10 Amazing Tea for Headaches You Need to Try

Tea for headaches is a boon to the human race. It’s because tea has the capacity as a drink to align our moods. If you are angry it soothes you. If you are pensive it serves to faithfully indulge your thoughts. If you want company, it lends you an excuse.

In the rain, after sunrise, in the evening, after lunch, in between difficult times; you name it and tea adapts itself to the situation and caters to the need of the tea drinker.

Such is the beauty and renaissance that tea emboldens and explicates.

When it comes to headaches, it is no surprise, that tea drinking can be useful. And not just that but some teas will do miracles for your headache.

So, prepare for some tea trouble, it’s going to whet your appetite!

tea for headaches
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1. Amazing Tea Types for Headaches

1.1. Ginger Tea

An amazing home remedy that people traditionally used for treating nausea caused by headaches is ginger tea.

It can significantly reduce the ill effects caused by headaches. This is because the working structure of ginger is so that it will heal your stress muscles.

It is a fact that headaches have different intensities. But ginger tea can act as a reducing agent. After you take a cup of ginger herbal tea, it will definitely provide a feeling of relaxation.

Ginger roots are trusted active ingredients that can change your headache pain instantly and even have long-term effects on migraines.

Migraines are an issue that many people struggle with daily. And if you are one of them, then ginger tea can be a friend to your migraine pain.

tea for headaches
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1.2. Chamomile Tea

An astounding herbal tea with versatile nature is chamomile tea. It will work for your stomach problems along with reducing your headaches.

While you go through headache pains, you can try chamomile tea for headaches with relaxing properties.

Chamomile tea as the name suggests is made from chamomile flowers.

Since this is organic in nature people can trust chamomile tea for headaches without expecting any side effects. Chamomile tea will work effectively to soothe your mind and body.

tea for headaches
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1.3. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is another awesome ingredient that you can add to your tea for headaches. Peppermint tea is efficacious enough to reduce headache symptoms.

Drinking tea, especially peppermint tea, will help you get an energetic mood with fewer tension headaches. A cup of tea with amazing peppermint ingredients will affect you positively.

Headaches are something that no one can tolerate in their daily lives. People will have high-intensity headaches that can destroy their full-day energy.

With peppermint tea’s pain-relieving mantra, you are all set to combat all kinds of distress!

tea for headaches
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1.4. Green Tea

One of the most soothing teas is tagged as green tea. Green tea is known for so many health benefits that no one could ever expect it in a single cup. First and foremost, green tea could reduce inflammation.

Green tea contains catechins that will work pretty well for your body. Further, green tea with low caffeine content is something that we can rely on.

While caffeine-containing teas are always favorable in reducing headache pain ( because caffeine will increase your energy level and will also activate your dull mind), it also has the prospect of causing adverse effects on individuals.

Excess caffeine is harmful to the health and well-being of any individual.

But caffeine is not harmful if taken in an adequate amount. And, green tea is the best bargain you can are in the market for low caffeine content. So, go green when you want to stay healthy!

tea for headaches
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1.5. Black Tea

Black tea can also help in reducing headaches. Black tea, like green tea, is extracted from camellia sinensis which is great for headaches. This is because of the caffeine content in black tea.

One of the most reliable natural remedies, black tea will definitely help in healing headaches and developing soothing effects. Many people looking for migraine home remedies rely on the use of black tea.

This is because the medication available for migraines is not safe to use daily. Black tea can help you get rid of headaches for sure even as it is completely natural.

You can take 1-2 cups of tea a day to stay on the safe side.

tea for headaches
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1.6. White Tea

Another fabulous tea for headaches that will improve your symptoms is white tea, which contains caffeine that will activate your energy level by relaxing and refreshing your mind.

So many people trust tea as a savior for a heavy workload. You can always try white tea to escape from severe headaches. White tea may also improve migraine issues.

A cup of white tea for some outstanding health benefits is all you need to cope with stress!

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1.7. Lavender Tea

Lavender fragrance is a favorite of so many women and men out there. Lavender with its gorgeous fragrance can also be added to your tea for headaches. Lavender tea can help to reduce anxiety as it is rich in relaxing properties.

