The 4 Human Design Types: The Most Appropriate Guide

Jovian Archive is the official site of the human design system. The site lets people identify which of the human design types are they. They also shed light on what actually the whole system is. Relationships, parenting, self-improvement, and many other things can be improved if you get to know your type and act accordingly.

Ever imagined if your life was pre-planned through mathematics and pseudoscience? As the title suggests, this topic is fascinating. This theory is not very old; the invention of this system was in 1987. Every human being is different in their own way, and this system explains how and why.

The human design types introduce us to our minds’ subconscious and conscious sides. With the help of this system, people get to know what is best for them. Once you know which is your human design type, you will be surprised. Surprised by how much your personality matches your design type.

Personality is just the visible or known part of who you are. Human design types give a proper insight into what actually suits you. Also, this system lets us know what we should consider before making any decisions.

This system not only discusses your abilities. They also give information on how to improve the weak points of your life.

1. History Of Human Design

An Introduction To The Human Design System With Ra Uru Hu

Combining astrology, chakras, I ching, and kabbalah, in 1992, a book was published by the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu. Ra Uru Hu’s real name was Alan Robert Krakower. In this book, he discussed self-knowledge and how we are different from others in our own way.

Ra Uru Hu felt or experienced where he heard ‘voices’ and ‘encountered’ something or someone mystical. This ‘voice’ told him stuff about how our bodies and spirits work upon listening, and he wrote the whole book. Some people may believe this is unnatural, but it’s not, this theory is great for self-improvement. This also helps people to lead a better and improved lifestyle.

The founder of this system spent 25 years researching this theory and came to conclusions. Never forget that this is not just a mere astrology-based thing. The designs are made with the help of proper psychology and mathematical calculations.

2. What Is Human Design


Human design, or BodyGraph, is an interesting and controversial system that gained popularity recently. Knowing about the whole system can be confusing. It is essential to give every possible knowledge about this system starting from the first.

The best way to explain human design is that it is basically a psychological way to get to know yourself better. They also improve your thinking about who you are. With the help of this system, you gain access to your decision-making and judgemental abilities.

This theory is not just a mere myth or belief, and this theory is based on facts. Also, this system has a direct relation between astrology and psychology. This theory suggests one thing no one is born broken, and we lack self-consciousness.

Basically, a great way to improve ourselves and not repeat the same mistakes that made us weak and caused terrible consequences. Everything would fall in place if we knew our individual mechanics.

Improvements in your thinking ability and helps in many things like:

  • Better relationships with family members
  • Better thinking and decision-making abilities
  • Better logical thinking
  • A better understanding of other people’s points of view
  • You get a better perspective of what career to choose according to your human design types

3. Construction of Human Design System

The Design of Forms in the Human Design System - PREVIEW


The system is constructed with the help of the date of birth, delivery time, and location of your birthplace. If your birth time is unknown, then knowing which of the human design types you are will not be possible.

This system is a new-generation study of self-knowledge and improvement. It is a user manual for our lives. The right decision can help us align with the best path in our lives.

4. How Does This System Work

stargazer under milky way night sky
Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

The system actually works with the help of Neutrino. Neutrinos are particles that carry loads of consistent energy. Neutrinos are usually emitted through the sun.

The sun produces 70% of the neutrinos. The galaxy produces around the remaining 30% of the energy.

When these energy-infused neutrinos pass through us, during our birth time, we get designed accordingly.  These designs are imprinted in your human design chart or BodyGraph. After giving your birth date and time, you get to know what your aura or human design is.

5. Authority

graffiti question authority wall
Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

Before getting to which of the Human Design types you possess, we need to know your Authority. Combined with your human design type, authority is ultimately another important information need. Authority should be known to make correct and better improvements in your life.

Authority is a tool that you require to know if something is right for you or not. The two types of Authority are—Inner and Outer.

5.1. Inner Authority

Your Inner Authority: A Key Way that Human Design Can Help You Make Decisions in Your Life.

Our inner intelligence helps us to know whether a decision is proper for us or not. This phenomenon is known as the Inner Authority. It is known that everybody possesses a personalized inner device or compass. This discloses whether any activity is a healthy use of our energy, or not.

The Inner Authority is a body-based feeling that helps us know about sacral authority. This also precedes our cognition of the mind. This lets us access it by making us become more embodied and listen better to our bodies.

5.2. Outer Authority

What is Outer Authority? #humandesign

The Outer Authority in Human Design types is the remarkable ability to provide our own authentic perspective. Our perspectives are derived from our particular design and thinking ability as a form of expression of our uniqueness. Giving opinions or views from our perspective makes us aware of what we think and improves our knowledge.

