Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Hair

Vitamins are essential compounds we need to have in our body for a better function of our organs and parts. For instance, Vitamin D is good for our body’s bone strength.1

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How is Vitamin E Oil Good for Hair? Can we use Vitamin E Oil for Hair?

  • What is Vitamin? How does it Work?

Vitamin E is a great source of fat-soluble antioxidants. 2For 50 years, its been in the field of dermatology and has played a major role in the production of many cosmetic products. It is a great source to protect our skin against solar radiation3 as a free-radical scavenger.

  •  Dermatologist View Over Vitamin E Oil For Hair.

According to a study, there are antitumorigenic 4and photoprotective properties in Vitamin E 5if provided in well-defined dosages and recommended by a dermatologist.

Earlier we could see some of our friends or family members use Vitamin E for their hair and skin care in capsule form, but now we can use it for external purposes. However, there are some natural sources of vitamin E in foods like sunflower, leafy greens, avocado, wheat gram, and safflower oil. 

We can get a natural source of Vitamin E6, from even soybean oil and corn. Vitamin E can be found in many other nuts, and seeds like peanuts and hazel nuts, some oils like sunflower oil, olive oil, and coconut oil are also rich in Vitamin E.

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  • Historical Background

It was first discovered by Herber M Evans and Katherin Bishop during the 1920s. It was named tocopherol during the 1930s, its greek name Toco means offspring, and Phero means to bring forth.

  • Stability Of Vitamin E

Our food is naturally found in the form of α-Toc oxidized7 during exposure to air slowly. More vitamins like E and C are used for cosmeceutical purposes, but some are effective since their capacity will decrease once exposed to air and light.

Some Common Benefits of Vitamin E

1. Wound Healer

 Vitamin E with Zinc can help to treat wounds.

2. Cure Pressure Ulcers and Burns

 Vitamin E is utilized as oral therapy for pressure ulcers, burns, and more.

There is some recommended intake of Vitamin E8 to our dietary consumption, which is 6 to 10 mg of α-tocopherol, and adults can consume it as for a normal diet for an estimation of 4 years to get full changed by Vitamin E in our body.

How does Vitamin E Work for Hair?

Vitamin E will help to get healthy scalp and hair growth since it has natural antioxidant effects, which help to maintain hair health.

According to Friese and Spelling, Vitamin E has great power of scalp antioxidant 9properties and will hydrate the hair and boost hair growth, will increase the hair strength and shine and be the best source to nourish the scalp health.

We can use Vitamin E oil for hair growth by mixing it with shampoo, conditioner, mask, or oil.

 Best 4 Benefits Of Using Vitamin E Oil For Hair

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Let’s see the benefits of Vitamin E oil for hair health.

Vitamin E oils, when applied to our scalp, will act as a conditioner, work to hydrate, and will revive dry hair and frizzy hair growth. Applying to the whole hair length will help to bring shine and protect from hair breakage, says Kim Nichols, a dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and Founder of NicholsMD in Greenwich, CT.

1. Boost Hair Growth, Improve Blood Flow

Vitamin E oils have antioxidant properties, which can reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can be hard on our body, and it will reduce the chance of overcoming damage, which will lead to hair growth and hair follicle cell breaking, which will end up in hair loss.

Vitamin E oil will nourish the sensitive scalp, improve poor scalp health and promote the growth of hair. Vitamin E oil will improve blood circulation and promote hair regrowth as well. We can also consume vitamin E-rich foods to improve hair growth naturally.

2. Helps to Overcome Dryness

Vitamin E oil will cure dry hair and will reduce scaly scalps. Similar to a moisturizer for the skin, it’s a moisturizer for the hair, which will nourish and hydrate our scalps.

Scalp dryness is a major cause of hair loss and slip ends. The best solution for that is using Vitamin E oil for hair which will promote hair growth, overcome dryness bring hair health back to normal, which is caused due to environmental stress; we can also have a natural food habit and diet so that it will improve stability.

3. Boost To Hair Strength

With age and environmental stress, hair strength weakens. It will end up in split ends, hair fall, and breakages. Vitamin E oil can increase hair thickness by 30%. It can encourage hair growth naturally and also assist associated hair growth processes.

Vitamin E oil for hair will nurse and strengthen the hair and make our hair look healthier.

4. Brings Shine

Vitamin E oil will create sleek and frizz-free hair and prevent hair loss. Using Vitamin E oil for hair over time will make a shield for our hair and bring shine and nourishment for a long time.

This will lock the hair cuticles and keep moisture in our hair. Vitamin E oil will act as an agent to boost scalp circulation.

