75 Amazing Self Love Affirmations and Different Ways to Use Them

What is Self Love? Different types of love exist, and self-love, or as it is also called philautia1, is very important. Practising self-love affirmations can help one gain and enhance self-love. Self-love is the best form of love because you don’t need permission to love yourself.

When one has enough self-love for themselves, the love of others starts to feel like a bonus and not like a piece of the puzzle, which went missing; one starts to feel incomplete.

Self-love is about loving yourself while accepting your flaws. Self-love means not indulging in negative self-talk. Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that is rooted in actions that support their mental, physical and spiritual growth.

It means having a high regard for one’s own happiness and well-being. It means that an individual prioritizes themselves, fulfil their need on their own, and does not sacrifice their happiness and well-being to please others.

Self-love does not mean that one starts to believe that they do not have any flaws or are superior to others, leading to developing narcissistic tendencies. Self-love might have different meanings for different individuals because we have our own individual ways of taking care of ourselves.

However, there are self-love affirmations that all individuals might commonly use.

For many individuals, self-love is an exaggerated concept, and they often ignore its importance. Modern society is shaped so that individuals constantly compete with one another, and perfectionism2 is considered a greater attribute than self-love.

Modern life is full of criticism and comparison, and amidst all of this, an individual must learn to love and embrace themselves for who they are.

The first step towards it is to practice positive affirmations for self-love.

1. What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are really short, simple yet powerful expressions. When you think, say, or even hear them, they become thoughts that create your reality. Affirmations are phrases directed to have a powerful effect on our subconscious and conscious psyche so that they, in turn, affect our thought patterns, behaviour, and habits.

The words forming the affirmations, involuntarily and automatically, bring up related mental pictures into the psyche or mind, invigorating, inspiring, and motivating an individual.

The affirmations and the related mental pictures get engraved on the subconscious psyche, which changes one’s habits, actions, behaviours, and reactions according to repeated words.

2. Self Love Affirmations

Self-love has various components, and thus the self-love affirmations that one can practice can be divided into groups as follows:

2.1. Self Acceptance

The key to self-love is to first accept ourselves for who we are and as we are. The self-love affirmations under this category are:

  1. With all my flaws, I am worthy of love.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I love myself for who I am.
  4. I am complete.
  5. Love is all that I am surrounded by.
  6. I create the love I need.
  7. I shine bright like a diamond.
  8. Love flows in abundance towards me.
  9. I am a work in progress.
  10. I am capable of achieving my goals.
  11. I bring a lot with me to the table.
  12. No one is perfect.
  13. I have strengths and limitations like others.
  14. Saying goodbye to self-pity.
  15. I am capable of dealing with whatever gets in my way.
  16. I trust myself.
  17. I am unique.
  18. I am right where I am supposed to be.
  19. I deserve happiness.
  20. I am open to experiencing and receiving love.
  21. Others’ judgments do not define me.
  22. There’s more to me than others’ criticisms.
  23. My imperfections make me special.
  24. I am proud of the person that I have become.

2.2. Forgiveness

Every human being makes mistakes, and learning from those mistakes is an important thing, but scrutinizing yourself or blaming yourself forever isn’t necessary. To be on the journey of self-love, one must forgive themselves for the mistakes one has made.

The self-love affirmations under this category are:

  1. It is okay to make mistakes.
  2. At least I tried.
  3. I will keep trying.
  4. I will do better next time.
  5. I will let this go and move forward.
  6. In the end, I am human.
  7. My failures don’t define me.
  8. I do not hold the weight of regrets.
  9. I should not be so harsh on myself.
  10. I am resilient.
  11. My past mistakes do not decide the outcome of my future endeavours.
  12. All I should do is give my best.
  13. Progress is primary, and perfection is secondary.
  14. Opportunities often come in the form of obstacles.
  15. It’s never too late to learn.
  16. Beating myself up will not change what has been done.
  17. There is always room for improvement.
  18. I won’t punish myself for my mistakes.
  19. My willingness to do things will define my success.
  20. If I can come this far, I can keep going.
  21. Life gives me opportunities in the way that is best for me.
  22. I am prospering with every passing day.
  23. My past experiences have made me wiser.
  24. I trust my abilities.
  25. I adapt to circumstances and their consequences.
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2.3. Body Positive

Many individuals are insecure about their bodies, but our body makes up a part of what we are, and thus we should embrace our bodies irrespective of their shape and size.

