9 Best Back Exercises for Women

Are you looking for some amazing back exercises for women? We have got you covered, our lady readers. 

Women, known as superwomen, go through many changes as they grow physically and mentally.

There are uncountable changes, some changes you may feel and some you don’t. You may feel your neck has started to stiff a lot, or you cannot sit for long hours as you used to before. Isn’t it right?

We work at the office, take care of our kids, go to the mall for shopping, do house chores, and whatnot.

Back Exercises for Women – Best 9 Exercises Listed!

Our back is considered the powerhouse of our body, half of the problems emerge from here if we don’t take care of it.

So, doing some back exercises will help you pamper your back, keep you motivated and give you a feeling of nurturing yourself. Researchers say women over 30 should focus on their bodies rather than ignoring visible changes.

Just as we make time to eat, sleep and have fun, we should take some time for exercises to function correctly.

best back exercises for women
By: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Imagine you come home after doing a ton of work, and you want to eat something delicious and mouth-watering, have a nice shower, and want to crash on your bed feeling the soft pillows as you take a long sigh but ouch! Did you hear a crack that just came from the back?

Now, here it grabbed your attention, and dare we say it does need your attention and a little pampering because who doesn’t love it?

Let’s have a look at the best back exercises for women that you can pick from our little bunch of suggestions and include in your daily workout session.

1. Back Extension

How to Do a Back Extension | Boot Camp Workout

To begin with, some intense, light warmup is needed for the body part you will be targetting to prevent yourself from injuries.

We all want back strength, not back pain. Don’t we? Back exercises for women may seem complicated but are way too easy when you do them.

A back extension is a good starter for all the women who have been looking for a starting position. There are other forms of back extension that you may think to give a shot as there is a lot of space to try new stuff according to your body’s needs.

First, take your yoga mat and lie on your stomach, relax for a while and use your elbows just like illustrated in the picture above. Lift your upper body a bit while keeping your legs straight on the mat.

Make sure you don’t stiffen your neck while doing it. Remember to inhale and exhale. Slowly, lower your body and relax. Do this process 3 to 4 times.

This exercise will not only help you to relax but will also target your shoulder muscles, lower back, and shoulder blades.

This exercise also helps in targeting your stomach and gives a toning effect: simple back exercise but so many fruitful benefits.

2. Child Pose

Child's Pose for Lower Back Pain

This position is one of the most comfortable positions to add to your daily workout routine.

It’s one of the most helpful and effective exercises among the rest of the back exercises for women. As the name suggests, a child pose does feel like being a child altogether when we finally get into this posture. Let’s see how to do it:-

For a starting position, sit on your knees while you rest your knees against your hips. Make sure your whole body is relaxed, including your right leg and left leg; it will make the exercise effective and make it more enjoyable and relaxing.

As shown in the picture above, take a deep breath and exhale while you slowly lower your body as your arms are extended in front of you.

Now, there are some points to look upon while you extend your arm and keep your forehead at rest, make sure your arms are above your head, and do whatever works for you to relax your body.

If you feel your upper body has started to stiffen a bit, give some rest to your arms and if you feel your butt is suffering, open your knees slightly.

Now, while you stand again with your feet hip-width apart, you will feel the change. The feeling would be more relaxing, and your back will lose some weight. You might feel light-headed and floating in the air.

Doesn’t it sound good? Let’s move on to benefits because who does not want to know?

Child pose helps relax your back muscles, and it encourages healthy blood circulation throughout the body. This exercise targets your thighs, hips, back muscles, shoulder blades, and ankles.

As mentioned above, it’s the most relaxing exercise ever, which helps to release all the tension built up in your body.

This exercise will do wonders for you whenever you feel stiffness and pain in your neck and lower and upper back. So, grab your yoga mat and begin like the warrior you are.

3. Reverse Fly

How To Do A Reverse Fly with Nicole Uribarri | The Right Way | Well+Good

When we hear about so many back exercises for women, reverse fly leaves a funny illustration in front of your eyes as you imagine it.

Do you have to lie back on a mat and start acting like a butterfly? Well, the answer is straight NO! Did you imagine it too? If you did, let’s move forward to look at how to do it.

First, stand in a normal position with your feet comfortable as you maintain a healthy distance between your right and left leg, and take a dumbbell in each hand to make this back exercise more effective while keeping your back straight.