Let’s See About The Vitamin E Supplements.

Vitamin E
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In the current medical field, there are many vitamin E supplements available. These Vitamin E supplements have the same benefits as vitamin E from natural food items like vegetables and fruits such as sunflower, leafy greens, wheat gram, safflower oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, olive oil, corn, peanuts, and hazel nuts.

Is vitamin E oil good for hair? Does this improve hair growth? Yes, it’s scientifically proven. The trial was conducted in 2010 and has found that it helps people with hair loss, damaged hair, and other hair issues. Since it has antioxidant properties, it will solve hair loss problems and promote hair structure.

At the same time, we should maintain a balanced diet and not take too much vitamin E as well. It is recommended that 540mg – 800 Iu or less per day to avoid any problem. It is a source to improve hair health, improve scalp circulation vitamins, prevent hair breakage and give blood circulation. 

In Indian times, the Carbamide Biotin Tablets are good for hair follicles, maintaining hair and existing hair follicles. However, the food or supplement form of vitamin E is essential for our healthy skin, brain, vision, and blood circulation. Thus, is vitamin E oil good for hair? Hopefully yes.

According to dietary supplements, people prefer synthetic Vitamin E over natural vitamin E supplements. All products will take time to get better results and should follow all the products in the instructed manner. 

How can We Use Vitamin E Oil for Hair?

Step 1: Dilute and Apply

Vitamin E oil has to be diluted using coconut oil or lavender oil. Then take some amount of it using your fingertips and gently tough your hair scalps, then start to give a massage.

Similarly, we can mix it with shampoo or conditioner by adding a few drops of vitamin E oil. However, ensure the product quantity is equally mixed with the shampoo or conditioner.

Step 2: Let Set It In Hair Overnight

Applying Vitamin E oil to hair and leaving it overnight can give the best results, and you can rinse it out by the next morning.

To get full benefits from it, use this hair oil for a few hours and rinse it without mixing it with shampoo.

Step 3: Rinsing

Rinsing is the final process, and we must ensure we rinse all the products from our hair with mild shampoo using lukewarm water; gently wash your hair follicles to remove dirt, and once done, we can dry it out.

These steps apply Vitamin E oil to hair to get a healthy and shiny hair structure.

To get pure vitamin E oil, there are some available in the market, namely,

1. Now Solution – Vitamin E oil (23,000 IU).

To get the best results from this product, use it as a hair mask with pre-shampoo for intensive care for your hair and scalp health.

2. OGX – Healing + Vitamin E Shampoo.

It is in shampoo form which is uncommon since few shampoos in the market use Vitamin E. Its natural properties work with similar benefits as hair oils and result as a solution to split ends, and hair loss gives healthy hair growth and protects from hair scalp irritation.

3. Pacifica 

This Hair mask contains avocado oil rich in Vitamin E. Curly hair people should use it. This mask should be used post shampoo and rinsed out well after some time. It is an overnight treatment done once a week.

4. Playa 

To avoid an oily and heavy feel, we can go with Playa; it is lightweight and less oily. This product will bring shine, give moisture, remove frizzy and protect your hair follicles. It has rich Vitamin E oil properties.

5. Kiehl’s 

It’s a combination of powers like Vitamin E and rosemary oil. Rosemary will boost our scalp circulation. Applying the Elixir directly to our scalp and leaving it for 10 min pre-shampooing will improve our hair and blood flow.

What are the Products We can Mix with Vitamin E Oil?

Even though we have many products in the market which contain Vitamin E extract, we should prefer to go with a home remedy.

Vitamin E capsules are commonly available in supermarkets and pharmacies. We can mix it with other carrier oils like jojoba, almond, and coconut oils with a few drops of Vitamin E oil with 10 drops of carrier oil, which will improve our skin health.

Vitamin E oil is good for hair, and we can make a hair mask using vitamin E by mixing it with avocado, banana, honey, yogurt, and coconut oil.

Finally, we can see that is Vitamin E oil good for hair and it makes a big difference in our hair which improve hair health, maintains hair growth, and gives a healthy scalp.

Most Indian People will use hair oil daily, mostly coconut oil, for healthy hair. Combining Vitamin E with coconut oil can give the best results over time. 

To get better results, we have to adopt a healthy diet by taking foods that contain Vitamin E; it is one of the best ways of pure Vitamin E oil-rich foods that will give the best outcome. We can directly apply this oil to our hair and skin before bed. As a nighttime routine, we can get results for both hair and skin. Is vitamin E oil good for hair? Yes!

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