Coconut Oil for Eyelashes: 4 Ways to Make the Best of It

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that coconut oil is one of the most important products in health and beauty categories. From moisturizing and protecting your skin and hair to its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, many of the benefits of coconut oil extend to your eyelashes as well.

Coconut oil can help keep your eyelashes healthy, resulting in fuller eyelashes that can resist cosmetics and eyelash styling tools.

However, now, coconut oil has emerged as a novel boon for our eyelashes. It relieves the betterment of eyelashes. But coconut oil for eyelashes? Is it really a boon? Most of you are hearing this for the first. So, to know more, let’s dive deeper into the topic.

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1. Why Use Coconut Oil?

The benefits of coconut oil are many. Coconut oil is widely marked as one of the top-notch remedies for most problems like hair fall, injuries, and furthermore. Here are some of the proven health reasons why use coconut oil for eyelashes

1.1. Rich in Fatty Acids

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes
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Considering that coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, the acid present in it reduces the extra fat present in our bodies. Besides, it also increases the HDL Cholesterol in the blood, which helps in reducing heart diseases. Also, coconut oil provides quick energy to your body as well as your brain and makes it sharpen.

1.2. Encourage Fat Burning

Obesity is one of the biggest and trend of diseases that has grabbed most of the world’s population. In line with the World Health Organization ( WHO), the obesity rate has tripled since 1975.

Among men, the inescapability of huskiness was 40.3% among those aged 20–39, 46.4% among those aged 40–59, and 42.2% for those aged 60 and over. Among women, the inescapability of weight was 39.7% among those aged 20–39, 43.3% among those aged 40–59, and 43.3% among those aged 60 and over.

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes
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For some people, obesity is just fat or laziness. However, you’ll be surprised to hear that it’s beyond indolence. Coconut oil comprises Medium Chain Triglycerides. With the consumption of 15-20 gms per day, you’ll increase 24-hour energy expenditure by 5%.

1.3. Foster Your Skin, Hair, & Teeth

As we read earlier, from nurturing your hair, teeth, and skin to the eyelashes, coconut oil is essential for your body. Coconut oil for eyelashes, hair, and skin is proven to be highly beneficial and causes deep nourishment. Using it as the week, sunscreen helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Furthermore, it also helps to control hair fall and hair damage. Many people use coconut oil as a home remedy or cosmetics for their skin, hair, and teeth.

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes
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1.4. Prevention from Bruises

Do you love marks or bruises on your face, hands, or revealing areas? Of course, not. Who wishes that?

We all use certain costly products to have a markless body. But do you know? Our entire one-stop solution ends with a small bottle of coconut oil. Get rid of wound marks, and bruises in just a few days under an easy budget. Coconut oil helps in removing the marks of wounds, and bruises.

So, don’t forget to use coconut oil before you sleep.

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes
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2. Coconut Oil for Eyelashes? Is it a Boon?

Yes, it is. All you need is the correct technique or method to apply it because coconut oil is helpful and leads to longevity in the growth, but not your eyes. Here are some of the strong reasons why coconut oil is a boon for us.

2.1. Healthy Lashes

There is proof that coconut oil can shield hair against harm from washing, hair items, and styling. Even though the proof is accessible for all spotlights on the hair on your head, it might, in principle, additionally apply to eyelash hair.

Coconut oil contains unsaturated fats, fundamentally lauric corrosive, which seems to assist coconut with oiling to be all the more handily consumed by the hair shaft, as per research Trusted Sources. 

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes
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One study trusted. Source found that using coconut oil for eyelashes previously or after washing ensured hair by protein loss or misfortune.

This may help shield your lashes from harm that could come about concerning eyelashes because of washing your face or eliminating eye cosmetics.

2.2. Safety Against Microscopic Organisms

Microbial life forms are normally present on your eyelashes and can cause bacterial and parasitic contaminations. 

The use of coconut oil for eyelashes and the skin around them cures you of skin contaminations, including folliculitis, which is an aggravation of the hair follicles.

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes
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This is uplifting news for individuals who wear mascara or eye makeup. The microorganisms on your eyelashes can sully your mascara, particularly if you utilize a similar container of mascara for over a quarter of a year, as indicated by a study trusted Source.

The pilot study analyzed the microbial development of two mascara brands each day for a quarter of a year and discovered microbial development in 36.4 per cent of the cylinders.

They discovered different living beings, including Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptococcus species, and organisms.

2.3. Intense Lashes 

Hair Extension
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Coconut oil can saturate the lashes from protein misfortune and harm. This brings about fewer eyelashes dropping out and seems to be thicker and fuller lashes. Hence, your lashes grow and prove that coconut oil is a boon.

3. Apply with Care & Love

  • Plunge a spotless Q-tip in virgin coconut oil.
  • Touch it on the eyelashes and back and rub it tenderly with your fingers by shutting the eyes – disadvantage and opening your eyes – potential gain.
  • Leave it for a few hours, and afterwards, wash your face with water.
  • Be certain not to apply an excessive amount of oil on the lashes.
  • Rehash a similar cycle routinely.

4. Putting Together

Coconut oil offers you an inexpensive and natural way to cure all your skin or hair concerns.

Regarding coconut oil, you have two essential options — refined coconut oil and crude coconut oil. While refined coconut oil has just gone through cycles, it is thought to be a great wellspring of unsaturated fats. Crude coconut oil, then again, is frequently named a virgin.

It is obtained from the principal handling of crude coconut, which implies it doesn’t contain any unforgiving synthetic compounds.

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes
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Presently, which of the two coconut oil assortments settle on an extraordinary decision for your eyelashes? Obviously, we’d recommend the crude coconut oil assortment.

Since it is all-regular, have confidence your lashes are in acceptable hands.

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