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How To Apply Coconut Oil To Hair: 8 Amazing Benefits

Are you worried and irritated about your dry and frizzy hair? Coconut oil is one of the leading solutions you can use for your hair. So many benefits of coconut oil can not be counted on your fingers. But, the challenging question is how to apply coconut oil to hair.

Then you have knocked on the right door to get your queries solved. There is a wide variety of chemically active products available in the market. But, we always opt for the most natural or vegan ones.

1. How To Apply Coconut Oil To Hair 

Coconut oil will not only benefit you by directly putting it on your hair. But, it is edible as well. If you consume it, the oil will help you to have great opportunities to improve your skin1 and other related things.

So, always look for things that will benefit you from within and not from the outer. Even if you apply it to your hair, it will surely benefit you and your body.

People neglect using coconut oil or coconut oil hair mask on their hair, to avoid making it oily or greasy. People find it unpresentable to walk around with such greasy hair. Thus, they are missing out a lot on the benefits of coconut oil.2

It is closely related to your health conditions which will instantly be uplifted after using it. You should always include coconut oil in your hair care routine if you can. It is the most remarkable oil that you can ever find.

Yes, dandruff is caused due to a dry scalp, with causes itchiness and discomfort in your hair. It is frustrating to keep scratching your head repeatedly; the best product that will help you get rid of this issue is coconut oil or a coconut hair mask. Coconut oil helps to moisturize the dry skin of your scalp area which has a high risk of causing dandruff.3

You might have heard that people neglect to take care of their hair until they see any negative results. But taking care of your hair no matter the situation is the best thing you can do. Human hair needs the utmost care to remain healthy, and for that, you have to take some precautions to get strengthened hair that is less damaged and protected at the same time. And, for that, you have to use products.

It is a myth that only expensive products give you the best results. It is not necessary that you have to use high-end products. But, you can use coconut oil as the main source of moisturizer for your hair.4

2. Relation Between Dry Hair And Coconut Oil

As you know, the main cause of dry and frizzy hair5 is the lack of moisture in your hair. When your hair lacks the correct moisture, it tends to dry out and starts causing other hair issues like split ends, hair breakage, etc. It is difficult to maintain your hair’s moisture only by chemically treated procedures like spa, keratine treatment, etc. But, the one thing you can easily find in every person’s household is a bottle of coconut oil. Coconut oil can be the right solution for your dry hair issue.

Coconut oil is rich in natural oils that moisturize the hair perfectly, leaving it smoother and silkier. But, the main question is, what is the relation between dry hair and coconut oil? Applying coconut oil to your hair saves your hair from drying. You need to use the oil on your hair shaft. But, once the hair roots absorb the oil, the remaining oil easily gets deposited into the strands of your hair.

The way our skin needs body lotions or body oils for moisturizing. Similarly, the hair or the hair scalp needs the same as the hair is an equally sensitive part of our body, and it is more prone to damaged hair. Coconut oil may rejuvenate the hair by reviving its actual properties that healthy hair should process.

3. Is Coconut Oil Good For Hair Growth

Generally, our hair produces some natural oil. This natural oil provides the right amount of hydration in our hair, from the roots to the strands. If your hair produces excess or lesser oil, it can negatively affect your hair growth. You will face excessive hair loss; further, your hair’s thickness will be affected. And to retrieve your hair growth, you must use coconut oil.

Massaging coconut oil to your hair will help your hair follicles activate the hair roots to produce more thick hair. 6The gap between your hair will be reduced when you use oil. You will not only get back your thick hair. But, it will relax your muscles to concentrate on your work.

You might have heard that people often take oil massages for relaxation. It will help you with a uniform blood flow in your head which is beneficial for various purposes. When blood flows uniformly throughout your hair, it will help your hair grow, avoid frizziness, nourish your hair uniformly, relaxes your brain, prevent future damage, etc.

There is various oil that you can use for your hair. But, the best one is the usage of coconut oil for hair. It is easily available in the market and quite at an affordable rate. If possible, try to avoid the maximum toxins in your head. Use virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil for hair has so many benefits that it can give you the best healthy-looking hair.