Strategy and authority go hand in hand to improve how we think and react to things. If people make decisions using their respective Strategies and Authority, they are not making decisions with their minds. Initially, it is common for human minds to not agree with this guidance.  Everyone experiences their Strategy and Authority differently which is unique to them.

The only way to benefit from this information is to bring it alive within ourselves. This can be done by experimenting with our personalized human design types.

6. The 4 Human Design Types

Human design mechanics have 4 types. Each type is unique in its own way with different strategies and authorities. These human design types describe people based on their thinking ability and decision-making abilities. After knowing your human design type, you can automatically improve your existing features or add even better features.

  • Projectors
  • Generators
  • Manifestors
  • Reflectors

6.1 Projectors

red perception text closeup
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

20% of the population have his type of design. Their strategy is to wait for the invitation to succeed and not rush to avoid conflict. Their ability is to have a focused and absorbing aura. They have a remarkable ability to understand others and learn about others.

6.2 Generators

abstract face sculptures photo
Image by Alex S. from Pixabay

People having this kind of design have a dominating nature. 37% of the population usually have this type. These people have the strategy to respond, with the help of avoiding frustration and finding satisfaction. They do different works and become influential in the art of working and building.

These types of people are the planet’s builders or life force. Their role is to work and build, giving them access to the required energy to fulfill a particular position. If they use their strategy to wait to respond, they can do their work correctly.

Having an open and enveloping aura is the best ability of these people. But these kinds of people should get better self-information and learn more about themselves.

6.3 Manifestors/ Manifesting Generators

woman sitting by window overlooking sea
Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

Only 9 percent of the population have this type. Their strategy is to inform before doing anything to avoid anger coming from people. Their motive is to find peace without causing chaos. These people have a very closed and repelling aura.

Also, they are always concerned about what others will think in their presence.

Manifesting Generators are basically a hybrid of Generators and Manifestors, hence the name. This type makes up around 33% of the world’s population. Manifesting Generators are mostly known for being a Generator with Manifestor qualities. Like pure Generators, Manifesting Generators are always up to do the work and to build and master the art of building.

6.4 Reflectors

human design system
Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash

Just one percent of the population possesses these human design types. Their strategy is to wait for a full lunar cycle before making a final decision. They usually lead a more surprising life and less disappointment. They have a resistant and sampling aura, and they learn to reflect rather than identify.

Each of the human design types plays an important role in the universe. Generators or Manifesting Generators have powerful internal motors to get their work done. Projectors have a powerful vision and projective energy to properly guide, lead, and manage work perfectly without chaos.

Manifestors are known for creating and initiating actions to manifest and create brand-new things. Reflectors always act as a mirror to show them how and what they are doing through their workability. If all people were working as their own human design type, then there would be fewer problems. This also could lead to a more peaceful way to live without creating much chaos.

7. Conclusion

This system provides different insights into the human mind and thinking ability. Getting to know your own type helps you make better life decisions and improve relationships and thinking abilities.

Every human is born with a perfect personalized pattern. Everybody has a particular purpose for which they were created. They have their own talents and the aura they brought into this world.

The BodyGraph in Human Design is a combination of our genetic code. This shows us how we should engage our aura and energy in the world.

This system focuses on two main sets of tools – authority and strategy. This allows us to make decisions most compatible with who we are. This design also helps people know why they may be attracted to someone or why they can probably hate someone.

After knowing one of the four human design types, you can embrace and practice improving your mind’s plus points. This whole design is studying your mind and improving life decisions. If you are unaware of their unique human design types, you might lack some of the most important parts of life.

In conclusion, we have our own energetic value that is coded within our DNA. It is sporadic that we actually speak or think of ourselves as an energy being. It is much more common for us to consider ourselves as just mere flesh beings.

We think we are just temporarily infused with consciousness and enjoy a time-bound experience of life. This is usually mediated by how we think and feel about everything that surrounds us.


1. Is Human Design a form of astrology?

A. While Human Design incorporates astrological elements, it is a distinct system that draws from various metaphysical and esoteric traditions. It focuses on the mechanics of energy and decision-making.

2. Is Human Design scientific or spiritual?

A. Human Design is considered more spiritual and metaphysical than scientific. It is not based on empirical scientific research but is valued by some individuals as a tool for personal growth and self-awareness.

3. Can Human Design predict the future?

A. No, Human Design does not predict the future. It provides insights into your personality and decision-making tendencies but does not offer predictive or fortune-telling capabilities.

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