20 Popular Celebrities With Bad Teeth

Celebrities With Bad Teeth

Anthony Liccione had once said that teeth aren’t pearly until we smile. And many celebrities, mainly the celebrities with bad teeth, have retained these words in their minds while they traded off that one tooth or all of their bad teeth.

Teeth build up our smiles and make us look pretty. But when we have a gap-toothed grin or a set of crooked teeth, does it make us look pretty? To some, the curve on the lips might look all-natural and beautiful on its own, but others might find it horrible and unattractive as the standards of a perfect smile are having a set of straightened and aligned pearly whites.

When it comes to celebrities, we see all of them with pearly white teeth smile. Is it really their natural teeth, or their pearly whites are the magic of the dental tools of their cosmetic dentist?

Therefore, to make you know the truth, we have made up a list of celebrities with bad teeth who got their bad teeth fixed and a smile makeover.

Celebrities With Bad Teeth
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Celebrities, just like normal people, aren’t born with striking Hollywood white teeth smile. Most of them had a set of bad teeth that we can’t even imagine on them.

Many celebrities have gone through dental surgery to get that Hollywood-approved dazzling smile that they show off on red carpets or photoshoots. You might know it or not, but probably your favorite celebrity once had a set of misaligned teeth.

The smile makeover is perceptible when you compare the pictures of the celebrities from their early years with the later ones in their career. Veneers, braces, and teeth whitening techniques are cosmetic dentistry options to get an impressive smile and teeth.

It is hard to find a celebrity who hasn’t got their teeth fixed at one point in their life. When the beauty standard is fixated so that the definition of a perfect smile has flawless teeth, it is hard for celebrities to stay authentic and embrace their imperfection.

Under pressure and the need to get approval from the audience, they opt to spend a small fortune at the dentist to get those signature gnashers.

List Of Celebrities With Bad Teeth

Listed below are 20 celebrities with bad teeth who had cosmetic dentistry, swapped their terrible teeth, and got that million-dollar beautiful smile that perfectly suits the Hollywood industry.

1. Tom Cruise And His Monotooth

Tom Cruise’s Monotooth can’t be unseen by the critics or his eagle-eyed fans. The celebrity has the set of perfect teeth after porcelain veneers were done on his teeth. This cannot be noticed unless we look closely and carefully.

Tom Cruise’s teeth are a bit off-center. The two front teeth have a slight shift. The misalignment of the teeth is due to immoderate dental surgery.

Moreover, if you have seen the superstar’s photographs from the early years of his career, you wouldn’t mind putting his name on the list of celebrities with bad teeth.

Tom Cruise had an imperfect smile back then with misaligned teeth, but the smile makeover of Tom Cruise has been successful in stealing the hearts of millions of people.

Celebrities With Bad Teeth
Photo by Eva Rinaldi from Flickr

2. Hilary Duff And Her Buck Teeth

During the early years of her career, Hilary Duff had a set of buck teeth. But that didn’t stop her from entering the acting world, and she decided to continue with her natural and normal teeth and showed off her lovely smile.

But she decided to take a trip to the dentist and fix her teeth after choosing to make a career in singing. The trip didn’t seem to be successful as her teeth seemed to be like a pair of horse teeth, and people wanted to call her pointing at her two front teeth.

Moreover, she chipped her front tooth quite a couple of times with the microphone while singing in concerts, which led her to the dentist quite a few times.

After the incidents, she opted for a full set of porcelain veneers, and now she has a beautiful straight smile.

3. Zac Efron And His Gap Teeth

Efron was always a handsome and cute favorite celebrity, but this hotshot’s killer smile wasn’t like this always.

He had gap teeth smile; the two front teeth had poor spacing. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t look adorable.

After visiting the cosmetic dentist, he now has a brilliant red carpet smile made up of porcelain veneers and teeth whitening techniques.

4. Miley Cyrus And Her Bad Teeth

Our Hannah Montana left her young age and stepped on to adulthood with a set of new gnashers.

During her Hannah Montana days, Miley Cyrus didn’t have those bright pair of pearly whites. But thanks to bleaching, braces, and porcelain veneers which helped her acquire this acceptable set of bright white teeth and a beautiful smile.

5. David Bowie And His Crooked Teeth

He is one of the many celebrities who visited the dentist for cosmetic dental treatment quite a few times.

Before the surgery, he had crooked teeth with poor spacing and had the gums’ recession. His chain-smoking habit had made his mouth a graveyard of decaying bad teeth and gums.

He had a vampire fang and his two front teeth imbricated.

A Youtube video was also made, the subject of the video being David Bowie and his teeth. It is shown in the video that how his bad teeth have changed over the years.

6. Lindsay Lohan And Her Crooked Teeth

The former child artist had crooked teeth like most teenagers, but she still looked pretty with that baby face and cute crooked teeth grin.

