Is Castor Oil Good for Eyelashes: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you been trying to get those mushy, gorgeous eyelashes to flatter around but don’t know where you could start and adopt cheap methods? Well, You have come to the right place.

One of the cheapest and most effective ingredients that you can use on your eyelashes is castor oil1.

Is Castor Oil Good for Eyelashes?

Now you must wonder, “Is castor oil good for eyelashes.” And my answer to you will be, yes, 100℅, I have tried out this amazing oil, and it worked well.

Not only is castor oil good for eyelashes, but it also helps develop and lose dying hair.

So today, let’s discuss what you need to know before applying castor oil to enrich your eyelashes and all the information and DIY hacks before you try it out.

1. What is Castor Oil?

Extracted from the beans of the castor tree, castor oil is plant-based vegetable oil filled with extremely nourishing and beneficial ingredients for your hair growth, which is a fatty acid.

Numerous people say that applying castor oil regularly has made their eyelashes grow stronger and more nourishing, and they have started to shed less.

Is castor oil good for eyelashes
Image : Mareefe / Pixabay Copyright 2018

1. Is it Safe to Use Castor Oil on Your Eyelashes?

YES, castor oil is safe to use. Castor oil is a natural plant-based all-natural conditioning oil that works fine without any side effects when you use it moderately.

It does not cause any damage, even when a little bit of castor oil enters your eyes. But it does blur your vision when you use an excessive amount on your eyelashes.

Not only is castor oil good for eyelashes but also for skin treatments and enzymes2.

Pro tip: Take a small amount of oil onto your swab and apply it with precision and care. This simple trick will keep the castor oil from entering your eyes. 

2. Is Castor Oil Good for Eyelashes

Best known as an oral laxative, castor oil has been used by numerous people worldwide for many objectives, be it for treating acne, inflammation, wrinkles, hair growth, and age spots for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Castor oil contains effective nutrients like minerals, proteins, and fatty acids, such as stearic, oleic3, palmitic ricinoleic, and linoleic acids4.

It is also packed with Vitamin E, a vital antioxidant that nourishes your eyelashes and helps them from shedding. Castor oil also enables restoring the harm to hair follicles5, allowing hair growth.

Not only is castor oil good for eyelashes, but also for treating acne, damaged hair follicles, and overall nourishment of your hair.

Castor oil is also incorporated in many beauty products as it adds a hydrating effect to cosmetics. And avoid clogging pores or skin irritation.

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3. Types of Castor Oil

Before purchasing or using castor oil, check that it’s pure castor oil and hasn’t been blended with other essential oils or ingredients, as they may cause skin irritation and damage and will not give you your desired result.

There are two types of castor oil:

  1. Cold-pressed Castor Oil: This castor oil is white.
  2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil: This castor oil is black.

Jamaican black castor oil has captured a preference for cosmetic products.

Nonetheless, these have the same properties and ingredients, giving beneficial results.

Is castor oil good for eyelashes
Image: Chelsea Shapouri / Unsplash Copyright 2019

4. How you Can Apply Castor Oil on Your Eyelashes

It’s easy to apply, and the results are mind-blowing.

  1. Take a small amount of castor oil onto a cotton swab or on a mascara brush or spoolie and then brush or swipe it onto your lash line.
  2. Be careful that castor oil does not enter your eyes, which causes irritation and blurs your eyesight.
  3. If it somehow did enter your eyes, thoroughly wash it with water. 
  4. Let the castor oil stay the night, and rinse it with warm water or makeup remover.
Is castor oil good for eyelashes
Image: engin a Kurt / Unsplash Copyright 2020

The best time to apply castor oil is before going to bed, as the amount of time castor oil on your eyelashes determines its conditioning.

5. Things to Know Before Applying Castor Oil 

Doctors always suggest before using anything on your skin, do a quick test that the material does not cause any reaction.

Even though castor oil is considered safe, applying a small portion to your skin is advised 24 hours before using it on your eyelashes. Be extra careful when applying so that it won’t enter your eyes.

6. Simple Effective DIY Hacks

These DIY hacks are easy to make, and they give effective results:

6.1 Castor Oil and Vitamin E Method

Is castor oil good for eyelashes
Image: Buntysmum / Pixabay Copyright 2018

As the name suggests, this mask has the most powerful ingredient that retains the best result. Vitamin E has the properties to strengthen and advance the growth of your eyelashes.

Equally, combine both ingredients in a bowl and then mix them well.

Instructive Guide:

  1. Cleanse your eyes with water if you have makeup on them.
  2. Take a clean swab or a mascara brush.
  3. Dip your swab into the castor oil and vitamin E solution and gently apply it to your lash line, ensuring each lash is covered.
  4. Let the solution soak your eyelashes the whole night.
  5. The next morning rinse it with water or remove it with a makeup wipe.

6.2 Egg White and Glycerin Method

To create this homemade natural serum for your eyelashes, all you need is 2 ingredients that can easily be found in your home. Egg white is identified for high protein amounts, and glycerin is famous for its moisturizing properties. 

Instructive Guide:

  1. Take one tablespoon of castor oil into a container.
  2. Add a few sprinkles of glycerin to the castor oil.
  3. Then add a teaspoon of egg white, and blend this mixture.
  4. With a clean mascara brush, apply this natural serum to your lashes.
  5. Leave it overnight or for half an hour, then wash it with water.

