10 Amazing Calendula Benefits for Skin

calendula benefits for skin

A lot of people don’t know what the calendula benefits for skin are. If you are aware about it to a small extent, you would know that it is well-known for its medical benefits, along with culinary and diverse gardening. Besides, it possesses wonderful healing properties. Check out this article to know the calendula benefits for skin, and what calendula is.

calendula benefits for skin

Calendula oil, extracted from marigold flowers, really does wonders in providing medical assistance on various issues. It bears the capacity of wound healing, which is the best trait in it. Apart from that, it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, and it soothes skin and relieves diaper rash as well. Let’s evaluate what calendula exactly is.

What is Calendula?

As specified above, calendula oil is extracted from marigold flowers of calendula Officinalis, which is also popular by the name of pot marigold. It remains among the list of essential oils, which possess innumerable benefits of maintaining good skin, especially the healing properties, and it is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

calendula benefits for skin

The calendula petals grow one to two feet brightly, usually accompanying the color of orange or yellow. The petals resemble a sunray shape and are best known for their medical assistance.

Top 10 Calendula Benefits for Skin

As mentioned earlier, there are various benefits of calendula. Many people treat this as an alternative way to work on various skin conditions, See the top 10 gains among them:

1. Helps To Heal Wounds 

One of the essential calendula benefits for skin is, it assists in healing wounds. According to studies and research, the calendula ointment, or the aloe vera, along with initiating standard care, helps to recover wounds quickly.

It was found that women using this calendula ointment or aloe vera, had improvement in their skin and gradually were able to get rid of problems such as swelling, and redness. Mixing this aloe vera with standard care derives greater benefits in comparison to applying standard care alone.

2. Calendula Cream Can Be Used As Sunscreen 

Calendula cream is a very good option for sun protection. Studies have showcased that the calendula oil bears properties of SPF, as a cream mixture. However, more researches are yet to be initiated to permanently claim the calendula cream as sunscreen. In many studies, this cream is proven to lower the possibilities of skin cancer as well.

calendula benefits for skin

3. Takes Care of Skin 

One of the great calendula benefits for skin is that it maintains the overall skin appearance and health. The calendula cream that contains calendula extract brings firmness to the skin and hydrates it. It is recommended to apply this cream twice a day for best results.

calendula benefits for skin

4. Treats Acne 

Many people apply calendula oil as a measure to fight acne. According to a laboratory study, calendula extract is useful in curing acne vulgaris. However, more studies are yet to be implemented on humans to fully support this statement.

calendula benefits for skin

5. Helps to Prevent Eczema 

Sufficient studies are yet to be conducted to figure out the significance of the calendula benefits, concerning the prevention of eczema. However, some people use oil as a care product. A study shows that this oil serves great result in relieving the pain of dermatitis from many people, who go through radiation on account of breast cancer.

6. Soothes Diaper Rashes 

Calendula oil might also play a significant role in soothing diaper rashes. From a study conducted in 2012, the report states that where an aloe vera cream helped cure a diaper rash, a calendula ointment proved out to be more effective and fruitful. The research is still at the primary stage regarding this topic. If proven completely, curing of diaper rashes might turn up to be among the greatest calendula benefits for skin.

7. Treats Psoriasis 

One of the major features of calendula oil is its wound healing properties. Therefore, this characteristic makes the oil a good cure for Psoriasis. Thorough studies and research regarding the same are yet to be evaluated by the experts. It will be, then, listed under the major calendula benefits for skin.

8. Reduces Scarring 

One of the most appealing calendula benefits for skin is that it heals scars quickly. Calendula is capable of enhancing the blood flow to the injury, initiating a healthy and faster recovery procedure without any infection. Therefore, this results in the growth of healthy and new tissues. 

9. Helps in Skin Hydration and Nourishment 

Calendula oil comes with the significant benefit of providing the skin with hydration and nourishment. Collagen is a major protein for glowing skin. The Calendula ointment initiates collagen production, benefitting the skin to gain hydration and sustainability. The effect is typically strong and can be even enjoyed by people with sensitive skin. 

10. Slows Down the Growth of Wrinkles 

The oil is even beneficial in reducing the time for wrinkle development. The presence of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds inside the oil majorly protect against oxidative stress in the human skin cells. Oxidative stress has a key role to play in the aging process and also causes various illnesses. Calendula oil helps to keep your body hydrated and healthy. This is definitely among the finest calendula benefits for skin.

Applying calendula is very beneficial, and it is not even a matter of risk. However, your safety is in your hands and hence you must maintain some basic precautions as per need. You should avoid implementing calendula if you are allergic to the Compositae and Asteraceae family plants. It should also be strictly avoided at times of breastfeeding or pregnancy. If you had a scheduled surgery, it is also recommended not to apply calendula after two weeks of the operation. Be cautious about these and remember that prevention is better than cure.

calendula benefits for skin

Apart from the concerns mentioned above, you are free to use calendula and can experience the best calendula benefits for skin. There are also some essential oils, natural skincare products, which may stand as a substitute which will also assist you in improving the appearance of the skin and will give a pleasant feeling. Tea tree oils, aloe vera, coconut oil, castor oil, significantly belongs in this list. These are non-comedogenic products, and won’t clog your pores.

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