But like many celebrities in the Hollywood industry and like most adults, Lindsay Lohan got addicted to drugs and alcohol, making her teeth worse.

Her teeth started decaying eventually, turned yellow, discolored, and chipped.

She went to a cosmetic dentist to get a normal smile with a set of new and perfect teeth. Now she has forgotten the past and is back from being a crazy person and an alcohol addict.

But we can’t live without accepting the fact the Lohan’s dentist is a dentistry idol. Not every dentist can replace severely damaged teeth with fresh new and bright white ones.

7. Niall Horan And His Crooked Teeth

If you are a big fan of One Direction, then you would have noticed clearly the crooked teeth of this heartthrob at a young age.

If you had watched the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ music video, then you must have seen Niall flashing his perfect smile with imperfect crooked teeth.

Not only in the music video, but he also flashed his boyish smile with braces on during red carpets and paparazzi photos without being embarrassed.

After his braces were removed and his snaggle teeth were fixed, no one can miss now his manly knockout smile, and it never fails to steal the hearts of the fans.

8. Jon Heder And His Misaligned Teeth

Jon Heder’s teeth resemble horse teeth, but they helped him get the main role in Napoleon Dynamite’s movie.

One of the celebrities with bad teeth, his soar gums, and front teeth were not helping him get in movies or a fanbase.

He didn’t opt for a smile makeover and stayed true to his puerile smile, but he surely got his buck teeth, and other gnashers straightened and whitened.

9. Morgan Freeman And His Bad Teeth

Morgan Freeman is one of the greatest Hollywood actors people can know. He is one of the celebrities with bad teeth. But the pearly whites we see now fitted in his mouth weren’t always there.

Morgan’s teeth were discolored and crooked. He has to inverse snaggle teeth, and his teeth had an orange hue.

His bad teeth were straightened and whitened, and now his smile is as beautiful as the person he is.

Celebrities With Bad Teeth
Photo by John Mathew Smith from Flickr

10. Johnny Depp And His Mysterious Red Tinge

Johnny Depp might be a heartthrob, but he shouldn’t be excluded from the celebrities with bad teeth list. He is one of the celebrities who had the worst teeth at one point in their life, but thanks to the dentists ready to fix any bad teeth.

Depp’s teeth have undergone many cosmetic surgeries, whether for the movies’ roles or the up-gradation of his looks.

He had to wear gold caps for his role of pirate Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean, and he was seen flaunting them on the red carpet too back in 2015, but people also noticed a mysterious red tinge on one tooth.

His shoddy grin with pair of misaligned teeth wasn’t of any help in his movies, so he had to wear fake teeth to hide his yellow decaying chompers.

11. Avril Lavigne And Her Vampire Fang

The Canadian singer-songwriter has got a set of perfect teeth. Still, haters didn’t hesitate to put her on the list of celebrities with bad teeth because of her vampire fang that she proudly shows off during photo shoots or red carpets.

Her mature incisor makes her smile pretty and unique also. One tooth didn’t stop her from flourishing her career.

Vampire fang is a trend nowadays, and many people want to have those vampire’s teeth and devilish smiles because of the strong influence of series related to vampires. So we can say the singer can pull off a trend with her all-natural teeth and beautiful smile.

12. Emma Watson And Her Bad Teeth

One of the most beautiful women in the Hollywood industry, Emma Watson is seen on the big screen since she was a youngster. She is widely known as the actress with a lovely smile who played the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series.

But did Hermione Granger always had a striking pair of teeth?

The answer is no. Emma’s smile was cute and natural from the early years of her career itself, but as she grew up, she used braces and teeth whitening and straightening techniques to bring that Hollywood-perfect smile and fix her crooked teeth.

13. Nicolas Cage And His Front Teeth

Cage is one of the many celebrities who gave away their front teeth for movie roles. When he was young, the National Treasure trilogy star first parted from his gnashers, his two front teeth, when he was young, to play a role in the movie Birdy.

With time as he acquired name and fame, he decided to get a new set of teeth. Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers helped him in getting a completely new look.

14. Cristiano Ronaldo And His Bad Teeth

He might be a world-class athlete and a heartthrob, and his one dazzling smile can make millions drop dead, but Ronaldo’s smile was not like this forever. At the early stage of his career, he had a pair of bad-looking teeth, misaligned and of bad shape, which was not something that the fans died for.

Besides a pair of horrible teeth, his smile was also gummy and not offended, but he looked better with his mouth closed. Because of a gummy smile and bad teeth, he is put on the celebrities with bad teeth list.

But after he got his teeth fixed and invested in some top gums, his pearly whites added beauty to his smile and jaw-dropping face. Much dental work was done to fix the player’s teeth, but it was all worth for.

15. Madonna And Her Gap Teeth

The pop queen had a gap teeth smile which was enough to put her on the list of celebrities with bad teeth by the critics, but she got gold teeth to smile back in 2014, which annoyed the haters and critics even more.

