9 Amazing Cork Yoga Mat Benefits

Cork yoga mats
Cork yoga mats

Cork Yoga Mat would be a great choice for a soothing yoga routine without any discomforts. A cork mat is free from chemicals and has many natural antibacterial properties. This article will help you get a brief knowledge about cork yoga mat benefits.

We all need comfortable yet chemical-free mats to enjoy a yoga routine. No matter what type of exercises you perform, you will look for yoga mats without chemical smell and are soft and strong to support yoga exercises.

Cork Yoga Mat Benefits

There are abundant benefits of a cork mat. As it is chemical-free and made up of natural ingredients, it will promote good effects on your yogic exercise routine.

cork yoga mat
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Some of the benefits of a cork yoga mat are the following:

1. Better Grip

Few mats become slippery as you use them for a longer time. Cork Yoga Mat has good to hold the grip and prevent a slick surface for you to exercise safely, and it will stay like this for a long run.

The waxy substance present in the cork yoga mat is great for absorbing moisture and holds a grip when wet for better performance.

2. Easy Cleaning Features

The traditional yoga mats were not capable of easy cleaning. Getting your yoga mats clean is important to prevent germs and bacteria growth.

The material of the cork yoga mats is easy to be cleaned, prevents bacterial and germ growth, and has antibacterial properties.

Hence, a cork yoga mat will not require a hell of a lot of effort to clean up as you can spray it with water and then wipe with clean. Don’t forget to dry your mat before rolling it up and keeping it away.

cork yoga mat
Yogic exercises

3. Odor Free

While you are performing your yogic exercises, few odor-rich yoga mats will disturb your concentration and performance. Some traditional yoga mats have dour as they’re not chemical-free.

But a cork yoga mat is preferable if you intend to switch for an odor-free yoga mat. A cork yoga mat is chemical-free, which makes it odor-free as well due to its natural ingredients.

4. Chemical Free

Traditional yoga mat contains many chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), latex, rubber, and many more, which are harmful to your health. A cork yoga mat is free from toxic chemicals and contains natural properties.

Cork is a material that is entirely nature-based and is without any chemicals and side effects. While doing yoga on a cork yoga mat, you’ll bind yourself more with the exercises by not getting distracted because of chemicals present in other yoga mats that cause skin reactions.

Cork yoga mat
Yoga in cork yoga mats

5. Durable

For a comfortable and long-term yoga session or yoga practice, you need a durable yoga mat. The natural rubber cork surface will last long. The rubber bottom of cork mats is organic and will last up to 10 years.

Thus, the durability of cork mats further depends on how you use the mats. There is no option for cutting down or a yes for wasteful residue in the cork yoga mat process. So, the authenticity and the originality make it last for years together with fewer demands.

6. Light Weight

Cork yoga mats generally lightweight and easy to carry. If you hit yoga classes or prefer doing yoga in any place where you have to travel, then taking a cork yoga mat will be very easy and feasible.

A cork yoga mat is lightweight that people of any age could carry—no more rush for heavy yoga rubber mats. Here is one of the best yoga mats that will not make your luggage overweight.

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7. Eco-Friendly

One of the most trending systems these days are to use eco-friendly things. Cork yoga mat would be eco-friendly due to its natural characteristics. Harvest cork is environmentally safe and also renewable without any wastage.

You should use cork yoga mats if you intend to try eco-friendly yoga mats. Cork is a natural outer layer of the cork oak tree used to make these cork or Yohola cork yoga mats.

Harvested cork trees are outstanding for cleaning the environment; they absorb carbon dioxide more than non-harvested trees. So, using the mats made from these harvested trees will save your environment as well.

cork yoga mats
Cork oak tree

8. Safe for Children

Not only adults or older age people, but children are also into yogic practices. For them, cork yoga mats will fit well to encourage their yoga craze without any harmful or dangerous chemicals. You kids would enjoy these soft yoga mats, which are without the toughness of rubbers.

These yoga mats could also be sued for infants or children in various ways as they contain no PVCs or any other harmful chemicals to discomfort your kids. So, they should try using these mats for safety and comfort.

9. For Long Yoga Session

Suppose you do hot yoga classes or practice yoga for hours. Then cork yoga mat would support your yoga session without troubling you and your asanas. Cork mats are sweat resistance and non-slippery.

Even if you perform yoga for a long time, it will not cause trouble like getting wet or slippery for your legs or hands.

Also, you will not feel like you are practicing yoga on any plastic, hard rubber, or chemical-rich yoga mats. But you will feel like practicing yoga on a soft material that is great for long-time yoga.

cork yoga mat
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Cork Yoga Mat Benefits

Cork mats are astounding for your daily yoga practices. Its durable, antimicrobial, lightweight, and environmentally safe. It will help you do your yoga without any fatigue or struggles.

These are also comfortable for meditation and other stretching exercises. Cork yoga mat would be your best friend in your yoga sessions. Invest a little more for long-term yoga mar benefits. Go ahead! And grab your hands on these amazing cork mats.

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