6 Outstanding Calisthenics Back Workout

calisthenics back exercises
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Calisthenics back workout is a fantastic way to get rid of many back problems, as it will help improve your back structure. Sometimes, you can do magic with your body weight, and Calisthenics back workout works entirely using your body weight.

Calisthenics back workout
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Calisthenics back workout is a go-to exercise routine for people not willing to hit the gym daily. You can work on your back by staying at home. This article will help you get a better view of Calisthenics back workout.

Calisthenics Back Workout

There are few exercises that calisthenics back workout covers and would lead to a strong back for sure. You can always perform these exercises using your body weight and use different tricks to improve those exercises.

Just make sure you are using your bodyweight properly and not doing the steps incorrectly. Incorrectly performing these exercises may bring various back issues. Here are some calisthenics back workouts that you may try out at your home.

1. Prone Cobra

A great exercise to increase your extension mobility (thoracic). One of the best bodyweight back exercises for posture correction. Prone cobra is one of the most effective back exercises. This would come out as a boon for your upper back. It will build up a good amount of strength in your upper back, simultaneously correcting your posture.

Calisthenics back workout
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How To Do?

  • Lay down while facing down on your preferable yoga mat. Then you have to squeeze your glutes muscles as much as you can. Simultaneously support (or brace) your core.
  • Take off your upper back from the mat, but keep other parts of your body on the floor. Here, other parts (except the upper back) should be in contact with the mat (in rest position).
  • Point your thumbs in the upward direction facing towards the upper ceiling. Make sure your arms are not hanging around and straight.

You can perform this calisthenic back exercise at your home. You can hold the position for each set at least for 30 seconds (for the beginning 3 seconds).

2. Superman

Are you looking for lower back muscles bodyweight exercises? Then superman is another effective exercise for your lower body that also works for the upper body. This exercise is specially performed for strengthening and activating the muscles of your lower back.

This exercise would also help in having a little activating power for your upper body part.

calisthenics back workout
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto/ Pexels.com

How To Do?

  • Lay down (facing downward) on the mat you would be using. Start extending your arms in the upward direction. Here, your thumbs should be facing upward (towards the ceiling).
  • Caliper (brace) your core muscles and then squeeze the muscles of your glutes (as much as you can).
  • Then at some point in time, raise your arms and legs upward (ceiling).
  • At this point, your elbows and knees should be entirely locked out. You could feel the activation of many muscles at this part of your workout.

From starting position to the end of this workout, make sure all the steps are correctly performed to avoid back injury. You can hold each position for at least 3 seconds and decide your sets of exercises according to your convenience.

People with minor or major back muscles injury should not try this superman exercise without any expert guidance.

3. Y-T-I Shoulder Exercise 

Another great exercise for your shoulder blades (posterior), back, and core. It would target the muscles group of your back in a very effective manner.

How To Do?

  • You have to prone (lie down) on the yoga mat. Then slightly move your arms over your head (overhead).
  • Brace (support) your core and slowly start squeezing your glutes muscles to activate muscle groups.
  • Keep your elbows on the mat, and you should be in resting motion. Then slowly start taking your arms in the upward direction. Hold the position for a few seconds (2-3 counts).
  • Start widening your hands as much as you can to make a Y shape with your arms. Then lift your shoulders in the upward direction towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your thumbs facing towards the sky. Again, hold this position for at least 2-3 counts.
  • Then move your arms to make a perfect T shape.

You can perform this calisthenics back exercise for at least 5 sets.

4. Scapular Push-Ups

Scapular push-ups may not convince you for calisthenics exercises, especially for the back. This exercise would teach you the concepts of retraction and protraction and the difference between them.

If you are looking to activate your serratus anterior muscle groups, then this exercise would be a great deal. Note that this exercise would be quite into the critical phase for your shoulder muscles.

Calisthenics back workout
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto/ Pexels.com

How To do?

  • Start with a plank position (your hands should be underneath your shoulder), then squeeze your glutes (muscles). Support your core at the same time.
  • Then retract the scapula and make sure your elbows aren’t bent.
  • After this position, your whole body may get down to few inches.
  • Lock your elbows and then simultaneously protect your scapula.
  • Here, your back (upper) may get round. That’s not a problem.

This exercise targets to keep your serratus anterior strong, as well as maintaining the health of your scapula.

How Push Ups Help The Back?

You can’t connect the push-ups to your back workout directly, but they would indirectly benefit your back muscles. All you need to do is try to engage the scapula for a better grip and movement. The involvement of the scapula in each rep would help activate the muscles of your upper back slowly.

Serratus anterior is another neglected muscle group that needs some attention. You can target the serratus anterior by doing push-ups with proper reps.

5. Bodyweight Rear Delt Fry

Just like pull-ups, it’s one of the most famous calisthenics back exercises. This calisthenics back workout would target your posterior deltoid. This calisthenics back workout could be effective in strengthening an underrated muscle group.

How To do?

  • Lie down facing towards the sky (upward direction) on your yoga mat. Start widening your arms outside, and your face should be towards the sky.
  • Then you can freely bend your knees slightly while placing your feet directly on the ground (on a yoga mat). Your thumbs should be facing towards the upward direction (ceiling).
  • Then take up (lift) your upper body off the yoga mat by keeping your fist smoothly on the group (yoga mat). Your arms should be straight, and your elbows should be locked out properly.
  • The contraction of your rear delts should be concentrated to do this exercise correctly. You can do 5-15 reps in one set. The holding time should be 1-3 seconds (1-2 counts).

This exercise is great for improving your range of motion without weights.

6. Pull-Ups

This is one of the toughest calisthenic bodyweight exercises. Pull-ups are not as simple as lifting your body with the help of a pull-up bar, but it is something more difficult than that.

How To Do?

  • Stand directly under the pull-up bars, then make sure your arms are aways from your whole body (upper body). If you face any issues in touching (or reaching) the pull-up bars, then try to place a box below your feet.
  • With proper inhale and exhale, start with hanging your body holding the pull-up bar. Then slowly pull your body in the upwards direction (your belly button towards your spine). Your shoulder should be in motion (back and down) and pull your shoulders correctly to avoid injuries.
  • Now, engage your arms and core muscles, then pull your body above the bar. Engage your chin to pull above the bar. Slightly bend your elbows to pull your body correctly towards the bar.
  • Just make sure that your shoulder blades are following correct up and down motion throughout the exercise. Don’t hang or swing your legs around, as it will affect your motion. Don’t skip inhaling where you are at the top.
  • In the end, start extending your elbows and lower down your body to get back to the starting position.

You may face difficulty in performing this calisthenics wide grip pull-up training calisthenics back workout. That is completely fine, and you can learn this exercise slowly.

You can read more about calisthenics by following the books available on online websites.

Calisthenics back workout
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Calisthenics Back Workout

Calisthenics back workout could be an amazing way to help your back muscles and overall health. Back problems are common in today’s world. For avoiding painful back problems, calisthenics back workouts come as a big help.

Performing these calisthenics back workouts would be easy and won’t require a lot of external help. You can perform a calisthenics back workout, not only strengthening your back but correcting your wrong posture issues too.

Try out these great calisthenics back exercises for maintaining your fitness and health.

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