How To Get Rid Of Alcohol Breath Instantly?

You may get alcohol breath when you drink alcohol and smell like a brewery after some time. This is common for a lot of people. In this article, we will know how to get rid of alcoholic breath instantly. Drinking is a bit of fun. People can have alcohol once in a while to enjoy most of life. However, that doesn’t mean one gets drunk all the time. Indeed, it is rightly named ‘liquid courage.’

1. How To Get Rid Of Alcohol Breath Instantly

However, alcohol breath is something that probably everyone hates. But to get rid of this smell, measures are there, which are recommended to apply before you talk or go close to someone. In this article, we will figure out in detail how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly.

How To Get Rid Off Of Alcohol Breath Instantly??Fast & Effective Tips

Alcohol breath can be extremely embarrassing, as well as annoying. If you are not willing to smell like the scent of booze, there are multiple ways to eliminate alcohol breath from yourself. Most of these are home remedies and mainly include cleaning up, drinking, and eating substances, to cover up the alcohol smell. Let’s now check the different ways how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly.

2. Best Ways To Get Rid Of Alcohol Breath Instantly

As specified earlier, alcohol breath can be covered up and must be covered up, for which various remedies exist. Let’s get a detailed view regarding the same.

2.1. Brush Your Teeth

One of the greatest ways to get rid of alcohol breath instantly is by brushing your teeth. Brushing can assist you in lessening that bad breath quickly, which is associated with drinking. Try to spend more time than you usually do on brushing. It will surely give you good results, and the person close to you will not be aware of this.

It is recommended to use toothpaste with a strong smell; the more strong the paste will be, the more you will cover this bad smell. Try to use this kind of toothpaste and have menthol, which is proven effective against alcohol.

Just remember to brush for a significant amount of time, as brushing will certainly take more time in eliminating that alcohol-soaked food from your mouth.

2.2. Use Mouth Wash

Using mouthwash is the most basic way of getting rid of alcoholic breath. Gargling and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash is extremely effective in wearing away the bad scent. But make sure you have a good mouthwash. It won’t be beneficial if you aren’t taking this option seriously.

Mouth washers are primarily framed in a way that exterminates the alcohol smell and administers a minty scent that covers the alcohol breath with ease. It is recommended to gargle at least for 30 seconds and then spit it out.

Then start to rinse it, make sure that you remove alcohol breathe, and have a thorough cleansing. Continue this whole process a few times to get the benefits. This process is advantageous in hiding the smell of cigarettes as well.

2.3. Have Some Mint Leaves

Chewing mint leaves is one of the best ways how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly. You can access them in most restaurants, as this mint is the key ingredient in various cocktails. Have two or three of them, chew them gently, and keep them in your mouth for quite some time, pressing them by teeth.

how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly
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If you feel the strong sting of mint, consume some lukewarm water, and swallow keeping the leaves in your mouth. Mint gums or normal gums are also a good substitute for chewing mint leaves in getting rid of alcohol breath instantly. Chew gum of sour flavor will cover the alcohol breath quickly and eventually work as a mouth freshener.

2.4. Have A Garlic Or Onion

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Aromatic foods override alcohol breath hugely. You can introspect yourself the next time when you consume red onions or garlic. You will see that the smell of these foods stays for long, consequently decreasing the alcoholic smell. It is indeed one of the best ways how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly.

Suppose you are willing to consume bar or restaurant foods; try to order something that contains onions or garlic infused. These items include garlic bread, or garlic fries, which will significantly help you deal with this dilemma. Else, if you consume foods like sandwiches, burgers, or salad, add some onions to them to obtain the benefits.

However, there’s another way of instant cure, that is, by eating raw garlic or onion. However, the smell of garlic or onion is quite strong, which some people can’t resist. The smell comes out of your pores and radiates from your mouth as well.

Hence, reading the options of getting rid of alcohol breath instantly, might not be the best option, as consuming the onion directly won’t comfort you.

2.5. Have A Mouth Spray & Floss

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Performing floss and using mouth sprays are also two good measures of getting rid of alcohol breath instantly. Mouth sprays are meant to cover up your bad breath, which can be effectively used to hide alcohol breath too.

Keep a pocket-friendly spray with you always; whether you go on a dinner or have alcohol at any other place, you can always use this spray to have instant benefits. Just remember one thing that, don’t buy a mouth freshener that consists of a fruity flavor.

On the other hand, floss is an excellent option for getting rid of alcohol breath instantly. Flossing is a must after drinking, in case you want to hide your alcoholic breath instantly. It wears away the food particles that get stuck between your teeth, diluted with alcohol, which is one of the major reasons for the rise of this bad breath.

2.6. Have Some Cardamom

Another good option for how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly remains the way of chewing cardamom. It conceals the alcoholic smell, along with the smell of cigarettes. But remember to chew green cardamoms, as they are the best to use for this situation.

Though it is not as effective as the other ways, it will still give enough service, helping you hide the alcohol smell from your breath. Cardamoms are primarily used for eating purposes, and have a quite intense smell, making some people gag. You can find it with many cigarettes, as well as tea kiosks. Besides, pubs and bars also consist of cardamoms.

2.7. Drink Coffee

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Drinking coffee comes at the top when the question is how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly. The strong smell of coffee reduces the alcoholic breath to a great extent, covering up the smell of booze. Especially if the measures mentioned above haven’t worked for you, this remedy will work for sure. If you are in a bar, pub, or any other place drinking alcohol, have some coffee after finishing.

