A Simple Guide to the Amazing 12 DISC Personality Types

Here is the most straightforward guide to understanding the 12 DISC Personality Types. For a long time, in a bid to understand personality better, psychologists have tried to categorize the broad spectrum of behavioural tendencies human beings tend to show.

This way, it becomes easy to identify traits and what differentiates a person from others. This method gives insight into what guides a person’s actions. It explains why they tend to exist the way they do.

William Moulton Marston developed the DISC personality profiling system nearly a century ago. Apart from creating a useful personality analysis tool, he is also the comic book heroine creator, Wonder Woman.

1. A Simple Guide to the 12 DISC Personality Types

DISC Personality types are simple to understand. The test examines which of the four traits is prominently manifesting in your behaviour.

Marston narrowed it down to four prominent personality traits from the wide range of personality types – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

These traits together make 12 different disc personality types.

Our personalities can also be defined through a combination of two traits together. So the four personality traits and all the combinations together make up to 12 different ways in which we can express a personality.

1.1. The Winner (D) – Dominance

The Winners are very driven individuals and natural leaders. They love to lead the team and make essential decisions. They’re particular about results that guarantee growth.  The trait of Dominance is exceptionally evident in their mannerisms.

12 disc personality types
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They want to be at the top and are ambitious to achieve that power. They are efficient leaders who make sure everything goes according to plan. They’re the dominant type of individuals.

Often times they may ignore their fellow beings if it’s not about something that will be of advantage to them.  Due to their clear-cut focus and goal-oriented mind, they have a bird’s eye view of everything, making them victorious in the long run.

1.2. The Challenger (DC) – Dominance, Conscientiousness

The Challenger portrays the traits of Dominance and Conscientiousness the most. They are very competitive people who are keen to succeed.

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They make good leaders who strive for excellence and victory in their endeavours. They may not hold the trait of far-sightedness in a rush to win every little war for just the thrill of it.

1.3. The Seeker (DI) –  Dominance, Influence

The Seeker shows a mix of the traits of Dominance and Influence. They’ve got a fresh outlook that brings new ideas into the room. Efficient team members are direct with their dealings and are good workers.

The seeker
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It’s essential to remember that all DISC personality types are equal in rank. Just as human beings compensate for each other’s weaknesses, the DISC personality types also display a variety of people who are all good in their own way.

You can find out your disc personality type by answering online tests.

1.4. The Risk Taker (ID) – Influence, Dominance

Disc personality types
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As the name suggests, they seek adventure and get a rush from taking risks. A blend of Influence and Dominance traits, they’re much like The Seekers, except they love to have the freedom to take risks to improve a job.

Similar to Seekers, Risk-takers are innovative and passionate about work. They readily accept risks for the sake of growth.

They have passionate and bold ideas and so tend to choose unconventional roles and tasks. They don’t stress about long-term implications and live in the moment.

1.5. The Enthusiast (I) – Influence

The Enthusiasts are very passionate and full of positivity. They show the dominant trait of Influence. They seek approval and encouragement from others and are able to see the bright side in any challenging situation.

Disc personality types
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This may improve the morale of the people around them but may also dampen the spirits of others with their over-optimism. They love being socially active and enjoy human connections.

1.6. The Buddy (IS) – Influence, Steadiness

The Buddy, as the name suggests, is a trusted friend to all. Influence and Steadiness are their main traits. They listen well and create deep personal bonds with other people who would want the support.

Disc personality types
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They provide comfort to people in need of it and empathize with them. But in the bid to help calm down friends and listen to their problems, The Buddy often forgets their own problems. Important tasks are kept off for the sake of a friend.

If you are a buddy, try to reevaluate your priorities before it is too late. One can move forward and help a drowning man only if he is on a stable boat himself.

1.7. The Collaborator (SI) – Steadiness, Influence

The Collaborator is a perfect team member. Compassionate to other team members, unlike leaders driven by a dominant air, The Collaborator is a pleasant character to have as a leader.

Disc personality types
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They are good at analyzing people and finding the talents they have that can be most beneficial. They are also great listeners and are always open to ideas and feedback that are constructive.