Now give your back a slight bend so that it hinges forward at the hips, as shown in the picture. Now, focus on your feet, your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and your knees slightly bent.

Imagine you are doing pushups but in the air. Keep your arms straight, and with the dumbbells, pull them back and forth. It’s the most funkadelic exercise among the rest back exercises for women.

The reverse fly is an absolute exercise to include in the bucket of back exercises for women. This exercise targets your upper body and legs, giving you astounding results if done consistently.

This exercise dramatically relaxes and strengthens your lower and upper back. The dumbbell in each hand makes back exercises more effective which will help your arms muscle mass to tighten and tone from the right place, and it also hits your hamstring muscles.

Your back muscles are surely going to thank you, so be ready for the jaw-dropping results.

4. High Plank Position

pexels marta wave 6453439 scaled
By: Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

Woah, the high plank position sounds a bit ‘scary’, but it’s not. Consistency is the key to playing with plank and increasing your timings as you start practising it.

It is said that before doing any workout, it does not matter if it is a back workout for women or men. A slight warmup is needed.

The importance of warmup is huge. This may sound so simple, but it can save you from serious injuries, even players; before playing anything like cricket, do a warmup to avoid back injuries and others.

Let us see how to take this plank position.

For a starting position, get on all your fours as if you were doing pushups. Stretch your body a bit to make healthy composure.

Keep your arm straight and wider than shoulder-width. Keep your neck, and lower and upper back relaxed as you squeeze your glutes. Inhale and exhale and focus on your body. Don’t hold your breath while doing this.

Keep your left and right leg straight. Remember, your head should be in a straight line with your back.

Hold onto this high plank position as long as you can. For a beginner, you may hold onto this position for like 20 seconds, but with practice and consistency, you can cross 1 minute like a pro in just a month or two. You can do this exercise just 3 to 4 times or do it in sets at your convenience.

The whole process of doing plank may become a bit frustrating for you. You may wonder why I can’t even cross 20 seconds, but women, congratulations! Because you have made a start 20 seconds is good and not a thing to worry about for a beginner.

The high plank 1position focuses on your shoulder blades, lower and upper back, arms, and glutes. Aren’t these confounding benefits? This plank position will help your back muscles strengthen, tone your arms, define your shoulder blades, and add enhanced functionality to your body.

5. Superman Exercise

Superman Exercise for Spine Health

Looking at the picture, superman’s exercise seems to be a piece of cake, and it is real. This exercise is super effective and leaves meticulous results on your lower and upper back. From beginner to advanced, anyone can do this back exercise.

Grab a mat and lie on your stomach. Keep your legs straight and arms extended in front of you. Remember to inhale and exhale regularly as you relax your body.

Focus on your belly button, and taking it as a lift point, lift your body like you are flying in the air like Superman, as the name suggests.

Hold this position for as long as you can while keeping your arms straight. Your lower and upper body should be in the air as you do it.

Considered best in the list of best back exercises for women, this exercise can be included in your daily back exercises routine. Superman’s exercise has a variety of advantages.

This exercise basically targets your lower and upper back muscles, hamstring muscles, glutes, and abs.

6. Pull-Ups

Almost everyone knows what pull-ups are. It’s the sister of pushups but a bit more intense. For a starting position, stand below a pull-up bar with your feet hip-width apart and grab onto it, keeping your arms straight, start to give a slight bend to your elbows, and raise your upper body towards the pull-up bar.

When your chin is over the bar, start lowering your body slowly. Your back muscles, shoulder, arms, lower back, and upper back will be at peace after doing this.

While doing these types of back exercises, see if you are making your knees slightly bent when you pull yourself up, the chin is over the bar, and your body doesn’t stiff making you gasp in pain.

There is no need to be anxious before or while doing these back exercises. Keep your mind free, out of world chaos, as workouts are supposed to release your built-up tension inside and outside of your body.

Pull-ups help your whole body be in movement simultaneously, from your back muscles, shoulder muscles, and knees to shoulder blades, everything is in stimulation.

If you don’t have a bar for doing pull-ups, grab a dumbbell in each hand and start. That’s a real alternative, but it will work for your body. Won’t it?

7. Russian Twist

How to Do a Perfect Russian Twist | Female Bodybuilding

The Russian twist is included in the list of the best back workouts for women. It is a convenient exercise to do at home at any time of the day. Let us take a mat to lie on it to do this exercise.