However, make sure the coffee is very strong. Try a strongly brewed Americano or espresso for having the best results. Studies and research have shown that strong coffee helps you in multiple ways, like removing the alcoholic breath and reducing your chances of being in a hangover the next morning.

However, that doesn’t signify that drinking strong coffee will help you get less drunk once you get into that state.

Coffee is a very good option for getting rid of alcoholic breath instantly and making you feel energetic. Water is also a good substitute for coffee, which promotes salvation, lessening bad breath consequently.

2.8. Eat Something While Drinking

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Another effective way how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly is eating something while drinking. Eating while drinking can lessen the alcoholic breath, and this is proven. The food you’ll eat absorbs some alcohol you intake while also stimulating saliva production. This prevents dehydration, which heightens the problem of alcoholic breath.

Suppose you are drinking in a bar. There you can easily access various snack food, including popcorn, peanuts, and other munchies. By consuming this while drinking, don’t get in touch with over-drinking, which can be expedient in this case. And if not a bar, if any friends place or any other, gather some snack food before.

You can have potato chips or microwave popcorn, which can effectively cover the bad alcoholic breath. But remember not to over-drink, as this process may not work then, and it will not benefit you.

2.9. Take A Shower

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Having a shower is a good option in how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly. Alcohol not only affects your breath and makes it smelly but also seeps through your pores, forming a boozy scent arising from your body. It is recommendable to take a shower always after every time you drink alcohol, to get rid of this bad breath instantly.

While taking a shower, give special attention to washing your body. This includes using soaps with a strong smell, shampoo, conditioners, and cleaning should be properly executed to remove the alcoholic smell.

One thing that should be strictly kept in mind is that whenever you get into a bathtub taking a shower with alcohol in your stomach, it may lead to dangerous consequences, and you may get drowned. Hence use only a shower or mug.

2.10. Using Antipolez And Charcoal Tablets

There is a common myth that antipole and charcoal tablets can fight your alcohol breath fast. These tablets do not primarily encounter your alcoholic breath but are useful in covering it up. Antipolez tablets consist of a very strong smell of menthol1, along with saliva consisting of a lozenge, which refreshes your breath significantly by keeping your mouth watery. Other than alcohol breath, these tablets can cover any bad breath too.

On the other hand, charcoal tablets are more or less antipole tablets only. Chew it for some minutes to get rid of this bad breath, but remember not to digest it, as if it gets to your stomach, it may not work effectively as before because it breaks by the stomach acid. However, these two ways belong among the options of getting rid of alcohol breath instantly. Still, it is recommendable to try the other options first, as this method is not as powerful as the others.

2.11. Have Peanut Butter & Lemon

Among the home remedies, one of the greatest ways to get rid of alcohol breath instantly is having peanut butter or lemon. The peanut oil does the work of overshadowing that bad breath by producing a strong and pleasant smell from itself. People addicted to this creamy and sweet peanut butter can easily use it to mask the smell.

Lemon, on the other hand, is another effective option you can look for. It is primarily an organic remedy used to counter alcoholic smells. Lemon contains citrus compounds, which reduce the accumulated toxins2, along with that bad smell. This acidity will eventually cleanse your mouth and flush out both odor and germs.

2.12. Apply Tomato Juice

how to get rid of alcoholic breath instantly.
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Tomato juice is extremely beneficial in reducing alcoholic breath. It has a good ability to decrease the scent of skunk smell and can overpower this boozy breath with ease. It is one of the most secure options of how to get rid of alcohol breath instantly. Tomato juice or a dish with tomatoes will be highly helpful to counter this bad breath.

Apart from all these, a great way to get rid of alcohol breath instantly is by checking yourself from drinking too much. It will eventually help you to lessen your alcoholic breath instantly.

Check yourself by having a maximum of 2 glasses, and not more than that. Drinking less will help you easily adopt any of the earlier-mentioned techniques, and you will get the results faster than ever.

Another thing that is to be kept in mind that do not to mix drinks. Drinking various alcoholic beverages can make the alcohol smell even worse and reduce lessening it quickly. Stick to only one sort you like the most, and have it without mixing any other.

Always try simple drinks to avoid a strong smell. Mixed drinks consist of spices and herbs, which administer a strong odor.

3. Conclusion

Getting rid of alcoholic breath instantly is not possible, as the smell of alcohol on your breath is directly related to the alcohol content in your bloodstream. However, there are some steps you can take to temporarily reduce the smell or mask it.

The most effective way to get rid of alcoholic breath is to wait for your body to metabolize and eliminate the alcohol naturally. Give it time, and the smell will fade.

It’s essential to remember that these steps will only provide temporary relief from alcoholic breath. If you’ve consumed a large amount of alcohol, it’s best to avoid activities that require a clear mind, such as driving, until you are fully sober. Drinking responsibly and in moderation is always advisable.


1. How long does it take for alcoholic breath to go away naturally?

A: The duration for alcoholic breath to fade away naturally depends on various factors, including the amount and type of alcohol consumed, your body size, metabolism, and the time elapsed since your last drink. On average, it may take several hours for the smell to diminish significantly.

2. Can I use breath sprays or breath strips?

A: Breath sprays or strips may provide temporary relief by freshening your breath, but they won’t remove alcohol from your system.

3. Is there a way to speed up alcohol metabolism to get rid of the breath faster?

A: No, there is no way to speed up alcohol metabolism in a way that would eliminate alcoholic breath instantly. Your body needs time to metabolize alcohol naturally.

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