The self-love affirmations under this component are:

  1. My body is a gift.
  2. I am beautiful.
  3. I am healthy and strong.
  4. My body size does not decide my capability.
  5. I am at peace with the way I appear.
  6. I choose to stop body shaming myself.
  7. I choose to let go of any negative thoughts related to my body.
  8. My body does wonders for me.
  9. My body is worthy of being treated with love.
  10. My body is well nourished.
  11. I will not let my brain bully my body.
  12. There is more to life than worrying about how I appear to others.
  13. My body won’t become healthier if I hate it.
  14. I feel good and am comfortable in my skin
  15. There is nothing shameful about my body.
  16. The weighing machine represents a number.
  17. The size of the clothes I wear does not decide my worth.
  18. My body represents my individuality.
  19. The scars on my body represent my strength.
  20. I choose to stop constantly worrying about my body.
  21. I treasure my body.
  22. I am not supposed to fit in clothes, and the clothes are supposed to fit me.
  23. My body is not a means of comparison.
  24. My body does not depreciate my self-esteem.

3. Using Affirmations

Self-love affirmations are pretty easy to use. One needs to say the affirmations aloud several times a day, but what is more important for affirmations to become successful is how one feels while saying them.

Individuals may not truly believe the affirmative statements at the start, but they need to place themselves into that feeling, even if it is momentary.

Even if the individual does not quite feel its effect, it will show, and it will get powerful, but they must believe that it is coming their way or that these feelings already preexist in them.

Perhaps, one could place their hands where they feel themselves holding onto the negative thoughts or negative self-belief of what they are practising to foster and let go of it when repeating the affirmations.

The following are ways in which one can practice using positive self-love affirmations3 in their daily lives:

3.1. Journaling

Every day either in the morning or evening or maybe both, set aside time to write or journal your top self-love affirmations. Writing or journaling is more powerful than typing as it helps one to connect with oneself more.

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3.2. Mirror Talk

Mirror talk means positioning oneself in front of a mirror looking directly into one’s own eyes and saying out loud the selected self-love affirmations. This practice is very powerful and will yield results if done regularly. One should add this to their morning routine for the earliest difference.

3.3. Meditating

One could meditate with affirmations. While focusing on their breath, they could repeat the self-love affirmations. Meditating helps us connect with our psyche, and saying the affirmations can have a powerful impact.

3.4. Setting Reminders

Amidst the chaos and busy schedule, one might forget to tell themselves how amazing they are. So to prevent it from happening, one can set reminders on their phones, or calendars or post sticky notes around the house reminding them to repeat self-love affirmations.

3.5. Listening Before Sleeping

One could record themselves repeating the self-love affirmations or get a recording and listen to it as they try to sleep. A powerful way to reach your subconscious and adopt new beliefs is to listen to affirmations as you fall asleep.

4. In The End

Practising self-love affirmations will improve your life experiences and make you realize that your life is filled with love.

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4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1. Do Affirmations Work for Self-Love?

Recognizing what you value in yourself can help you feel more whole and valuable, and can improve your ability to deal with unstable experiences. “If you have a good sense of self, threatening situations don’t affect you.

4.2. What Is a Positive Mantra?

Positive mantras are words, phrases or affirmations we say to aid meditation. “Mantras are an example of sound therapy,” says Erika Posinelli, a certified Kundalini meditation/yoga instructor and practitioner. “The words we speak have a vibrational frequency.

4.3. What Is the Mantra of a Happy Life?

Make peace with your past. Remember to overcome everything and bury the past so that the now does not destroy you. The past is always haunting and disturbing

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