They work really well as a team and end up leading the team to work most efficiently. They work their magic to bring together a diverse group of people and make it work. They don’t steal credit and are very good at effectively maintaining peace in the team.

1.8. The Peacekeeper (S) – Steadiness

The people who show the trait of Steadiness are The Peacekeepers. They are careful with their words and always pick a side after careful consideration.

They are great listeners and decision-makers with a knack for digesting both sides of an argument and reaching the best solution. They keep the big picture in mind when resolving conflicts.

Disc personality types
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They want to keep conflict away, and at a time of one, they immediately try to diffuse it. This makes them very dependable because you can believe them to be objective and peaceful in a conflict of ideas.

They’re pragmatic and would like to keep a good balance in life. The knowledge of the different personality styles of people can be easily studied through the DISC personality.

1.9. The Bedrock (CS) – Conscientiousness, Steadiness

The Bedrock is a disc personality type. They have the two personality traits of Conscientiousness and Steadiness.

Although task-oriented, they are not very assertive people. They are anxious and keep back their ideas in a group setting.

Disc personality types
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Bedrocks are introverts and shy away from raising their voice in a group. They are dependable because Bedrocks care for their teammates.

They get very withdrawn in group settings, but the presence of supportive friends who make sure Bedrocks are involved in the discussion helps tremendously.

They are particular about not affecting their team negatively, so they’re consistent with their work. Although, it’s advisable they practice their social skills more to be assertive.

1.10. The Analyst (C) – Conscientiousness

The Analysts have a conscientious mind. They’re very organized and precise in their work. They’re not very emotional people.

Disc personality types
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They’re pragmatic and value hard facts over emotions. Analysts are very passionate about the work that they love. They are strict about perfection.

They’ve incredible insight and focus. Analysts love to get completely engrossed in their work in their bid to achieve perfection.

1.11. The Technician (SC) -Steadiness, Conscientiousness

The Technician is a focused individual who takes their work seriously. They want to get their work done well and are skilled to do exactly that.

They’re efficient workers with a keen eye for details. They do not prioritize socializing and networking.

Disc personality types
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The Technician has the two prominent traits of Steadiness and Conscientiousness. They love the constancy that steady work brings them. They are very pragmatic and goal-oriented.

They don’t engage in social activities but are still valued by others for their hard work and good results. The whole spectrum of human behaviour is so evident in all the disc personality types.

1.12. The Perfectionist (CD) – Conscientiousness, Dominance

The Perfectionist has dominant traits of Conscientiousness and Dominance, Perfectionist. They are very particular about getting everything just right. They want to complete every work with their perfection.

They have high standards and a tendency to get to the absolute top of everything. They are very pragmatic and organized. But they may lose sight of the bigger goal in their obsession to perfect the little details.

A blend of different kinds of DISC personality types is necessary to be greatly productive in a team.

2. Find Your True Personality Among the Disc Personality Types

Find the disc personality that matches yours, from the 12 disc personality types, by taking disc assessments. Disc tests consist of several questions, and by answering them, you can determine your disc profiles.

3. Conclusion

Knowing your disc styles can improve your life. It helps you figure out your own behaviour and improve your weaknesses. It enhances communication with your friends and family if you know the various behaviour styles that they may portray.

That is a reason why employers use personality assessments like disc personality tests to assess loyalty and dependability in employees.

The 12 disc personality types easily let them identify the kind of individuals their potential employees are. Thus, disc models can be helpful in curating a productive team.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is the Rarest Disc Personality Type?

Type d is the rarest disc profile, accounting for only 9% of the world’s population. The Type D personality style is competitive, aggressive, decisive, and results-oriented.

Q2. What Disc Profile Is Best for CEO?

Most importantly, D-type managers and executives are fearless in the face of conflict and are not afraid to deal directly with difficult issues.

Q3. What Are the Weaknesses of a Disc?

Being too passive when assertiveness is needed. Avoiding confrontation and not giving feedback to others who may need it. Delaying decisions involving interpersonal conflicts.


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