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How to Get Tan Fast: 6 Impressive Ways

Unless you want to imitate being a vampire, pale skin doesn’t look flattering at all. It makes you look unhealthy and sick, which is not a great look to flaunt. Tanned skin, on the other hand, not only makes you look healthy but is also quite attractive. Now you must be wondering, “How to get Tan fast?”

Getting Tan fast is a widespread question that people ask who have not enough time on their hands but still want to look healthy and get that sun-kissed look described in most novels and popularly shown in movies.

Tanning your skin is also a good way of enriching your body with vitamin D directly that your body’s skin cells make on their own as soon as it’s in the presence of the sun’s rays. See, tanning is not a bad thing if you do it properly.

So take time out of your busy schedule and read this article on how to get tan fast and hit the beach or just lay in your backyard on the weekend or go all out.

Think of something more interesting to have fun as well as keep your skin healthy and beautiful by getting that tan you always wanted.

The 6 ways on how to get tan fast are:-

1. Use the Right Sunscreen

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The first step to getting a tan fast is that you must always use sunscreen when going out in the sun, particularly when you plan to tan yourself.

Also, it is popularly believed that sunscreen is better than tanning oils to tan quickly, so we suggest using it to get a better and even-toned tan. If you prefer tanning oil, then be sure to check that it gives proper sun protection.

Skin specialists say that one should use sunscreen within 20- 25 minutes of being in the sun. Researches have proved that SPF- 30 is the best for tanning as it protects you from UV light while still providing a healthy color to your skin.

Remember, this is the most important step in how to get tan fast.

2. Melanin Productions

The second step on how to get tan fast is to know how melanin works.

Tanning happens because of a pigment called melanin produced by your skin cells. Melanin production in the body is different for different people, and the body usually produces it for 2 to 3 hours when out in the sun.

Your skin only darkens up to a certain period, after which your body is exposed to the sun is only harmed by it and leads to sunburns as the melanin production stops.

To avoid getting your body burned, frequently change your position. It not only provides sun rays evenly to your body but also to tan quickly.

Some people use tanning accelerators to increase melanin production, but some researches show that they cause skin cancer, so avoid using them for long durations.

3. Tanning Time

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The third step on how to get tan fast is to choose the right time.

Researchers say that sun rays are strongest from noon to 3 p.m., tanning faster is possible in between this period of time. As the sun is strongest in this period of time, sun protection is significant to avoid skin cancer risk caused by UV light.

Also, it is advised by skin specialists that people with sensitive skin or the ones who are very fair should avoid this period of time for their tanning session, keeping sun protection in mind as their priority.

4. Foods that Help You Tan Safely

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The fourth step on how to get tan fast is to remember specific kinds of food to consume.

Foods rich in beta carotene help you tan safely. Some researches show that beta carotene reduces sensitivity from the sun in people. This is beneficial for people suffering from photosensitive diseases.

Some of the food that contains beta carotene are kale, sweet potatoes and carrots. Skin specialists also recommend that people should consume these foods or carotene supplements instead of using tanning accelerators.

Some other studies also show that foods rich in lycopene can naturally protect your skin from UV rays. The foods containing lycopene are watermelon, guava, and tomatoes.

These foods protect your skin cells from the sun, helping people lying in the sun longer to get a natural tan.

5. Some Other Tanning Products

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The fifth step on how to get tan fast is to know and use some other tanning products.

Some other tanning products that answer how to get tan fast are carrot oil, raspberry oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. They act as extra protection from the sun and provide more hydration to your body.

You must have already heard about coconut oil, but some other oils are almost equally beneficial in tanning faster.

Although don’t forget these aren’t as good as actual sunscreen, these are suggested to be used in addition to your sunscreen and not solo.

On the other hand, you can use aloe vera gel after a tanning session to help the tan last for a little longer. Exfoliating your skin is also recommended to get a healthy-looking natural tan.

6. Clothes for Tanning

The sixth step on how to tan fast is to wear the right clothes. We all know this, but remember to wear proper clothing when tanning to avoid having weird tan lines on your body and tan quickly.

According to popular belief, a bikini set that has a strapless top is the best for tanning.

7. Fake Tan

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Another way to get a tan quickly is by using spray tans, tanning lotion, and tanning beds to get a fake tan quickly. While these save time, they come with their own lists of cons.

According to scientific research, it is seen that spray tan doesn’t last for long, only up to a few days, and thus is expensive for most people to do it regularly.

While tanning lotion for prolonged use can accelerate your skin’s aging, and many professionals agree that tanning beds are the worst out of all these fake tans as they cause a risk of skin cancer.

If your answer to how to get tan fast is by getting a fake tan, it is suggested to use spray tans and tanning lotion over tanning beds as they are much safer.

How to get tan fast?

Now that you know the 6 ways to get a natural tan quickly, you can try them anytime you want and get flawless-looking healthy skin. How to get tan fast is no longer a question that would trouble you any longer.

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