6.3 Castor Oil and Olive Oil Method

olive oil 968657 640
Image: stevepb / Pixabay Copyright 2015

This serum is one of the most beneficial as olive oil holds rich elements like vitamins A and E and is packed with antioxidants6. Using this serum on your eyelashes soaks the benefits of these two amazing oils.

The most amazing part is that you can store this mixture and keep applying it daily without repeating the same process.

Instructive Guide:

  1. Olive oil acts as a carrier oil for this serum. Pour one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of castor oil into a container and blend them completely. Please make sure they are in equal proportion.
  2. Apply this blend with a clean swab or a mascara brush to your lash lines.
  3. Leave it overnight, then wash it with water in the morning.

6.4 Castor Oil, Vaseline, and Coconut Oil Serum

Coconut oil act as a carrier oil in this serum. It contains nutrients that will make your eyelashes soft, dark, and shiny. Petroleum jelly plays a role in conditioning and moisturizing dry and brittle lashes. 

Instructive Guide:

  1. Add two parts of vaseline petroleum jelly, one castor oil, and one piece of coconut oil, which acts as the carrier oil.
  2. Blend the mixture completely, and you will get a smooth paste.
  3. Apply this paste to your upper and lower lashes with a mascara wand or eyeliner brush.
  4. Leave it for the night, then carefully wipe it off in the morning using your makeup-removing wipes.

6.5 Castor Oil and Almond Oil Method

To achieve shine and lustre in your eyelashes quickly, make this amazing homemade serum by Combining almond oil and castor oil to make your eyelashes thicker, stronger, and longer. 

Almond oil contains vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and essential fats.

Instructive Guide:

  1. Take a container or jar and add three tablespoons of castor oil and three tablespoons of almond oil and blend them thoroughly.
  2. Make sure the amount of both the oil is equal.
  3. Once blended, apply a coat of this mixture on your lashes with a mascara brush or a swab.
  4. Leave it overnight for the best result.

Pro tip: Make this serum in large amounts and store it in a warm, dry place.

8. Trusted Studies that Identify Using Castor Oil Help in Eyelashes Growth

No scientific evidence says castor oil helps in new eyelash growth. But there are some reports that state that castor oil does help nourish, condition, and moisturize your eyelashes.

A compound called ricinoleic acid7 in castor oil may help reverse hair loss. And a protein called prostaglandin D2 [PGD2]  is present in high levels in bald men, and this acid is one of the factors that help grow their hair back.

Another scientific study reports that ricinoleic acid may encourage PGD2 and the scalp to grow back hair.

More research needs to be conducted to know if ricinoleic acid can help treat other types of hair loss.

9. How Much Time do Eyelashes Take to Grow

It depends on how much time and effort you put into obtaining positive results. And the only solution is to use castor oil every night without any breaks regularly. 

The average amount of time your eyelashes will take is about 2 to 6 months to grow back and see a considerable difference in their length, thickness, and appearance.

castor oil
Image: Nitin Mendekar / Unsplash Copyright 2021

10. Is Castor Oil Better than Market Lash Serum

It depends on what you want, whether you use castor oil or a lash serum.

Castor oil can help condition your existing lashes and keep them healthy, but only if you promise not to get any in your eyes.

However, if you want to grow your eyelashes, stick with Latisse, but if you’re going to keep them healthy, try castor oil instead.

You could also get your hopes up that your lashes would develop.

11. Side Effects of Using Castor Oil

I know that using moderate castor oil will not have serious negative consequences.

However, if it gets in your eyes, it could irritate them and create blurry vision. To avoid this, apply castor oil carefully and accurately on your eyelashes to prevent getting it in your eye since this is the only best technique to avoid having any side effects.

Benifits of castor oil For Skin and Hair | Uses of CASTOR OIL

12. Is Castor Oil the Best Option for Eyelashes Growth

Castor oil is the best option over mascaras to make your eyelashes thicker and darker than the quick flick. Not only is castor oil good for eyelashes, growth, and development but also hair growth and improvement.

Castor oil contains natural compounds and nutrients that help improve hair growth and injured hair follicles.

Mix castor oil with different essential oils to make an effective serum to use before going to bed, and if you apply it regularly, then in 3 months, you will get your desired result. 

Warning: Be careful not to drop it into your eyes. It can cause redness and puffiness in your eyes.

3. FAQs

a) Can I Regularly use Castor Oil?

a) You can regularly apply castor oil on your eyelashes to thicken, darken and dense your eyelashes and get your desired result. Use it every day because castor oil does not have any side effects.

b) Is Castor Oil Good for Eyelashes?

b) Castor oil is good for eyelash growth as it contains minerals and vitamins that encourage growth. Not only is castor oil good for eyelashes but also for your hair growth and skin.

It’s the best alternative to high-cost serums that make holes in your pockets rather than giving you your desired results.

c) Is it True that Castor Oil Thickens and Darkens My Eyelashes?

c) Castor oil can make the colour and lustre of your eyelashes darker when you mix castor oil with coconut oil and other carrier oils. Not only is castor oil good for eyelashes, but it’s also good for your skin.


Now, you don’t have to tire of finding solutions to improve those thin, dull eyelashes.

Castor oil is a cheap and all-natural option that will help you achieve your dream lashes without stripping your pockets with hefty price beauty products that promise to grow your lashes.

Castor oil can give you your desired result, safe and easy to use, but you have to be consistent and patient. Then only you could enjoy having longer and more beautiful eyelashes permanently.

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