Healthy Foods with Vitamin B17 in them – 3 Foods Listed!

Vitamins can be your saviour only if you include them in your diet. What kind of vitamins is good for your skin? Which are the foods with vitamin B17 in them? Which vitamin can boost your immunity? A lot of people are still trying to find a solution to all these problems.

Which Vitamins Suit Your Overall Health?

Nowadays vitamin B17 is in the spotlight due to its various health effects. Taking all the vitamins naturally can be more beneficial than taking them in the form of a supplement or Laetrile (Drug)1.

Are you someone searching for foods with vitamin B17 in them? There are various raw nuts and seeds that are rich sources of Vitamin B17. Let’s get a brief idea about the meaning of Vitamin B17.

What is Vitamin B17?

Vitamin B17 is found in various seeds, fruits, and raw nuts. This nutrient also called Amygdalin2 is generally found in apples or apricot.

These vitamins are rich in antioxidants that your body needs for fighting against any bacteria or viruses. This can be found in the form of compounds in various foods.

Vitamin B17 is one of the hyped vitamins that one shouldn’t snub. This vitamin can provide various health benefits to your body. If you want to get rid of diseases and to remain healthy then you should definitely find foods with Vitamin B17 in them.

Benefits of Vitamin B17

One should not skip taking vitamin B17 naturally or in supplement form. It has some astounding health benefits that should be claimed for a healthy and happy life.

1. Boosts Immunity

Are you someone who falls sick every alternate day? Or someone who is not interested in taking medicines? Then for you, the one saviour is vitamin B17.

Vitamin B17 can make your immune system active and active. We all know how important our immune system is for us. Whenever it comes to recovering from any illness or preventing yourself from falling ill, all we need is a strong immune system.

Vitamin B17 can be highly effective in increasing the level of White Blood Cells (WBC) that improves your immune system.

2. Rich in Antioxidants

Vitamin B17 is packed with antioxidants3. Antioxidants can clean your body with their detoxifying properties. These make the body toxin-free and can keep you disease-free as well.

Now, whenever it comes to the benefits of vitamins, people may prefer natural organic sources rather than artificial or duplicates. Various people search for foods with vitamin B17 in them.

A balanced diet4 is better than supplements that may not be 100% organic.

3. Aids Hypertension

If you are suffering from hypertension, then you should definitely give Vitamin B17 a try.

Various studies showed that vitamin B17 can maintain blood pressure and prevent high blood pressure. Hypertension is simply an alternative name for High blood pressure (HBP) that can cause serious symptoms in your body.

Hypertension can be extremely dangerous if not treated at the early stages. It not only makes your body weak but also can make you a victim of various diseases.

Why balanced diet is Better than Supplements?

Balance diets are based on natural foods or drinks that aren’t harmful to your body. A balanced diet can improve your body’s health without any side effects.

A balanced diet can provide you with all the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. Whereas supplements are not natural. These can be added to your diet for extra benefits.

Supplements are also used by people who are unable to have the nutrients naturally. Supplements are manufactured products that may have side effects on the human body.

It is always safe to include natural foods in your diet. Vitamin B17 can be highly effective in controlling your blood pressure level.

If you can maintain a healthy life by yourself, there should not be a call for these products that are available in markets. If a bucket full of oranges can provide you with the benefits of vitamin C there should not be an option for adding Vitamin C supplements.

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3 Healthy Foods with Vitamin B17 in them

1. Bitter Almonds

Bitter Almonds5 are traditionally used for their health benefits. Amygdalin present in bitter almonds can lift up your immunity. It can prevent cardiac attacks and control your cholesterol level as well. There are various other nuts such as cashew nuts, and macadamia nuts that can increase the level of Vitamin B17.

There are various foods with Vitamin B17 in them that can be added to your diet to stay away from the side effects of supplements and drugs.

2. Seeds

Apricots, plum seeds, apple seeds, flax seeds, etc. can provide you with the goodness of Vitamin B17. All these can keep your body free from bacteria and viruses due to their anti-oxidizing benefits6.

Various studies have shown that sweet apricot kernels are loaded with vitamin B17.

3. Fruits

Berries and grapes are loaded with vitamin B17 which can provide extra benefits to your body. These can be great for preventing anti-ageing and maintaining your skin’s elasticity.

It can also fight free radicals and can provide an extra layer for your skin. Taking foods with Vitamin B17 in them claims to treat cure or prevent various diseases. But still, strong evidence is needed to prove this.

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Side Effects of Vitamin B17

Various studies show that vitamin B17, also known as Amygdalin, can cause cyanide poisoning as it releases cyanide in your body that can fight cancer cells. Laetrile is a drug that was introduced as an alternative to cancer treatment.

But there is no evidence regarding this yet. This may be the reason that the Laetrile drug or amygdalin is banned in Canada by the Food and Drug Administration. Vitamin B17 claims to be rich in cancer-fighting nutrients and treating a health problem.

Before taking any supplement or drug to prevent your area, it is always recommended to consult a licensed healthcare professional.

Key Takeaways

All information regarding any dietary supplements can be used for reference purposes only. No such medicine can be intended to diagnose, treat, or cure cancer or any other chronic disease.

It’s always safe to contact your health care services if available before trusting blindly any information regarding any supplements or nutrients. And taking foods with Vitamin B17 in them naturally can give you more benefits without any side effects.

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1. Name some vegetables with vitamin B17 in them.

Ans. Some of the vegetables with vitamin B17 in them are:

  • Celeries
  • carrots
  • Berries
  • Legumes
  • Beans

2. Can I consume millet to get vitamin B17?

Ans. Yes, millet has a large source of vitamin B17 inherited within them. This plays a big role in preventing cancer cells from growing in the body.

3. Does chia seeds have vitamin B17 in them?

Ans. Yes, chia seeds have less amount of B17 in them.

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