3 Methods To Help You Cut Down On Smoking

One of the worst habits you can get addicted to is smoking. This is why more people are looking to quit the habit. This is, of course, easier said than done. If you want to quit smoking, consider applying the methods we discuss below to your life. 

Work With Others

You may find that you have more luck with quitting smoking when you bring others in to help. This means that you can find friends or family members who are also looking to quit. If possible, try to band together so that you can help support each other.

This is known as peer support. Peer support refers to bringing people together who are going through the same thing or have had the experience recently. This can come in the form of support groups, or it could be the case that you are just speaking to a friend. Find what works for yourself. 

Consider Getting Into Vaping

More and more people are looking into vaping 1as a means of cutting back on smoking. Vaping is a great way to reduce the amount of nicotine you usually get from cigarettes. Cigarettes 2contain many toxins after tobacco is burned. It can be used as a means of cutting back on smoking with the aim of quitting completely in the future.

If you are someone who smokes and you haven’t ever considered vaping to quit, then you have thought wrong. A lot of people who vape started with the aim of doing it alongside smoking, but they quickly realise that the taste of cigarettes doesn’t compare to vaping and quickly change to the healthier alternative. You can get vape devices that you recharge and disposable vapes that are pre-loaded with salt e-liquid. You can find these at www.gosmokefree.co.uk/disposable-vapes/.

Vape devices can be used in conjunction with many different flavours of e-liquids. This means you can find a flavour that is of interest to you. You can find flavours that are fruity, taste like a dessert, or even have a tobacco 3feel to them. You can also find e-liquids of various strengths of nicotine4, allowing you to slowly cut down on the amount of nicotine you have.

Avoid Any Triggering Moments

You should spend some time considering what moments usually lead you to smoke. It may be certain specific social situations that lead you to smoke. For some, it may be that every time they have a drink of alcohol, it makes them feel like they need to smoke.

When you are aware of the moments that trigger you to smoke, then you can try to take yourself out of these situations. If you can’t remove yourself from the situation, then you can try to find alternatives. For example, if you always like to have a smoke after dinner, then you could look to swap that for some chewing gum.

It will be helpful to list your smoking triggers so that you are aware of them. You should read this over and over so that you can cement what the triggers are and get it into your head what you need to avoid. It may not be possible to completely cut out smoking situations, but you can lower the levels.

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