4. Why Choose Unrefined Coconut Oil For Hair

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Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

The purer the formulation, the better it works for everything. Finding unrefined coconut oil is comparatively easier nowadays. You should use unrefined or virgin coconut oil to get the most effective results. When you use coconut oil in its purest form, it gives you the maximum benefits, and that too at a faster rate. Include pure coconut oil in your hair care routine.

Applying oil helps you boost your hair growth. You can see drastic changes after a few weeks of oiling your hair. Also, don’t be harsh with your hair by experimenting with too many chemicals or any other products on your hair. The right amount of coconut oil will benefit you. Excess oiling can also lead to damaged hair. Choosing the right amount of coconut oil can be predicted by measuring your hair length.

Of course, you should regularly oil your hair once or twice a week. But, more oil can make your hair greasy and oily in the right quantity. When you use more oil, the dirt, and dust tend to come in contact faster. It is better not to use coconut oil while traveling somewhere.

5. Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not only a blessing for hair but the skin as well. You can not only apply coconut oil to the external parts of your body. If you consume it daily, it can give you better healthy hair and skin. Since we are talking about hair here, so we will discuss the benefits of coconut oil for hair.

It is important to know about the benefits before jumping to know how to apply coconut oil to hair.

5.1. Moisturizes Your Hair

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Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

If you have dry and unmanageable hair, coconut oil can work as your hero. It moisturizes your hair from the hair shaft to the strands. The main cause of dryness is the lack of moisture in your hair. And this issue will be permanently solved when you use coconut oil in your hair.

You can use it directly or mix it while preparing a hair mask.

5.2. Prevention From Lice

What happens when you hear the term lice? You feel dirty, right? Lice is a common issue affecting almost everyone, especially girls and women. Lice are easily transferred from one person to another because of their long hair.

Lice not only irritate you but sucks blood from your head for their survival. This is a serious issue that is needed to be taken care of.

Research has proved that coconut oil helps in reducing lice by 40%, apart from the strong chemicals to kill lice. Using lice-killing chemicals is not safe for your hair. So, coconut oil is there to solve this issue to some extent.

5.3. Helps In Restoring Protein Loss 

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Image by Alexander Belyaev from Pixabay

When you face dryness and itchiness in your hair, you are not getting enough protein from its roots. Later, you can see drastic split ends because of the same issue.

So, applying coconut oil to your hair will help to restore the protein naturally. Thus, it will strengthen hair both internally and externally.

5.4. Protection From Hair Damage

Our hair is a part of our body that is easily damageable because it is a very sensitive part. Hair faces a lot of issues like split ends, frizziness, dryness, hair fall, etc. Even the slightest bit of these issues later leads to severe hair damage.

So, what better natural thing can you do than oiling your hair? Yes, oiling your hair with coconut oil will help you remove the damaged hair or will protect you from your hair being damaged in the future.

5.5. Silky Shiny Hair

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Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Someone with dry and frizzy hair will know that their hair is not silky and shiny because of the absence of moisture. But, when you regularly put coconut oil on your hair, it will gradually make your hair silky and shiny.

You can feel its smoothness with the help of your hands. Thus, oiling is important.

5.6. Protection From Heat Styling Tools

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Image by Social Butterfly from Pixabay

Generally, heat styling products are not safe for your hair’s health as it severely burns your hair and causes some serious issues. So, to avoid such instances or for protection, you can use coconut oil.

If you have a profession or love to style your hair more often, then oiling is necessary.

5.7. Contains Minerals

Coconut oil contains extra mineral oil, which is beneficial for your hair. It provides the right amount of minerals to your hair and keeps your hair protected from any mineral loss.

As mentioned, if you feel any damage in your hair, that means your hair lacks some minerals.

5.8. UV Protection

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Image by moho01 from Pixabay

The way our skin is expected to be protected from harmful UV rays. Similarly, our hair is also expected to get protection from the rays.

