Droopy eyelid exercises Droopy eyelid exercises

4 Best Droopy Eyelid Exercises and Treatment Options

Droopy eyelids or Ptosis is the sagging of the upper lids. When you have ptosis, your eyelids are disoriented. Droopy eyelid exercises can help reduce the impact of bagging upon your eyelids and make your eyes look more healthy.

Usually, drooping eyelids result from the weakness of eyelid muscles, nerve damage, or looseness of upper eyelid skin. As you age, it is normal to have dropping eyelids. Sometimes, this condition is present even before birth.

Children develop congenital ptosis due to underdeveloped facial muscles. It results in amblyopia or lazy eye. It negatively affects vision, and congenital ptosis can be unilateral or bilateral.

Certain diseases can also lead to drooping eyelid. Diabetes, Horner syndrome, stroke, tumor, or other eye infections can bring about changes in eyelids.

You might have a droopy eyelid on one side. The real problem arises when you are unable to see. A droopy eyelid can affect your vision. The upper eyelids might cover your eye, and your sight will be blocked.

Levator muscle, responsible for an eyelid lift, loses its strength. This condition is usually found among older people as it is a part of aging. It can occur due to trauma or neurological reasons.

At times, droopy eyelids are a result of a temporary style. Cataract surgery can also develop ptosis as it stretches the tendon or eyelid muscles. Myasthenia gravis can cause ptosis.

A droopy eyelid can create pain around your eyes. You may also experience dry eyes. Therefore it is necessary to know the various droopy eyelid exercises or other treatment options.

4 Droopy Eyelid Exercises

It is hard to remove droopy eyelids with exercise if they are created by birth, accident, or aging. You can reduce the impact of natural droopy eyelids by exercise.

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There are several of these exercises that you can follow to improve your appearance. You will greatly benefit from face yoga or face exercises. If you consistently practice such exercises, you may succeed in removing the saggy eyelids.

1. Trataka-Yoga Exercises

The eye is an important sense organ. It is through sight that you perceive the majority of the information. To keep your eyes healthy for a long time, practice yoga.

Trataka-Yoga Exercises
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Trataka yogic eye care is based on focusing your eyes on any object. This yoga practice insists on concentrating your sight on Sun, moon, candle flame, dot, or on your thumb. In this way, you train your mind to concentrate for a longer period.

Try to do this exercise during the early morning hours or by evening. It is key to note that you shouldn’t stare at the afternoon sun. Sit in a meditative posture. Gaze on an object, stare with relaxed eyes and avoid blinking.

This yoga practice helps you to improve your vision and treats eye inflammation. Also, it strengthens eye muscles.

Other conditions like trachoma, myopia, or astigmatism can be improved with these exercises.

2. Provide Warmth on Your Eyes

Gently clean your eyes using water. Then warm your hands by rubbing. Keep the warm hands on your eyelid droop. Massage softly. This helps in increasing circulation around your eyes.

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Your eye and facial muscles become more flexible and soft with this activity. Do this before you start your exercises for best results.

3. Muscle Stimulation and Resistance Exercises For Your Eyes

Try out some concentrated movement of the eyes or use a device to stimulate your eye muscles. Here are some exercises for muscle stimulation.

  • Open and close your eyes tightly in a gap of five seconds. Repeat this to lift your eyelids.
  • Circle your eyes using your thumbs and index fingers. Squint your eyes to create a wrinkling in your forehead muscles. This facial stretching exercise helps to stimulate eye muscles.
  • Press your finger on the corner of the eye. Start squinting without removing the finger.
  • Raise your eyebrows. Simultaneously, open your eyes to their maximum. Remain in that position for several seconds. Repeat this a few times.
  • Close your eyes and raise your eyebrow. You can close your lids fully or half-closed. Practice doing it in both lid variations.

4. Eye Patch Exercises

This is applicable when only one eyelid droops. It may not seem like an exercise. It can treat ptosis by strengthening your droopy eyelid.

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Seek medical advice before you begin an eye patch workout.


Do proper exercises. It is always better to visit a doctor and get the right medical assistance. If the exercises mentioned above are causing too much pain, reduce their frequency. Otherwise, it can cause wrinkles.

These exercises are not meant for those who have done a cosmetic surgery or dermal fillers.


Sagging eyelids are the most visible and common symptom of droopy eyelids. If your face looks tired or stressful, along with dry Or watery eyes, it is a sign of ptosis.

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Pain around your eyes can signify droopy eyelids. If you cannot see in the normal positioning of the head, it is high time to consult a doctor. Sometimes droopy eyelids may be a sign of an underlying condition. Make sure that your eyes are healthy with the help of a medical professional.

Other Treatment Options

When ptosis is an unusual amount, these exercises cannot make a huge difference. Since the muscles’ function is weak, strengthening will not benefit. Plastic surgery is recommended in such conditions.

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In ptosis surgeries, the eye muscles are tightened. This improves eyelid opening and reduces eyelid drooping.

Some eyelid surgeries are for improving appearance rather than treating the cause. It is not a curing treatment, as is the aim of most cosmetic surgeries.

Each case of the droopy eyelid is different. Therefore, getting a piece of personalized advice is necessary before you perform any treatments.

By running some tests, you can find the cause and condition of your eyes. Your eyes might be examined using a high-intensity light or by the Tensilon test.

Conclusion: Maintaining Your Eye Health

To maintain your eye health and reduce drooping eyelids, practice facial exercises. These eyelid exercises will help you remove the sagging of eyelids and strengthen the muscles around your eyes.

Find the real reason and get adequate treatment, if needed. Remember, your eyes play a vital role in your life. Never degenerate it with carelessness, and give more attention to eye care.

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1. Is Congenital Ptosis a common occurrence in children?

Congenital ptosis does affect a large percentage of children. Droopy eyelids can affect one or both eyes, and their severity can range from minor to severe.

In case Ptosis or droopy eyes are severe, they must be treated early in life to avoid the development of a lazy eye (Amblyopia). It can also cause a cylindrical refractive error (astigmatism), which requires the use of glasses to correct. Ptosis correction surgery is commonly performed on children under the age of one year.

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