Self Defense for Women: 3 Simple Tips


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Self defense for women is an essential requirement these days. With the growing number of sexual assaults and violence upon women, the need to learn defense techniques has also increased.

Every woman has experienced those strange looks and unacceptable violations just because of the lack of awareness. To increase confidence and security, teaching self defense for women is essential.

The vulnerability faced by a woman when outside her comfort zone can be reduced by creating awareness and teaching self defense. Engaging in any self-defense classes will benefit you throughout your life.

When a woman strives for her goal, she shouldn’t be harassed or assaulted because of the lack of self-defense knowledge. Therefore, self defense for women is a compulsory program.


Self-defense is defending any attacks or threats on the health and well-being of an individual by themselves. It includes using armed or unarmed force.

Unarmed force involves using martial arts, and armed force deals with the usage of weapons for safety. Verbal self-defense is also included in self-defense. Using words, one can demotivate and stop an attacker.

Armed force includes random things that one may find nearby. For self-defense, hockey sticks or cricket bats can all take the form of a weapon.

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The rates of assaults and violence upon women each day shock every individual. To protect oneself, one should learn self-defense. Irrespective of age, a woman should know self-defense techniques to survive in such a dangerous environment.

Identifying the vulnerable spots of the attacker is crucial in implementing any self-defense technique. The most vulnerable places are the eyes, throat, groin, nose, chest, and knees. All the effective strategies in self defense for women focus on these spots.

Self defense for women
Women identifying vulnerable spots

Types of Attack Cases

  •  Attacker approaches from the front

If an attacker approaches you from the front, initially, you have to create a space between you and the threat. Distance them using your hands and then hit their nose with your forehead. After this, you strike them on their groin using your leg.

  • The attacker grabs your hand.

When the attacker grabs your hand, their thumb has only its own support. So rotating your hands towards their thumb’s side will help you release your hands easily rather than move towards the other four fingers side.

  • Attacker approaches from behind

To escape from such a bear hug approach, bend back instantly and hit the attacker using the back of your head.

This will make the attacker move his legs forward to maintain balance. Bend down and grab that leg. Pull it while you stand. This will make them fall.

  • Attacker approaches from the sides

With your elbows, hit the attacker’s nose or jaw. The attacker will move back a bit.

Utilizing that space hit the attacker’s chest or stomach region using your elbow. Elbow hits are powerful and treacherous. Thus, you can defend against threats.

  • The attacker pushes you against the wall.

In such a situation, you will greatly benefit from knowing the weak points. Hit their eyes, nose, groin, or throat, according to your position. Also, hitting the attacker using your forehead is advisable.

Common Techniques

Even if you know the major cases, there can be many other situations too. Prevention is always better than cure. So equipping yourself with different techniques is necessary.  Teaching self defense for women can help them in dangerous situations.

Confusion and chaos can only make you weak. Instead, use your energy to save yourself. Figure out a solution by staying calm. Panic won’t help in such situations.

Always remember to make a loud noise and exert full power while hitting the attacker. Making noise will benefit you in finding someone nearby. Some techniques for self defense for women are described below.

1) Watch Out for Red Flags

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any situation, don’t hesitate to walk away from those. Intuitions can become realities. Therefore, prevent unsafe situations by leaving such an environment.

Eliminate danger by making smart decisions. It is not a cowardly act, and rather it is a brave way.

2) Use Self-Confidence as a Weapon

Be confident in yourself and believe that you can manage any situation. Attackers usually try to find weak targets. Don’t present yourself as weak and scared prey. Instead, be confident.

Even when you become a target, never lose confidence. If you are frightened, you won’t be able to perform any techniques to save yourself. Have a presence of mind and strongly communicate with confidence to drive away from the attacker.

3) Make Simple but Powerful Moves

Don’t act like you know high-level strategies. This will only make your attacker use more aggressive strategies to put you down. Do things that you know with full potential.

Create an element of surprise. This can be done by acting weak. The attacker will see you as vulnerable. Trap them in by using your techniques effectively.

a) Hammer Strike

If you have keys with you, then use them wisely to protect yourself. Tightly hold the key in a way that the edges are projected out of hands. Now hit your target powerfully.

b) Groin Kick

Self defense for women
The aftermath of a Groin kick

The groin is the most vulnerable spot. A groin kick can help you in any situation if you have the situation to do it. Use your legs or knees to strike the groin of the attacker. This will paralyze them for a while.

c) Elbow Strike

Elbow strike
Women practicing elbow strike

It is a dangerous yet simple way. Bend your arm and strike the attacker’s neck or jaw. Use full force to hit the target with your elbow. This method can be used when the attacker is nearby.

Importance of Self Defense for Women

Self defense for women is so important to ensure safety and security. A woman can defend any unacceptable approach using self-defense techniques.

Self defense for women
Self defense for women

Defense training empowers a woman in many aspects. It increases their confidence levels, and each woman will get what they want. Teaching self defense for women will make them feel empowered and disciplined.

It liberates a woman and makes them self-reliant. Enrolling in a self-defense course and practicing it will keep you healthy and fit. Totally, it promotes equality and promises a better environment for women.

Self defense makes a woman brave and prepares them to face the unexpected. It makes them alert and helps them in choosing wisely.

Self Defense Tools

It is equally important to make yourself equipped with simple weapons. Using simple tools, you can surprise the attacker and can make you safe.

If you are unable to do physical defense, make sure to own any of these tools.

1. Pepper Spray

This is the most common defense tool which you can carry in your bag all the time. There are Pepper spray bottles with alarms and light. It will help in creating alarming sounds.

2. Keychain Alarms

Everyone will have some key with them when they are going out. Attaching this Keychain alarm to your keys will help you in emergencies.

3. Lipstick Stun Gun

This is a handy device that will fit just right in your pocket. It looks like a lipstick container but works like a stun gun with a flashlight.

4. Pen Knife

This tool functions as a pen and as a lifesaver. By pulling over the pen part, you can access the knife. You can use it normally as a pen.

These tools can be used in emergencies. But physical self-defense is more applicable as sometimes you might lose your weapons. The physical defense cannot be taken away from you as it is in you.

Self Defense Education

Self-defense training aims to enable students to make good choices, be aware and alert on every occasion, sense dangers, and take adequate action to be on the safe side.

Learning martial arts also teaches self-defense techniques. There are self-defense courses that only aim at self-defense education. Martial sports like boxing can also help in self-defense education.

Since women are portrayed as weak and submissive, atrocities are also increasing. Making self defense for women a mandatory program has become a part of the academic curriculum in many nations.

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Self Defense for Women

Self defense for women is an integral part of any woman’s life. No matter where you live or what you do, knowing self-defense techniques is a boon.

Considering self-defense learning as a mandatory practice will greatly benefit society as a whole. It can help in reducing crimes and ensuring safety for the common person. Engage in any self-defense activity for good health and safety.

Physical defense works in a great way as it harms the attacker and gives you more time to escape. Using tools is an appropriate option for those who are physically weak.

You cannot live only in the comfort zone. Getting out of it comes at a price. Make yourself independent and strong by learning self-defense.

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