Bullet Journal Ideas: Top 3 Incredible Things To Know

bullet journal ideas

In this fast life, bullet journal ideas are the hour’s need. Today’s era is an era of speed, competition, and struggle, and one who is a champion of time management is the winner. In this world full of competition, deadlines, and hectic schedules, are the toughest thing is organized life.

Because of so much work pressure, we don’t have enough time for anything. From living our personal life to professional, we live in such a chaotic life that there is less room for free time in our busy schedule.

Even with such a heavy load of work, free time is a luxury. They can’t even have enough time to complete their work on time in a proper way. And in such a chaotic and hectic life, there is a need to plan and organize our work so that our work pace would be smooth.

Bullet Journal Ideas: Top 3 Incredible Things To Know


When it comes to organize and plan our schedule, there is nothing like bullet journal ideas. So let’s share a few words about its detail.


Bullet Journal Ideas


1. What Are Bullet Journal Ideas?

The starter of the bullet journal ideas, Ryder Carroll, would never have thought that his innovation of organizing his life in the college days would become so popular in the future.

When Ryder Carroll in the late 1990s adopted this method for organizing his college life, it was only a way to organize his life in a better way so that there would be less mess on his plate.

However, later on, this method of planning the schedule becomes so popular that there is a whole range of ideas and accessories. The bullet journal ideas are a method of organizing and planning the schedule so that we can’t forget anything and get enough time for everything.

In this method, one has to plan the activities that he wants to do, and this plan would be in the form of bullets. Why bullets, because they are the easiest and simplest to make and remember.

One doesn’t have to devote hours to note down his schedule and plans, but with bullet journal ideas, he can plan his whole schedule in just a few minutes, as he only has to write about them in brief.

They are also personal records of the activities, so the maker has complete freedom on the creativity. He can make some symbols, marks, and abbreviations for ease of work, which he would use in his bullet journaling.

In bullet journal ideas, one can use as much creativity he wants. While they want to give their bullet journals a decent and formal look, some likes to keep them creative, colorful and use color pencils, colors, washi tape,  and many other accessories.

But whatever look they acquire, their foremost and basic function is to make a quick note of the activities and plans of their master simple, easy to understand, and quick.

In the bullet journal ideas, there are so many kinds of ideas one can use. Bullet journal ideas are not only making plans to organize work life, but they can also be used to organize personal life and health.

With the increasing popularity,  there are so many variants of bullet journal ideas that now you would get bullet journal ideas for your personal life, health, and many more things.


2. How Useful Are Bullet Journal Ideas?

If you are not a bullet journal maker, then before moving forward with the bullet journal ideas, it is important to discuss why you should adopt the bullet journal ideas. Following are the benefits of bullet journal ideas,

  • The first and primary function of any bullet journal idea is that it makes our life simple and easy. When we have a lot of work on our plate, then the first step should be to organize that work to complete our work on time very easily and without having a headache.

And in that bullet journal, ideas can help us a lot; they can organize our work very simply and are easy to understand.

  • Saves time. When our work is organized, we don’t have to waste our time sorting out the mess created by the heavy workload.

When we are well equipped with our activities’ plan, we don’t have to waste our time thinking about and there order in which they have to be done.

We know what work should be done first and what to be last.

  • Smooth workflow. When our work is organized, and we know that what we have to do first and what after that, everything seems to be so perfect and smooth that we barely find any difficulty in doing our work.
  • It keeps us updated with our health conditions. As we have discussed earlier, there are many bullet journal ideas, in which some are to keep records of health-related activities and habits.

When one makes a bullet journal to record his health, it will help him achieve the goals he has set for himself and record his health.

All this would help him maintain a healthy and long life in which he doesn’t have to take regular checkups, doctor appointments, and health goals.

  • Boost up creativity. When one makes a bullet journal for himself, for his use only, then he has the freedom to make it as creative as he can. And according to some researches, creativity in work can lead to better functioning of the mind.

Creativity is just like a mental exercise in which one can make his mind sharper and fast, with creativity, because creativity has room for free imaginations, new and innovative ideas.

  • A stress buster. When our work is organized, well planned, and our workflow is very smooth, there are more chances to suffer from any stress and depression.

In the working population, the main cause of stress and depression is the unorganized heavy workload, which makes the person’s life more chaotic and stressful.

So when our work is organized, planned, and sorted, we have nothing to take the stress of, and we can enjoy our life to the fullest without being stressed about our work.

Today, bullet journal ideas are what most people are adopting for a stress-free life because of all these benefits.


3. Best Bullet Journal Ideas.

Influenced by the benefits of the bullet journal ideas, right.

If you are also impressed by the bullet journal ideas and want to have some for you, then the following are some of the best bullet journal ideas out there that you can choose to make your life more easy and simple.

1.      Brain Dump.

Bullet Journal Ideas.

The name of this bullet journal idea suggests what it means. The odd works which are not urgent and are not time-bound can be dumped or recorded here. It will help you in recording the works which are less urgent but important to complete.


2.      Gratitude Log.

bullet journal ideas.

Although this sounds very odd one in the list of bullet journal ideas, it is one of the best ones. What bullet journal ideas have to do is to organize things and make your life more simple and easy.

One best example can be showing your gratitude towards the things to which you are grateful. When we show our gratitude towards something we are really thankful for, we really feel relaxed and happy.

And that can also help make our life more easy and simple, as we don’t have to carry the burden of old things and feelings with ourselves. So try this amazing bullet journal idea to make your life simple.


3.      Habit Tracker.

Bullet Journal Ideas

Developing good habits and planning a schedule is essential. In this busy world, when one doesn’t get time for himself, how can he get enough time to look after his good and bad habits.

And that is why people are losing interest in developing good habits or not getting enough time for it. But with this bullet journal idea, you can track your habits and then check your progress according.

You can record all your workout and food plans here, in your personal habit tracker.


4.      Weekly Spread.

Bullet Journal Ideas

What would be great then starting a week full of energy and well planned and organized schedule.

And this bullet journal idea would help you in that. With Weekly Spread, you can make a plan for your next week in advance to not have to worry about the week’s plans and activities on the very day.

And this you can do on your self-care Sunday. It is called self-care Sunday because it is the only day of the week on which almost everyone has free time. Sunday recharges our minds and body.

And if on that self-care day, you devote a few minutes to Weekly Spread bullet journal ideas, then you would have a great start to the week.


5.      Tracker Ideas.


Bullet Journal Ideas

As the name suggests, this bullet journal idea would keep records of your ideas.

It happens a couple of times when we come with some unique, fresh, and amazing ideas which we want to complete. But because we don’t record or write to them, we end up forgetting them.

But this bullet journal idea provides an opportunity to record your ideas on the go in a simple way so that you won’t forget them and needed can use them. Here we see some of the best bullet journal ideas you can use to make your life simpler and easier.

While these are some of the best and most popular bullet journal ideas, there are some more amazing ideas out there, such as monthly spread, bucket list, free printables, spread ideas, etc.

So we have seen the benefits of using bullet journal ideas. As discussed above, bullet journal ideas also give their makers the freedom of creativity and imagination, so one can also make his own journal idea to simplify his life and use it.

So, what is stopping you from starting a bullet journaling of yours? Make your own bullet journal ideas, or choose from the above, and start organizing your work.






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