6 Best Essential Oils For Heartburn

Have you ever experienced heartburn? Well, there is a difference between heartburn and heartache1 so we had to make sure. Heartburn is primarily one of the most pain-causing symptoms in the lower chest region of a person.

However, applying some essential oils is a very good remedy for treating this irritating issue. Here, we will list out the best essential oils for heartburn which may help you feel at ease.

But, every human has a different boy with different needs, so remember to consult your doctor first before using any product you read about online.

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Essential Oils For Heartburn

Heartburn is a common sign in many people, which is caused by stomach acids2. It is primarily a burning sensation, which attacks the chest with a giant arrow and shows symptoms of either lying down or bending at night.

Bad breath and a bitter acidic taste also remain among the symptoms of heartburn3. It is primarily triggered by acid reflux when the stomach acid and bile ascend to the esophagus.

Some other features that trigger heartburn, especially during the pregnancy period, are consuming fatty and spicy foods, indigestion, citrus, aerated beverages, caffeine, smoking, and being overweight to a great extent.

Heartburns occur rarely and occasionally, which can also be cured by applying some essential oils for acid reflux, but strictly remember to consult a doctor if you are experiencing it more than once a week.

It may indicate chronic heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or bacterial infection in the stomach, for which medical assistance is mandatory.

To handle these situations, you can opt for essential oils for heartburn, get cured fast, and have pain relief. They bear some unique characteristics in administering symptomatic relief, hence they are effectively used in these challenging times.

They are distilled from various natural resources, including flowers, barks, and plant roots, and it is also well-known as an effective traditional remedy for calming heartburn.

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Let’s now discuss some of the best essential oils for heartburn.

6 Best Essential Oils For Heartburn

1. Ginger Oil

The most well-known among all the essential oils for heartburn is ginger essential oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can assist in countering acid reflux issues and lower acid production by bloating.

Ginger is highly effective for overall health, and this ayurvedic medicine is proven to deal with various health issues, including gas, anemia, upset stomach, and liver issues. Besides, you can also make ginger tea to get rid of this irritation.

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is another excellent option among the best essential oils for heartburn. Many people prefer lavender oil more than others because of its calm and relaxing scent, suitable for aromatherapy. Besides its sedative properties, it also greatly helps in curing upset stomachs.

Most of the symptoms of heartburn and upset stomach are more or less the same. Hence try using lavender essential oil to have some profound benefits, especially if you have extra stomach acid.

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3. Lemon Essential Oil

4Another well-known oil from the list of best essential oils for heartburn is lemon essential oil. Lemon oil has a great capacity to kill harmful bacteria in the stomach, being an antibacterial agent.

This essential oil neutralizes the acid secretion in our gut, and it assists in balancing the digestive acid levels as well.

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4. Peppermint Essential Oil

Among the most significant essential oils for heartburn remains peppermint essential oil, which eases heartburn to a great extent. Even not only for heartburn, but it also helps deal with nausea and upset stomachs.

It bears an anti-nausea digestive aiding capacity, which relaxes the digestive muscles and comforts you from irritation. It is recommended to dilute this oil on your chest, back, and belly to soothe the digestive system.

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5. Cardamom Oil

Applying cardamom oil is also a good option from the list of the best essential oils for heartburn. Many people prefer cardamom oil to counter heartburn irritation because of its unbelievable nature to relieve discomfort. It comforts the digestive system and aids in fast recovery from this dilemma.

6. Fennel Oil 

Applying fennel oil is also considered among the most excellent remedies for this irritation and remains among the best essential oils for heartburn.

Fennel oil has an incredible intensity in comforting the digestive system and balancing the stomach’s pH levels. Consequently, it lowers gas issues, colic pain, and bloating, taking you out of this discomfort.

Usage of Essential Oils For Heartburn

Knowing how to use essential oils to get rid of heartburn is extremely necessary. It is recommended to go for one or two drops in carrier oil while using it topically. Have a few drops only, in case you are inhaling it from the bottle or cloth.

Another best way of treating heartburn with essential oils is by taking in the scent of the oils directly from the bottle or a diffuser.

While using a diffuser, drop one or two dips in the pocket of the machine’s steam. Turn it on, and the concentrated oils will get diffused by the warm water. Also, you can drop a tiny amount on a towel or a napkin and breathe while hovering on it.

And the most fantastic way of having the benefits of essential oils, widely applied by all, is mixing them with carrier oils and having a skin massage.

Side Effects And Warnings

There is no such research that supports and proves that essential oils are an effective measure for heartburn. Studies regarding this connection are to be initiated yet, as most research points out the relief it brings to the similar signs that occur due to heartburn.

Strictly remember not to take these essential oils by mouth, as there are various side effects. Apply the technique, as mentioned earlier in the article. It is always recommended to choose high-quality essential oils and therapeutic-grade products, and they should be preferably organic.

Remember not to dilute it. Search for supplement-grade brands that are safe to consume. If you face any unfavourable feel or any adverse reaction, don’t continue with it further.

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Other Treatments

Heartburn can be and is often cured by over-the-counter medications (OTC), which are very effective. However, frequent heartburn needs medical treatment.

You can apply OTC antacids, which neutralize the stomach acids and are generally fast-acting, H2receptor antagonists, which counter the stomach acid, and proton pump inhibitors, which reduce the stomach acid.

All these three are alternative medicine for heartburn, but remember to consult a specialist, or a doctor, to get the proper guidance.

Bottom Line

Those mentioned above are the best essential oils for heartburn. Apply these in case you experience this irritation, and you will notice a difference soon. But remember to go to a doctor if the heartburn elevates.

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