Keep your legs with your knees slightly bent, as shown above in the air or on the floor. If you are a beginner, keep your ankles crisscrossed and form your body in a V-shaped form.

Start twisting your torso side to side, keeping in mind that you don’t move your legs. Breathe slowly in a relaxed manner while you twist your torso from one side to another. Please don’t hold your breath, as it will make the process much more complex.

Russian twist has impeccable benefits, and it builds stability in your back. If you are a person who is trying to get abs, this exercise is for you. This exercise also helps your shoulder muscles to gain strength.

8. Rotating Toe Touches

Included in the list of easiest and simple best back exercises for women involve rotating toe touches is an intriguing exercise to do. All you have to do with this exercise is stand comfortably on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Make sure you keep your legs straight. Start bending and now, with the help of your hands, touch your left-hand fingers to your right toe and then do the same with your right hand and touch your left toe. Easy! Isn’t it?

Repeat this process 20 times. As an amateur. You might not be able to touch your toes right after attempting this exercise, but that is not a thing to worry about.

You can start this exercise by just touching your ankles at first and if you are not able to reach your ankles too, then slowly start with doing some stretching exercises and then try to go ahead with this exercise.

Try to touch below your knees, but remember not to bend your knees while doing rotating toe touches.

To make this exercise more exciting, you can also take a dumbbell in each hand and start this exercise in the same way as told. You can do this exercise in the morning or when your back feels stiff.

Rotating toe touches help your back to be more stretchable and flexible. This exercise enables you to create a compatible balance, burn your calories, and target your lower body.

Rotating toe touches increases the blood flow in your body and warms your body up in a healthy manner as you continue to do it in a consistent way daily. So, just run, laugh, and wiggle your body a little bit, and begin with rotating touches.

9. Cat-Cow Strech

How to Do a Cat Cow Pose for Energy | Yoga

If you have ever observed cats, dogs, and other animals, you may have caught the idea behind this name.

Since we work a lot and sit for hours, the pressure on the back is insane. There is a lot of stiffness, pain, and whatnot in the lower and upper back! If you have felt all of this, the cat-cow stretch can do wonders for you.

For the starting position, all you have to do is get down all on your fours as you keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, take a deep breath and arch your middle back upward as you drop your neck.

Keep your arms extended while you put your right and left leg at equal lengths. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then slowly lower your middle back as you exhale calmly and look up with your neck bringing your shoulder blades together and close your eyes to have a more relieving effect. Repeat this process 5 to 6 times.

Now, let’s move on to the benefits. The speciality of these types of back exercises can be done on any day. When you get up from the bed, when you feel tension in your back and neck or any other point of the back, or when you are about to sleep, these back exercises can be done at your convenience.

This exercise will help strengthen your back and neck while improving your posture. As you do this stretch, your inner organs will enjoy a good massage session as this exercise helps stimulate your organs in your perfect belly.

Key Takeaways

We discussed many best back exercises for women. Didn’t we?

We put so much effort into looking good, and feeling good from the inside and out is such a caring feeling. So why can’t we put some effort into taking care of our baby back?

Several back exercises for women mentioned above may help you get rid of the pressure you have been carrying just by moving your body like Shakira for a bit and adding some good vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates to your meals.

Make sure you don’t sit for long hours, stand from wherever you are sitting, do some light stretches, or go for a walk to release tension from your lower and upper back.

An important point to look upon is that every woman’s body is different; some things may work out for some women, and for some, they may not, and that is okay.

Consult your doctor before doing these exercises, and don’t forget to take your vitamins, ladies.


1. How often should I work out for my back?

Ans. At least once a week, one must perform back workout exercises. It is suggested to do five back exercises with 10 reps of four sets and take a 60-second break in between.

2. How important is it for a woman to perform back exercises?

Ans. It is very crucial for a woman of any age to perform back exercises as this will help prevent some serious back injuries.

3. Will back exercises help me in improving my posture?

Ans. Yes. Back exercises will strengthen your back muscles which will give you a good posture.

  1. Park, Sang-Kyun, et al. “Effects of high intensity plank exercise on physical fitness and immunocyte function in a middle-aged man: A case report.” Medicina 57.8 (2021): 845. ↩︎

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