How to Reverse Tooth Decay: Best 5 Ways

How to reverse tooth decay
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Are you worried about your dental cavity? This article will help you find 5 super strategies on How to Reverse Tooth Decay
First, we should understand what a cavity is. A cavity is a hole in the tooth caused by plaque bacteria that can attack the teeth in any direction. If we keep it unnoticed for a long time, it can get larger and, in the end, cause severe torment.
But luckily, we have many possible ways to prevent cavities. Before giving tips on how to reverse tooth decay, let’s find out the root cause of tooth decay.

Dental decay is the culmination of three factors – sugary food, acid, and bacteria in saliva. It appears as white dots and eventually turns yellow and brown and thereafter dissolves the teeth.

As per many research and studies, dental caries or tooth decay is the most common health condition. A diet with high sugar and processed food is the primary cause of dental caries. 

Alright!! Let us now discuss the solutions of how to reverse tooth decay?

How to Reverse Tooth Decay Best 5 Ways

1.Brushing and Flossing

Our tooth is composed of three layers _ Enamel, dentin, and nerve. As enamel is the hardest substance of the human body cavity has to do smashing works to make a hole in the tooth. Our consistency in brushing and flossing in the right way can be enough to prevent tooth decay.

      • However, there are a few harmful bacteria in the mouth. These harmful bacteria convert sugary foods into acids which can dissolve tooth enamel and thus, cause cavities. Bacteria, along with acid, cause rotting of teeth, and further damage occurs when food is left behind. The hidden sugars in our foods are often unaccounted for also.
      • Brushing and flossing regularly help you remove dirt particles and keep the harmful bacteria away also. Many of us do not give importance to flossing as much as brushing. Flossing is equally important for oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes at the right angle can reduce plaque to a large extend. 
      • It is important for oral hygiene, and it is the principal key for how to reverse tooth decay. Healthy oral care habits are pivotal to perpetuate strong teeth and gum.

2.Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

The other technique you can use against tooth decay is chewing a piece of sugar-free gum after your meals or snacks. It will keep your teeth healthy. 

      • After eating and drinking, your teeth are in exposure to the attack from plaque bacteria. In such circumstances, you can chew sugar-free gum. Chewing sugar-free gum increases the production of saliva and thereby helps neutralize plaque acids on teeth.
      • You cannot opt a sweet gum instead of sugar-free gum because the sugar in it may do a reverse effect. Chew your sugar-free gum for a minimum of 15 minutes for a better result. 

3. Oil Pulling on How to Reverse Tooth Decay

Oil pulling is the other method. It is considered an organic method to reverse cavities.

      • It is an old technique based on the ancient Ayurvedic curing approach. It uses startling assistance of oil to nutrify the tissues inside your mouth, especially the gums. This activity can draw out food particles or tartar within the teeth and thereby clean the mouth. 
            • Take one teaspoon full of any edible oil, preferably coconut, sesame, or olive oil, in the early morning before eating anything.
            • Swish the oil around in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes without swallowing it. (The oil with saliva forms toxins, and it is not good to take in the liquid)
            • Once you have finished the activity properly, spit the oil out. The oil turns milky white if it is correctly done. (The oil may cause clogging in pipes, so avoid spitting in sinks in the house)
            • Wash your mouth well immediately after oil pulling.
      • Oil pulling is considered a remedy for oral hygiene, such as fresh breath, whiter teeth, clearer sinuses, etc. But you can’t take it as an alternative to your brushing or flossing. You can do it along with your other dental care habits.

4. Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is essential for enamel strength. It is called ‘nature’s cavity fighter.’ Dentists prescribe fluoride in their treatments. 

fluoride toothpaste

      • Drinking water with fluoride is good for oral health.  Flouride works well with saliva to fight against plaque. Some countries add a small amount of fluoride to public water supplies, and that process is water fluoridation.
      • Drinking fluoridated water can reduce the pervasiveness of the dental cavity. However, intake of more than enough amount of fluoridated water will cause many health issues.
      • Fluoride toothpaste can also rectify tooth decay since fluoride can reverse the acid attack from plaque bacteria and protect our enamel. Fluoride toothpaste can thicken the level of fluoride in the teeth. Fluoride mouthwash is the other option on how to reverse tooth decay.

5. Healthy Diet 

how to reverse tooth decay

Foods and drinks have an important role in oral health. The easy availability of fast and unhealthy food makes dental caries the most common health condition globally. 

How to reverse tooth decay is also based on the foods and drinks you intake regularly. Instead of fast food or other unhealthy food habits, you should focus on more calcium-rich food. Eating food with natural probiotics will also help to solve dental issues. 

      • Excessive consumption of candies and sugary drinks leads to tooth decay. You must keep yourself a one-hand distance from candies or other sweets to reverse tooth decay.
      • Avoiding phytic acid from your menu is also good for dental health. This natural substance is mostly found in plant seeds. Phytic acid encourages mineral deficiencies. Phytic acid influences minerals unfavorably in enamel and thus causes cavities.
      • You can use several techniques to demolish phytates from your cooking ingredients, such as Sprouting, Cooking, Baking, Processing, Soaking, Fermenting and, Yeast leavening.
      • Saliva is our natural fighter for harmful bacteria in the mouth. Drinking plenty of water keeps you away from dry mouth and thereby helps saliva function properly.
      • Water helps thins out the acids made by plaque bacteria. Moreover, staying hydrated always keeps our bodies healthy and immune.

These are some of the remedies for how to reverse tooth decay

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