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Are Monster Energy Drinks Bad for You? 5 Facts to Know

Energy drinks have evolved as a one-stop beverage for youngsters and adults.

Simply put, it’s not just a drink, but a heavy emotion! No matter what, your day won’t end up without chilling with an energy boost drink.

Are Monster Energy Drinks Bad for You?

Well, over 4.3 million consumers drink energy drinks less than once a month, and approximately 5,45,000 consumers drink energy drinks once a day or more often.

From the 90s to today, energy drink products like Monster, Red Bull, and many others have a turnover of $57.4 billion.

It seems these energy drinks are going to rule every youngster’s heart. The taste and alluring television ads might influence us, but can you guess whether monster energy drinks are bad for you or not?

Well, we have only been told that energy drinks are meant to improve health and concentration and give you the energy to do more. But, where does this energy come from? Are monster energy drinks bad for you?

Here is the one-stop guide you need to explore to determine whether monster drinks are healthy or a curse. Let’s get started.

What are Energy Drinks?

As the name suggests, energy drinks are ready-to-drink liquids that level up your body with the required energy and fight against unwanted fatigue. It enhances mental alertness and stimulates your body to do more.

These beverages have caffeine content that helps in energizing your body for the day. Different energy drinks have different amounts of caffeine based on their energy-providing levels.

are monster energy drinks bad for you
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Red Bull, Monster Drinks, Rockstar, and AMP are popular energy drinks individuals prefer more. They possess added sugars that can be potentially harmful to your health.

Are energy drinks bad for you? Well, it contains a similar combination of ingredients like:

  • Sugar

The point that encourages people to consume energy drinks back to back is the sweet flavour. Sugar or sweeteners like glucose and absorbed sugar are the sources of calories. However, some energy drinks possess less sugary content.

  • B vitamins

These have been one of the essential nutrients present in one’s diet. Intake of B vitamins in energy drinks helps you convert your food into an energy-providing source.

  • Energy Boosters

Taurine and L-carnitine are some of the natural energy processors that help you increase energy for the complete day.

  • Caffeine

Like other energy supplements, caffeine is known for its “keep-going” characteristics. It boosts energy and gets you ready for the day!

  • Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is one of the other ingredients that stimulate nervous systems.

8 Unexpected Facts about Monster Energy Drinks

You might be a great fan of Monster energy drinks, but I’m sure you won’t know these facts about your energy drink. Well, no worries, as we will do that today itself.

Let’s find out – Are monster energy drinks bad for you?

#8 It was branded as a Dietary Supplement

Well, yes, your Monster drink is indeed a dietary supplement now. If you don’t know, then nutritional supplements are the substances that are mainly added to your diet to enhance the nutritional value of your diet.

Monster drinks acquire dietary ingredients like vitamins, minerals, herbs or botanicals, amino acids, and more that can be utilized to enrich your food with essential nutrients.

However, today, energy drinks are named energy drinks because of the high value of caffeine.

Caffeine is a good source of energy if consumed within an adequate limit. However, regular consumption is one of the leading causes of heart palpitations and increased heart rate in the consumer.

Are monster energy drinks bad for you
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Knowingly, a dietary supplement does not have caffeine, so it is now famous as an “energy drink.”

#7 It is available in 34 Flavours

Do you know? Today, there are a total of 34 flavours of Monster energy drinks. Interestingly, all thirty-four flavours are branded differently, which is tricky to distinguish easily by the drinkers.

The Monster company has not revealed the exact flavours of its drinks to the public. However, when tasted, they all can be identified easily.

#6 Monster Drinks Sponsor Sports & Arts

Being energy drink, these drinks majorly focuses on high energy-consuming activities like sports.

Therefore, they can be seen in sports events like BMX, Speedway, Skateboarding, car racing, and much more.

Moreover, such products also approach Rappers for their advertisements and promotions.

#5 Does it Have Alcohol Content?

This is a very growing question these days, especially for those who are new consumers of Monster drinks.

Well, not really, it’s just a rumour. Energy drinks do not contain a high amount of alcohol. Besides that, it only contains energy products and flavour ingredients.

People love experimenting with foods, and they mix alcohol with Monster energy drinks. However, mixing inappropriate products can have adverse health effects.

Today’s college students are more indulged in alcohol with energy drinks, resulting in hangover headaches, vomiting, nausea, and further health concerns.

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#4 Monster Drinks never issues Coupons or Deals

Interestingly, unlike other food beverages, Monster energy drinks companies never issue coupons or deals for their consumers.

You have to purposely buy and drink the product without any help from coupons, deals, or offers.