Too many UV rays can cause a lot of damage, like split ends, hair loss, etc. Thus, coconut oil protects your hair from the sun.

6. How To Apply Coconut Oil To Hair 

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Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

As we have discussed, the benefits of coconut oil. Now, let’s talk about the effective ways how to apply coconut oil to hair.

  • You can apply coconut hair directly to your scalp or mix it with other hair masks for nourishment.
  • The simplest way to apply coconut oil to hair is by taking a few drops of oil in your palm and gently rubbing the coconut oil to elevate the heat. Then apply it to your hair. Rub coconut oil with your fingertips or a cotton ball on your scalp. Let it absorb properly into your hair, and you are done.
  • You can use coconut oil both before or after washing your hair. You can apply a few drops of it to your wet hair after washing. This will help restore the moisture in your hair as some shampoo removes the moisture and makes your hair feel dry and frizzy.

Check what technique suits you the best. This is how to apply coconut oil to hair as a basic procedure. If you want to indulge in some other efforts of using coconut oil, then it has been mentioned below.

how to apply coconut oil to hair
By Christin Hume/ 2018

7. Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works as one of the best ingredients for hair masks. You can use other ingredients such as egg, curd, etc. Also, it perfectly goes with essential oils as well like lavender oil. So, check each quantity before you try to apply it to your hair, as excessive oil can also have adverse effects.

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Image by yurish from Pixabay

Using of coconut oil has not emerged in a few years. But, people have been using it generation after generation. You might have heard your elder recommending you to use coconut oil and teaching you the best way to apply coconut oil to hair. Coconut oil should always be the top prioritized product in your haircare routine as it is a natural product and has lesser side effects.

You can take a few drops of oil and gently massage it to the scalp. You can do it yourself or ask someone to put it on your hair as you will feel relaxed and energized after taking the massages. Make sure you are practicing the procedure twice a week.

This is how to apply coconut oil to hair after a hectic day. It releases all your stress, and on another side, it will also provide you the other benefits. Do include it in your haircare routine no matter what hair type is.

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Photo by kazmulka from pixabay

As a hair-treating product, Coconut oil works super smoothly almost for everyone. Apply the oil a few hours before washing off your hair. You can keep it overnight as well. Just ensure you avoid oiling your hair as much as possible during the daytime.

8. The Skin Protective Properties Of Coconut Oil

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Photo by Poko Skincare on Unsplash

Coconut oil does have skin protective properties. It not only helps your hair to be healthier but helps you to get glowing and protected skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and nourished so that it does cause any other skin-related issues like dullness, dryness, aging, etc. The moisture that you get from the oil helps you to avoid so that issues that can also cause skin cancer as well.

It is important to take care of your overall body to protect you from any harmful disease. So, rub a few drops on your hands and apply them all over the body or the infected area.

9. Conclusion

As we have come to the end of this section, we can now strongly believe that you are clear with the queries that always hit your mind. Using such hydrating and natural products is in high demand. It is not necessary that you only need to use the oil when you detect the issue. But, try to include it in your routine normally.

I hope you also know how to apply coconut oil to your hair. The best possible ways have been taught here for how to apply coconut oil to hair. Follow all the steps mentioned for how to apply coconut oil to hair.

Follow it religiously so that it benefits you the most.


Q: Why should I apply coconut oil to my hair?

A: Coconut oil has numerous benefits for hair. It can moisturize and condition the hair, making it softer and smoother. It may also help reduce protein loss and damage, improve scalp health, and promote hair growth.

Q: How often should I apply coconut oil to my hair?

A: The frequency of application depends on your hair type and needs. For most people, applying coconut oil once or twice a week is sufficient. However, if you have very dry or damaged hair, you may choose to use it more frequently.

Q: Should I apply coconut oil to wet or dry hair?

A: Coconut oil can be applied to both wet and dry hair, depending on your preference. Applying it to wet hair can help seal in moisture while applying it to dry hair allows for better absorption. Experiment with both methods to see which works best for you.

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