Make sure that you don’t use artificial ingredients or flavors that are not organic while making your herbal tea. Because adding artificial stuff will destroy the natural essence of your tea.

And hence you may not see the exact benefits you could expect from herbal teas.

But with the right kind of organically grown lavender, prepared to be cooled down, and have your anxiety reduced to the bone.

Another most engrossing part about lavender herbal tea is that it carries with it the signature soothing, pleasant fragrance you need to trespass your senses.

tea for headaches
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1.8. Clove Tea

Clove has traditionally been trusted for its health benefits and as an astounding tea for headaches. Being packed with antinociceptive properties can help various types of pain.

Clove can be an amazing ingredient to be added to your tea for reducing the symptoms of headaches.

Headaches can’t be controlled until you add some soothing and cooling ingredients to your tea.

And a clove can sure do the job of reducing pain. Always try to make your own natural clove tea at home.

You can also customize your tea by adding certain different ingredients that will help clove’s essence develop to its fullest and block your headaches like a faithful guard.

The quality of the ingredients may also further decide how it will affect your body, don’t just sit and trust every brand available in the market. Choose the best quality tea leaves for better working efficiency.

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1.9. Feverfew Tea

Another great pain-relieving tea for headaches, feverfew will bring good consequences to your headaches problems. You can trust it completely as a natural remedy for headaches.

Feverfew can also help in treating migraines. Migraine is something that needs special attention, because of the intensity of the pain. And feverfew tea has got you covered, whenever you want to combat this intensity!

You are not supposed to visit any shop or outer space to get a feverfew tea stack.

Just collect the ingredients and get ready for some health benefits.

There are very few cases where feverfew tea can show side effects. Mainly these side effects include irritation in your mouth.  So, make sure to not overdo it and continue only when it suits you.

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1.10 Willow Bark Tea

It is sometimes difficult to find all the ingredients needed to make this willow bark tea. But the tea will be worth all the effort you put into making it.

Willow bark tea will reduce your headaches and pain and provide a relaxing sensation inside your mind.

The main benefits lie in the willow tree bark which needs a perfect boil to show its effects.

Willow bark tea will also help prevent inflammation which is one of the major concerns of people. Willow bark shows similar characteristics to aspirin.

So people that can’t tolerate the effects of aspirin are advised to stay away from willow bark tea. And while willow bark tea bags can be found in the market, always ensure the quality of the tea before purchasing and consuming it.

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2. A Cuppa a Day, Keeps the Headaches Away!

Drinking tea is as unique a task as it is commonplace. In a twisted kind of coincidence, headaches may be described as an ordeal with the same feature placement on both sides of the spectrum from rare to every day.

So, when faced with headaches and the debilitating effect they can have on your quality of life, allying with a warm and soothing cup of herbal tea, made from the choicest of precious dry herbs, can help you drink the headache away.

It’s a remedy and an ongoing jest against the much-maligned headache ailment. So, going the tea way is the right way folks!

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1. How Do You Make Tea for a Headache?

Choose your pick of tea leaves or use the ones easily available. Add tea leaves to a cup and half of boiling water, bring to a boil, and let it simmer for some time. Then sieve off the tea leaves and sip on your hot tea to soothe your headache.

3.2. Should I Drink Coffee or Tea for a Headache?

Both coffee and tea can be used to soothe your headache. However, coffee has stronger levels of caffeine. If you have low caffeine tolerance then going for tea and at that herbal tea can be a better choice.

3.3. Can Some Herbal Teas Cause Headaches?

Herbal teas soothe headaches and can help relieve pain. However, overconcentration of herbs while bringing the tea to a boil or overdrinking certain kinds of teas can have adverse effects. It is recommended to drink with temperance.

3.4. What Herbs Help Relieve Headaches?

Herbs like chamomile, feverfew, lavender, and peppermint can help provide respite from headaches. They can be consumed via the route of herbal teas or other routes including fragrant pouches and sachets.

3.5. Is Lemon Ginger Tea Good for Headaches?

Absolutely! Lemon ginger tea has cooling and pain relief properties. With a lemony tang and citrus kick accentuating the ginger’s base, this is one of the best options to rid yourself of headaches.


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