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3 Possible Reasons Of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Have you ever come across pain starting from the crown of your teeth1? A crack or fracture line that may vary according to the symptoms happening in your teeth is cracked tooth syndrome.2

More About Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome will differ from person to person. Sometimes you will notice symptoms at the early stage. While in some cases, the symptoms are quite perplexing.

It is not always easy to diagnose cracked tooth syndrome. But the only thing that you can observe in cracked tooth syndrome is pain in your teeth.

According to research, Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS) is an incomplete fracture at part of the tooth. Now you must be wondering what an incomplete fracture is.

An incomplete fracture happens when the root is still attached to the ground. Here the root refers to the bottom of the teeth, and the ground is the gums.

The crack can majorly be seen in the middle of the teeth, according to reports.

It would help if you learned a little more about the evolution of cracked tooth syndrome3. Cracked tooth syndrome was discovered and named by Dr. Cameron.

There was generally 3 basic observation, based on which CTS was introduced in 1964.

Symptoms of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

There will be different types of symptoms for people having different types of cracked teeth. Let’s understand some of the symptoms of cracked teeth. These are:

1. Difficulty In Chewing Hard Foods

There are so many folks that suffer from cracked tooth problems. One of the most common symptoms is pain while chewing or biting. You will feel pain while chewing hard foods.

This will be due to a crack that causes pain in your teeth.

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2. Sensitive Reaction to Chilled Foods or Drinks

There are so many cases that show teeth sensitivity to cold food items. This will be another symptom that will come forward in many cases.

It’s just that you will find a sensitive reaction or pain in some cases while eating or drinking cold foods or drinks.

Cracked tooth syndrome
Sensitive Reaction To Chilled Foods Or Drinks

3. Minor or Major Pain in Teeth and Gums Area

In some cases of CTS, there may be pain in the teeth area. It could happen for a short time or a long time. Research showed that in some cases, they would experience pain that comes and goes instantly.

Reports showed that there are no permanent symptoms for everyone. But people will show any of these symptoms if it is a cracked tooth syndrome.

cracked tooth syndrome
Minor or Major Pain In Teeth And Gums Area

4. Swollen Gums

Swollen gums can be the most common symptom in the case of cracked tooth syndrome. Your gums will swell due to pain and cracked teeth causing mild inflammation.

And swollen gums can also be harmful to your oral health, according to many reports. Research showed that swollen gums4 could lead to pain and disturb your overall oral health.

You will feel discomfort or pain while moving your teeth. It may be while chewing or biting. You will also find difficulty in brushing your teeth if you have swollen gums.

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Causes of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

There are so many causes that you will see for cracked teeth syndrome. Some of these are:

1. Chewing Hard Chilled Foods

woman take water and feel bad with toothache in the home
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Some people love doing experience without caring about the integrity of the roots. Biting hard chilled foods like ice or ice candy will also result in cracked tooth syndrome.

2. Pressuring Your Teeth

Pressuring your teeth will also result in a cracked tooth. Always ensure you only apply that much force on your teeth that your gums and teeth can tolerate.

You shouldn’t apply excess pressure on your teeth as it will cause a crack in your teeth.

3. Changes in Temperature Inside the Mouth

Sometimes people eat scorching hot food and then suddenly try cold or chilled foods. This can cause sensitivity in teeth by resulting in tooth cracks.

Aging will be another huge reason behind cracked teeth syndrome. So it is always important to take care of your oral health at a young age.

As it will affect your old age journey severely.

Treatment for Cracked Teeth Syndrome

There are so many treatments available for cracked tooth syndrome. Tooth sensitivity will cause immense disturbances in your gum line.

Considering all these medical science suggestions, few methods or treatments get over sharp pain in the cracked tooth. Some of these are:

1. Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes due to biting pressure, your teeth may result cracked teeth. And such cracking can be extended into the pulp. And this condition needs professional help for better results.

Picture of adult woman having a visit at the dentist's
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A report suggested here people should go for a root canal5 to remove that pulp (damaged), not to spread infection. Or to prevent further cracking and also provide more strength to your teeth and pulp.

2. Bonding

Bonding6 is a procedure performed to restore the look or appearance of your teeth.

According to medical experts, bonding will help get back the cracked portion by filling some plastic resin into them.

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3. Crown

Many dental experts use a crown to fill the gap between teeth or fit the crown over the damaged tooth.

A Crown is normally a device that professionals use to provide a cap to your damaged teeth to prevent further cracking.

Dental crown installation process, isolated on white
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In some cases, you will not need any treatment for cracked tooth syndrome. It will not cause pain or change in the looks of your teeth.

Then you should seek advice from a dental professional before doing any of the above-mentioned treatments. Also, always try to consult experts in the dental field for better advice and suggestions.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Never ignore your oral health. You can treat cracked tooth syndrome at an early stage to prevent further damage to your oral health.

Cracked tooth, splitted. Medically accurate 3D illustration
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Proofreaded by:

Dr. Foram Bhuta

Dentist (B.D.S)
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