One of the most beautiful women in the 80s, Madonna has always rocked fashion trends. She pulled them off flawlessly, whether it is the fingerless gloves or cone bras. She was once the fashion leader of the industry.

Call it a fashion or to fix her teeth, she wore Grillz and proudly showed the grilled tooth smile.

Rappers commonly wear the dental apparatus for a fashion move. Still, back then, the Borderline singer pulled it off efficiently, changed the times, and inspired other female singers to wear Grillz. Why not also keep your mouth sparkly when you wear jewels all over your body?

She is always remembered for her signature gap-tooth smile and Grillz’s smile long after she took them off.

16. Michael Strahan And His Gap Teeth

Besides playing for the NFL for 15 long years, the Super Bowl champ is widely remembered for his charming signature gap-toothed smile.

Now, what do most celebrities do when they are at a peak in their career? If they have bad teeth, then they replace them with beautiful new ones. The Super Bowl champ also had decided to do the exact.

Michael Strahan almost went to his dentist to talk about closing the gap between his two front teeth. He felt like he needed to be perfect in every way, in playing football as well as in flashing a smile. The pressure of acquiring perfection eventually came with the rising stardom.

But at last, he ditched the idea of dental work, and instead, he chose to embrace his imperfect teeth. Not all celebrities try to learn to embrace their natural, imperfect teeth.

17. Mike Tyson And His Gap Teeth

The former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is known for his trademark gap teeth until he decided to fill up those gaps and lose the trademark, which made him regret eventually. But he got back his gap teeth again after he took another round to the dentist’s clinic.

The champion and favorite celebrity were previously known for two distinctive gold-capped teeth on the front left side of his mouth.

But Mike Tyson lost one of the shiny caps when his pet tiger headbutted him once. Two new teeth replaced his gold caps soon after.

Gap teeth which are his signature didn’t put him on the celebrities with bad teeth list, but his crooked teeth did. The dentist fixed all of his bad teeth, including his gaps, which made a comeback soon.

18. Kirsten Dunst And Her Awful Snaggle Tooth

Kristen Dunst is one of the many celebrities who opted to keep their teeth as they are, she didn’t opt for getting big girl teeth with the help of a cosmetic dentist, and she is a favorite celebrity of many directors and people.

Despite the stardom, she never changed her awful snaggle tooth. She has visited the dentist for a teeth whitening and brightening treatment, but Kristen never opted to get the shape and size of her teeth fixed.

She was also asked to fix her bad teeth before starring in the Spiderman series’s first installment, but she refused to fix them.

Film director Sofia Coppola, who has directed films like The Godfather and Star Wars, had told her once to keep her incisors the way they are, and Dunst took that seriously. For sure, Coppola could see the talent of the beautiful actress past her bad teeth.

19. Anthony Davis And His Crooked Teeth

Anthony Davis is best known for his two features – his unibrow and his crooked set of lower front teeth.

Like any other famed celebrity, the NBA player traded off his misaligned and crooked teeth with a pair of new and shiny teeth.

Fame and popularity surely pressured him to take down his aesthetic flaw, but he looked much better and appealing after his bad teeth were removed.

20. Shane MacGowan And His Worst Teeth

The frontman of the Anglo-Irish band The Pogues, Shane MacGowan, had probably the worst teeth set anyone can ever see. His famously wonky British teeth, or Irish, were of concern from the beginning itself. All decaying chompers, the reason for the bad teeth of the singer was a hard party life.

Years of alcohol and drug abuse left those teeth decaying and suffering, and soon after, he looked much better with his mouth closed until he got the latest teeth fit. The orange hue on his every tooth wasn’t of any help.

His last tooth from his set of naturals disappeared back in 2009, and after that, he had bought those 28 artificial teeth that we see now perfectly fitted and shiny in his mouth.

The Pogues frontman spent a large amount on his teeth itself, unlike any other celebrity. Surely he is a crazy person, but neither he had a choice other than to buy those new pair of teeth as he neglected and let his natural chompers decay and suffer.

The dentist of Shane is a dentistry idol. It is a big deal to fill someone’s mouth who has no teeth, a complete graveyard with a set of new and gleaming teeth. The teeth overhaul can shake anyone.

Celebrities With Bad Teeth
Photo by John Connor from Flickr

These were some of the celebrities who had once done cosmetic work on their natural teeth.

These celebrities flawlessly and without any hesitation swapped their crooked teeth for a set of poker straight and white teeth. The change in the smile that those new pairs of pearly whites have brought is remarkable and noticeable.

Cosmetic dentistry is also trending nowadays. Of course, who wouldn’t want to shape their teeth as they have always dreamed of? Very few people are born with perfect teeth, and as they grow up, it also becomes hard for them to hold on to those teeth. So if your bank account is in a pretty good state, one awful snaggle tooth is nothing but a dentist’s and money’s play to fix it right, and with a snap, you can get the teeth of your dreams.

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