The 7 Ultimate Home Remedies For Gingivitis

Gingivitis An tender oral health disease
Home remedies for Gingivitis

The ultimate home remedies for gingivitis can be any natural remedy that can improve oral health. Gingivitis can be a very serious concern because it can damage your teeth.

Therefore you are supposed to treat your gingivitis at the initial stages. There are various home remedies that may work for gingivitis at the initial stage.

Meaning Of Gingivitis

It a periodontal disease that causes inflammation of the gingiva which may further irritate your gums. These gum diseases can cause redness, tooth loss, bad breath as well.

This may result in bleeding gums as well. There is the various stage of gum disease which should be treated as soon as possible or else they may affect your oral health.

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Some Remedies Or First-Line Treatment Options:

1. Salt Water Remedy For Gingivitis

Saltwater is an organic remedy for various diseases related to inflammation. But this is amazing for oral health issues. Salt is rich with minerals which are amazing for oral and skin problems.

Being a high source of calcium, potassium, and magnesium they are rich with anti-inflammatory properties. They improve the healing process in our body.

They can clean your body by absorbing the toxins. If you continue gargling with this solution 2-3 times a day it may help you in reducing pain and treating gingivitis.

2. Keep Your Mouth Clean

A clean mouth can prevent bacterial infection which may cause gingivitis. You can consult the doctor for some mouthwashes which are great for killing bacteria and germs.

There are various mouthwashes in the market which can act as a disinfectant for your oral problems. Washing your mouth can keep your mouth free from oral problems.

It can be one of the most effective remedies if you are searching for the ultimate remedies for gingivitis.

home remedies for gingivitis
Brush your teeth to reduce bacteria

3. Aloe Vera Mouth Wash

Aloe Vera is great for detoxifying. It can prevent bacterial infection which may be a cause for gingivitis. Various studies show that this can be a substitute for chlorhexidine which is great for the plague.

Precautions- Just make sure you are using the Aloe Vera plant for making juice. Don’t add any Aloe Vera supplements as they are not 100% natural.

Home remedy for Gingivitis
Aloe Vera to prevent Gingivitis

4. Coconut Oil Remedy

Oil pulling is an effective method to get rid of gingivitis. This can kill bacteria and germs which are the main cause of gingivitis.

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties which are known for reducing the growth of germs and providing relief to pain as well.

This can definitely be one of the home remedies for gingivitis. Coconut oil can also provide you relief from headaches and sinus.

Procedure- This method is keeping or swishing oil around the base of your teeth which is affected for 25-30 minutes.

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5. Application Of Clove

Clove has healing properties. As these are rich in antioxidants.  They can cure inflamed muscles or gums. Research says if you apply clove to your inflamed gums they can prevent further inflammation and clear plague.

These are not for your daily use, you should not use cloves in large quantities.

Procedure- You can 2-3 cloves cover it with cotton (damp) then apply it on your inflamed base muscles of teeth.

6. Turmeric Gel High With Anti-Oxidants

Turmeric is high with antiviral properties and can be great as one of the home remedies for gingivitis. These have been in use since many decades to cure various diseases.

It is very effective in healing gingivitis and other weak oral health problems. These can kill microorganisms and prevent inflammation.

A study says that anything rich with anti-oxidants can reduce or prevent inflammation. The presence of curcumin makes it more suitable for healing and preventing diseases. Curcumin aids heart diseases and can be a great preventive for free radicals causing cancer.

It has amazing antiviral properties that can cure gingivitis.

Procedure- You can also apply turmeric gel to your affected areas. What you need to do is apply this gel to your gums then wait for 10-15 minutes till it is absorbed properly.

Then take some water into your mouth let the water collect the turmeric gel and don’t swallow it and spit it out.

An effective home remedy for Gingivitis
Turmeric is an effective antibacterial

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7. Include Calcium In Your Diet

Calcium is great for boosting your oral health. It aids in preventing cavities. But you should not take an excessive amount of calcium. The basic requirement is 1000-2000 mg on a daily basis.

For a more precise amount, consulting your doctor would be a better option. You can add calcium to your diet if you are searching for home remedies for gingivitis.

It is important to maintain hygiene to prevent any bacteria to enter your body. Maintaining proper hygiene can keep you toxin-free. Which can keep you healthy internally.

It can help in reducing intestinal worms and bacteria. Maintaining hygiene while eating well, drinking water, or even touching anything can keep you free from diseases.

Brushing and flossing bacteria can clean your teeth and keep you far from disease. Sanitizing your hand before touching anything is another important process these days.

Make sure that you don’t eat directly after sanitization. The alcohol contained in sanitizer can harm your body as well.

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Symptoms Of Gingivitis :

  • Inflammation of gums (swollen gums)
  • Bad breath (due to infection)
  • Pain in teeth or gums (weak oral health)
  • Difficulty in chewing food particles (tender teeth)
  • Bleeding in gums (due to receding gums)
  • Weak base muscles of teeth (Gum)
  • Sensitive gum (tender gums)

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Causes Of Gingivitis :

  • Bad oral health
  • Hormonal changes
  • HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
  • Diabetes (Type 2 diabetes)
  • Smoking habits
  • Genetics (family-based)

When To Consult Your Doctor?

Gingivitis should be diagnosed at the early stages. Treat your gingivitis at the initial stage or else it can affect your teeth badly.

You can try all the home remedies for gingivitis, but don’t wait for a long time if you don’t feel any changes. If the pain is increasing a lot day by day, you should consult a doctor because if you neglect it, you may even lose your teeth.

You may need to get surgery if required. That is why it is better to detect your disease at early stages and to find out which home remedies for gingivitis you need.

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