If you are a big fan of this drink, get ready to dry your wallet. Surprisingly, the official website of Monster Energy drinks has published a separate space where they alarm their users to stay away from fake coupons and offers.

If you are lucky enough to find a store labelled their deals on the drinks, then Kudos! However, there is no such policy headed by the company.

All they want to be is-“Get Real.”

#3 Monster Girls? Do They Exist?

Well, yes! Monster has a team of girls who act as female representatives, roaming worldwide and drinking Monster drinks. They are paid for travelling and promoting their brand across the globe.

#2 High Sugar Levels can be found in some Flavours

For youngsters with unholy digestion systems who need the energy to manage pubescence, maybe that is a reasonable sum of sugar.

However, we, post-young people, know that Monster prompts a caffeine and sugar buzz.

A few items disguise significantly more sugar, as the table beneath uncovers.

Like the orangeade Rehab, the less-sweet forms can be similarly delectable without the teeth-spoiling measure of sugar in a portion of different flavours. This truly is a “look around and track down what works for you” type of circumstance.

#1 The Second Best-Selling Drink

Where Red Bull is considered one of the top-notch energy drink companies worldwide. On the other hand, we have Monster energy drinks, giving equal competition to multiple energy drinks.

Today, Monster energy drinks are known as the second best-selling energy drink around the globe, featuring millions of consumers.

Mainly famous among young adults, the drink gradually amplifies with its exotic flavours and energy-boosting components. But, are monster energy drinks bad for you?

Are monster energy drinks bad for you
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Still Wondering?

Well, these energy drinks can be very delicious, and you might want them back-to-back. But, do you know how does it react in your body?

Are monster energy drinks bad for you? Are there any consequences or effects of energy drinks?

To have a clear idea about the subject, let’s dive deep into some pros and cons of drinking a monster energy drink.

The Pros of Monster Energy Drinks

There could be several reasons people consume energy drinks, but one of the common reasons is that they promote the brain’s smooth functioning.

  • These drinks are generally stimulants that power your brain to understand and know things faster and better. Your brain enhances your understanding, concentration, and memory skills way better than usual days.
  • Energy drinks turn your tiredness into an energetic day. People working late at night or long hours consume such drinks to go on with their active mode for long working hours.
  • You can find some zero-calorie options among multiple energy drinks. This is an excellent option to maintain your taste with certain health benefits.
  • It helps in lifting your mood. Consuming energy drinks injects a lot of energy into the body, making an individual feel confident and self-esteemed to do anything!

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Are monster energy drinks bad for you
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The Cons of Monster Energy Drinks

  • Heart problems are the first target of such energy drinks. Excessive consumption of energy drinks can lead to cardiovascular problems, like attacks, high blood pressure, and increased heart rate, which can take you to a hospital or death.
  • Energy drinks are consumed mainly by gym freaks to get more energy to work out more. It has B vitamins, one of the healthy alternatives of energy, that promote good physical performance. However, it results in weight gain and sometimes obesity.
  • Due to its mouth-smacking flavours and boosted energy, it can become addictive for people, especially teenagers. This can lead to binge drinking.


So, are Monster energy drinks bad for you?

Most energy drinks contain large quantities of caffeine content. A cup of coffee acquires a minimum of 8 ounces of caffeine. Talking about Monster alcohol drinks, it has about 160 milligrams of caffeine.

Are monster energy drinks bad for you
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Yet, it is generally recommended that anyone should not cross more than 400 milligrams of caffeine in a day. This means only one or a maximum of two cans of Monster energy drink is safe to drink.

Otherwise, high sugar levels in these drinks are enough to challenge your health, especially your heart.

Occasionally drinking is fine, but having a back-to-back series of cans (binge drink) undoubtedly is killing yourself with your hands.

Pregnant women and nursing women, children, and teenagers should strictly avoid consuming such supplements as they might cause harmful effects to your body like high blood pressure, heart rate issues, miscarriages, and furthermore.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Monster Energy Drink good for you?

Caffeine in high amounts has the potential to induce major cardiac and blood vessel issues, including changes in heart rhythm, high blood pressure, and fluctuations in heart rate.

2. How much alcohol is in a Monster Energy Drink?

Despite only 5% alcohol by volume, the product has the same amount of alcohol as two normal drinks in a 24-ounce can.

3. Is there alcohol in Monster drink?

It depends on the type of drink you choose. Generally, alcohol isn’t added to Monster.

Also, it is cautioned against putting alcohol in a beverage that already contains a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners, chemical caffeine, and other additives.

Moreover, you can refer to a registered dietitian near you for effective consultation.

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