you can hop back to the original routine.

4. Can Be Done From Home –

One of the greatest benefits of Figure 8 fitness is that it is accessible from home. So, it is advantageous for those who do not go to the gym or do not go out of the house frequently.

Get your phone, access the Figure 8 fitness workouts, and start the program today.

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5. No Equipment –

Another great benefit you can have by applying figure 8 workouts is that you don’t need any equipment. This is a relief to those who were worried that they have to buy expensive equipment to do the workouts.

You should know that Figure 8 fitness is equipment free. It is primarily based on body moves and the way you exercise, and it ultimately shapes your core.

6. Gain Core Strength –

The best benefits and the things on which Figure 8 fitness significantly sets its focus is shaping and strengthening the core. If you are a fitness freak you are probably aware that having core strength is essential to becoming fit.

Not only gaining but maintaining core strength is necessary with the increase in age. Suppose you are a working person, and sit in front of a desk all day long, having good core strength is necessary. Once you acquire a strong core, it is like you have gained a solid base under a building, and can take the challenge of any work.

7. You can Get Abs –

Ab is an attractive shape that many of us desire in our bodies. But have you ever heard of gaining abs without doing crunches? Probably not. Crunches and sit-ups are indeed hard to execute for most people, but Figure 8 offers an alternative.

Along with hitting the core muscles, figure 8 Fitness targets each of the sections of your abs, especially when you are upright. Remember that the Figure 8 program is a full-body workout, so it will benefit all areas of the body.

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8. Support –

Interaction is a much-needed thing in today’s digital world. By adopting Figure 8 fitness, and going to the official Facebook group of this regime, you can come across various members, adopting the same scheme. You can have a chat with them of how is their progress, and compare to check your performance throughout each phase of this program.

By applying this technique, and joining the extensive community, you can keep yourself motivated, and accountable as well.

9. Have Nutrition –

The Figure 8 exercise program is full of nutrition, and the package it provides is designed to maximize your success. Completing more movement and eating well is great for your overall fitness and physical health.

10. Check Your Performance –

Nothing is better than seeing your progress on your own. It significantly helps to motivate you and to help you perform with more power and efficiency. In the package, you will find the success tracker reports, and you can record your measurements. Seeing those figures will help you to introspect and examine how much more you have to work on and how much progress you have made.

Follow the guidelines mentioned there, and you will be able to reach that specific goal you have set.

Like the give-and-take policy, in this case, also, you will get what you give. If you do those moves lazily, you will get nothing. Participate in this scheme enthusiastically, by motivating yourself to lose weight, and burn fat. If you don’t, you can only blame yourself for zero results.

Give your best while doing those moves, like every move is the last one.

Are There Any Side Effects of Figure 8 Fitness?

Figure 8 exercises are free from side effects. It is designed for all women irrespective of age, and fitness levels. You can apply it on your own to see that there are no drawbacks at all. Customers who have implemented this exercise technique have given positive and satisfying feedback.

However, one thing should be kept in mind while following the Figure 8 scheme. To most people, it is beneficial, and they can have great outcomes, like being able to tone their bodies. But for women with back problems, this workout will not be that fruitful.

This workout is not painful but has quite an intensity, so it is recommendable to stay away from these workouts if you have back problems, to avoid injuries.

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Figure 8 Program: What Outcomes to Expect

At first, you will enjoy the workouts while you are on the mission of toning your body. If you do the workouts accurately, you can experience the changes soon.

In one interview, a woman stated that she experienced a significant weight loss of around 12 pounds, after continuing 8 weeks of consecutive practice.

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A great outcome that you can get while practicing the Figure 8 program is that you will automatically obtain the benefits, without giving any special focus to any particular area, or muscle. Results will gradually appear from the first week of the exercise program.

However, the results are variable counting upon the effort you invest, and the diet you maintain. Maintaining both of these will make you reap the advantages soon.

Overall fitness 8 program is worth doing, just put more effort to have better results.

Can Men Benefit From the Figure 8 Program?

figure 8 fitness

Though this exercise technique was designed especially for women, men can undoubtedly adopt this fitness program to have the same benefits, as men and women are never differentiated in terms of exercise.

If you are a guy, start this scheme today, and gain the rewards soon. A lot of men have even applied for the Figure 8 fitness program, and they have lost weight in just a few weeks.

Figure 8 Program Cost?

The Figure 8 exercise program is very reasonable, and everyone can afford it with ease. It starts from only 47$, and you can access it on various other platforms with no additional money. These include – Apple TV, IPad, iPhone, Android, PC, DVD, and many more.

The costs can vary depending on what medium and platform you decide to go with. In any case, the different rates don’t change the fact that the workout regime is affordable yet effective.


Irrespective of men and women, numerous individuals found it fruitful, and some couldn’t even figure out how it works so effectively! Overall, the major thing is that this fitness scheme uniquely encourages us to stay healthy and pushes us towards that aim with fun and enjoyment.

Starting from burning fat to shaping your core, losing weight, and also building muscle this Figure 8 fitness is extremely beneficial for your health if you implement it the right way.

If you are craving a healthier life, you must start Figure 8 fitness today. With no extra supplements and no equipment, this exercise can be initiated irrespective of gender and age. Do not perform it, in case you have back problems. If not then start this exercise program, and you will gradually become a fan of it!

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