Top 8 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures For The Perfect Smile

Peace begins with a smile, as Mother Teresa once said, and there’s nothing more contagious than wearing a smile with confidence. Now, it’s also true that a great smile comes from great teeth. 

Here’s a fact for you – 40% of young adults expressed that their smiles depend on the condition of their dental health and that it impacts their day-to-day life too. 

If you want to boost your confidence and smile away without worrying about how your teeth look, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of top cosmetic dentistry options that will let you smile without worrying! 

Does The Condition Of Your Teeth Impact Your Smile?

The only answer is yes, and a big yes! Every person’s smile has a lot to do with their self-confidence and how comfortable they are with showcasing their teeth. It might sound shallow, but unhealthy teeth are a prime reason why someone may feel less confident in smiling. 

Ever been troubled by worrying too much about how to show more teeth when you smile and holding yourself back every time you giggle? 

Did you know that success has also been linked with good teeth? Absurd, right? But, it’s no secret that when you are at a job interview, your smile is the first thing that gets noticed. Studies reported that good smiles play a huge role in acing interviews, and landing the job of your dreams. 

Moreover, a good smile works like an ice breaker. Similarly, if you have been neglecting oral health issues, it will reflect on how you carry yourself. Thanks to technological advancements, and dentistry procedures, you no longer have to hide that beautiful smile of yours. 

We believe everyone deserves to smile with confidence, and hence, we present to you a list of cosmetic dentistry solutions that can help you improve your teeth health1

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry2 basically enables people to improve their smiles through a set of dental procedures. There are modern techniques available now to help people with yellow, stained, discolored, misaligned, damaged, and broken teeth. Furthermore, if you are concerned about uneven gaps between your teeth, you can get that fixed too. 

Dentists nowadays are equipped with advanced technologies, tools, and equipment to run procedures while maintaining all safety measures. The main benefits of cosmetic dentistry solutions are that they are faster, a lot more effective, and most importantly pain-free. 

Cosmetic dental procedures3 also include regular teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and minimizing teeth grinding. The main objective is to help patients smile without worrying about how their teeth are looking. 

To devise a treatment plan, you must get yourself an appointment with your nearest dentistry center. Sit with your dentist to discuss your oral problems, and with proper guidance, they’ll match you with the best procedures.

Top Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

If you want to explore options on how to improve your smile with these cosmetic dental solutions, let’s make you aware, that there are plenty of options. However, it’s important to first identify what needs to be done. 

There are techniques and procedures in place that address all types of oral health issues, and for you to figure out which is for you, you must visit a dentist first. 

Let’s now look at some of the top cosmetic dentistry procedures available for better smiles. 

1. Teeth Whitening

It’s common for the color of our teeth to lose its luster over the years. Tea or coffee drinkers can relate to it more than others, as it is one of the prime causes of teeth discoloration. Smoking also impacts your teeth’s health immensely. In fact, a bad diet, consuming sugary food items, and not having a healthy oral care routine can lead to permanent stains too. 

The solution to this is an easy one – teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentists resort to certain teeth whitening pieces or bleach to give their patients perfectly white teeth. 

It is a very simple process that includes using peroxide on the surface of your teeth to lighten their color. Teeth whitening procedures demand a couple of visits, and you’ll be proudly wearing a smile with beautiful white teeth in no time. 

2. Braces

Braces 4are the perfect solution for people with uneven and crooked teeth. If you face problems chewing your food or biting, your dentist will offer you to get braces to help you resolve your daily teeth struggles. 

Braces are basically used to align your teeth properly, and if you wear them for the advised period of time, they can help you to get even teeth. Braces can also be prescribed by your orthodontist5

Braces are made from ceramic, plastic, or metal, and they have brackets that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly. 

Nowadays, braces come in designs that are more appealing, and less noticeable. There are transparent ones that have become very popular among young teens. 

Another option is lingual braces, which are hooked to the back of the teeth, so they are not showing every time you are smiling. 

For your information, there are two phases of wearing braces – the first being the bracketed ones, and then once you’ve completed your time set, you move on to the next stage, which is a retainer. A retainer is worn to support your teeth after they have been aligned. 

3. Veneers

Dream of a long-lasting beautiful smile? Consider veneers. Dental veneers are currently one of the most popular cosmetic dental solutions. They are fitted shells, made of porcelain that are specially designed to cover the front side of your teeth. The purpose of veneers is to repair crooked or chipped teeth, making them more brighter and natural-looking. It also works wonders on discolored teeth.

4. Gum Surgery

When patients need to repair their gum lines, they often opt for gum surgeries to improve their teeth and gum health. The procedure includes taking muscle tissues from other parts of your mouth to reform uneven and damaged gums. Gum surgery is great for getting rid of gum diseases 6or scars.

5. Dentures

Another popular cosmetic dental procedure involves getting dentures, which is considered to be a makeover for your teeth and gums. Dentures are replacements for your teeth, which are made from acrylic resin, porcelain, and metal.

People with no teeth, or tooth loss find dentures to be the perfect solution. Basically, you’ll have a new set of brand new teeth. The best thing about dentures is that they look completely natural, and can help you with chewing problems.

6. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are devised to sit over an individual tooth. This is a solution that helps to build a structure to your teeth, increasing its functionality, and keeping it completely natural-looking. 

Dentists suggest dental crowns for patients who suffer from weak teeth, chipped teeth, or damaged teeth. Dental crowns also enable a dental bridge to be placed, when required.

7. Dental Bonding

For patients living with severe cavity or teeth gaps, dental bonding is a suitable choice of treatment. It helps to address these issues. Dental bonding is a solution to harden and fill in the gaps between your teeth and fix them. This kind of cosmetic dental procedure is also popularly used to repair and reform chipped teeth. 

Dental bonding is known to prevent residue from affecting an exposed root too. It works as a guard that protects your root canals from getting an infection. 

If you’re wondering how long this procedure takes, well, it shouldn’t take more than a single session with your dentist. 

8. Dental Implants

Out of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental implants are perhaps the most intense and time-consuming. Keep in mind that they are only prescribed to patients in dire need of an implant due to unfixable dental health. It is a permanent solution that replaces missing teeth. 

Firstly, it requires you to put a metal post as an anchor in your gums. Your dentist will later on put a crown tooth to that metal post. Although the procedure is slightly more complex, once it’s over, you’ll be thankful for the existence of dental implants for sure. It will leave you with fresh, natural, and perfectly shaped healthy teeth.


If you have been feeling any type of discomfort due to bad teeth or gums, you should not neglect it any further. There is a misconception that dentists cost a fortune, so many people don’t consider seeing a dentist due to the high costs associated with it. 

There are affordable rates and dental saving plans that can help you fix your teeth and boost your self-confidence too. Try to look for options that offer free consultation sessions to determine the current condition of your teeth health. Depending on what needs to be done, you can decide to move forward with cosmetic dental procedures accordingly. Good luck!

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