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Get the Best Lab Coat for Your Needs: Type and Purchase Guide

Throughout the course of history medical lab coats like all other articles of apparel, have developed significantly. For instance, over time lab coats worn by medical professionals have often served as a symbol of nobility and trust, becoming a true representation of the profession.

What’s more, previously, the length of a lab coat determined the wearer’s superiority. However, in recent years, paradigms have shifted, and it is no longer a symbol of seniority. That being said, it must be noted that not all lab coats are the same, nor are they manufactured equally. Rather, now a professional’s choice of lab coat is primarily determined by their job requirements and their desired level of comfort. Aside from that, wrinkle and stain resistance, useful pockets, and quick trouser access are some of the additional important considerations which should be made prior to purchasing. 

Having said that, to help you make this determination, the experts at Head To Toe Uniforms have put together this handy, comprehensive “Type and Purchase Guide.” In this guide, you’ll find all the information you need on lab coats – what they are, different types of materials, and how to buy your first lab coat. Without further ado, let’s learn more about fashion from the experts at Head To Toe Uniforms.

Style Meets Functionality: 5 Lab Coat Types You’ll Love

Lab coats are available in a range of styles, which may be distinguished by the design, number of pockets, closures, buttons, and so on. Currently, you may pick from a variety of lab coat types 1and lengths based on your profession’s specific demands and desired comfort. However, it should be noted that not all lab coats are the same, nor are they created in the same way. To that end, here are a few notable lab coat styles that are a must-have for every professional wardrobe:

Long-Length Styled Lab Coats: 

Full length long lab coats are full coverage lab coats that range in length from 36 to 42 inches. These lab coats are long enough to reach the wearer’s knee. What’s more, these lab coats are well-known for their outstanding protection against spills, contamination, and other bacteria. Given that, long-length lab coats allow for greater coverage of the body, therefore there is less risk of contamination within the workplace. This can be especially important for those who work with multiple different kinds of patient on a regular basis. Having said that, these types of lab coats are typically favoured by chemists, pharmacists, and pathologists.

Short-Length Styled Lab Coats 

As the title suggests, short-length lab coats are generally shorter in length, with sizes ranging from 28 to 35 inches. To that end, such lab coats are approximately thigh-length. However, some short-length lab coats may be labelled as “Tall,” which adds an extra 2 inches to the length of the coat, which extends to the sleeves as well, to compensate for the height discrepancy. To that end, these type of lab coats are typically desired by those who work in the dentistry field, in addition to Obstetricians, laboratory technicians and medical research scientists. 

Consultation Styled Lab Coats:

Consultation styled lab coats, are the type of lab coats that most doctors will wear during their consultation rounds. What’s more, these garments bear a remarkable similarity to standard style lab coats, however they are fashioned differently to be more elegant and form-fitting. Provided that, the modern design of these lab coats can often instil a greater sense of confidence and trust between the caregiver and the patient. The normal consultation coat is 27 to 32 inches long.

Lab Jackets: 

A lab jacket is typically fitted, short in length with long sleeves, and has a blazer-like look with a front zipper. What’s more, lab jackets are often found to be more comfortable, attractive, and trendy. Having said that, this type of garment is typically used by lab employees to protect their lab garments from contamination. To this end, these types of lab coats are often constructed of cotton, polyester, or nylon fabrics and can often be found in a variety of colors for purchase.

Fashion-Oriented Lab Coats:

Fashionable lab coats are versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions as they are often constructed of polyester and have several pockets on the front of the garment. They also offer a flattering look that enhances your physique.

Plus, these lab coats come with fashionable elements like princess seams, a black belt, darts, and other attractive details that will make the wearer look and feel more confident. However, it’s important to note that these lab coats are designed without sleeves since they are intended to be worn over top of clothing. 

Tips for Buying the Perfect Lab Coat

When purchasing a lab coat for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of alternatives available. However, in order to appear professional without appearing overdressed or below the rank, one must make the proper decision. As a result, in order to further assist you in purchasing the perfect lab coat the first time, the experts at Head To Toe Uniforms have taken the time to outline the various factors that should be considered prior to making your purchase below. These considerations are as follows: 

Choose Based on Your Profession:

While the majority of hospitals have certain standards for lab coats, others allow you to wear anything you like. Having said that, one of the first things to consider is your profession. Almost all nursing occupations are connected to specific types of lab coats. For example, if you are a dentist, you will wear a different medical uniform than a surgeon.

Whereas, consultation jackets, which are designed to be shorter in length, are ideal for medical rounds. Additionally, the way you manoeuvre in your medical lab coat in terms of your specific duties and responsibilities varies depending on your occupation. To that end, specialty uniforms are designed to meet that demand.

Choose Based on Body Type:

Next up from Head To Toe Uniforms’ list of considerations for purchasing the perfect lab coat the first time is body type. Provided that, in order to maintain a professional appearance at work, you need to consider what style of lab coat will help or hinder your physique.

For instance, if you have a bit of bust, you should look for a boxier lab coat in an effort to maintain a professional appearance without revealing too much. Similarly, fashion-oriented lab coats 2are ideal for those with tinier body types (petite frames). Likewise, for those with a slim physique, unisex lab coats might also be a great option.

Choose Based on Your Height

After you have taken into consideration both your profession and body type, you will also have to account for your height. Provided that, accounting for your height will aid in deciding the length of the lab coat that best meets your individual and professional needs. For example, if you are under 5 feet 5 inches tall, a lab coat that reaches the length of your knee may be well suited to meet your needs and is likely to appear more appropriate within your profession.

Choose Based on Your Personal Style:

Lastly, from Head To Toe Uniforms’ list of considerations for purchasing the perfect lab coat the first time is professional style. With the range of colors, designs, and materials that lab coats now come in to suit any type of personality and preference, it might be more challenging to pick one. This is where personal preference plays a huge role in determining the perfect lab coat to purchase. You may select a design and font that appeals to men, women, or unisex as long as it matches your personality and allows you to feel more confident in your work.

Choose A Lab Coat That’s Right for You with Head To Toe Uniforms

As you may already know, a lab coat is, of course, an essential component of your medical attire. Therefore, it is critical for all medical professionals to ensure that they select the proper lab coat3 for their profession the first time around. That being said, we hope that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how to do so, based on the various types and purchase considerations outlined above. For more information or assistance in finding the perfect lab coat or medical uniform today, contact the expert at Head To Toe Uniforms, or visit their website today! Rest assured, you will not be disappointed!

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