10 Amazing Healing Crystals That Help With Anxiety

Crystals That Help with Anxiety
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Crystals that help with anxiety seem powerful and magical. They are often linked with spirituality and are used in a lot of practices to cure several other conditions. Crystals that help with anxiety are a form of alternative therapy. This article talks about such crystals. 

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Healing crystals are just some of the tools used for decreasing anxiety and treating stress, anxiety, fear, worry, or even panic attacks. Each with their own healthful abilities for the mind, body, and soul, crystals build up good energy flow and help you take charge of your own life.

There’s also a whole class of crystals that are meant to offer up protection — from bad spirits, negative energy from others, downer feelings. And even if you’re not a full follower in the rocks’ powers, they can be a way to set an intention, a visual cue that you are working to think or speak more boldly. Plus, they double as decor.

Here are 10 healing crystals for those who justify the sacred space of peace to kick away anxiety and stress.

1. Clear Quartz and Moonstone as a Healing Crystal for Anxiety

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It’s a crystal with white stone, combined with the idea of purity that grows from achieving enlightenment. Moonstone and clear quartz have a beautiful, sparkling shine of white crystal or gemstones, which contain all the spectrum colors. It has a healing effect and a unifying force of purity. When worn against the skin, these are healing crystals that help with anxiety and have a simple way to access their grounding outcomes.

It is a fabulous tool that helps us discover the sense of internal calm, we need so much in times of anxiety and tension. Clear Quartz can be efficiently used to us remain organized in tensioned situations.

2. Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite

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The pink stones signify the heart chakra. This is the most powerful stone among all the crystals as it will provide you the energy to view life through rose-tinted glasses. The pink hue is the color of unlimited love and compassion.

It gives you full strength to fight your anxiety. Rose quartz has a strong healing effect for anxiety. They are almost of pastel pale pink shade, which is a good sign of its most commonly known feature. These stones function both to receive and give love.

3. Yellow Jasper and Citrine in Jewelry

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The most embodiment shade is yellow, which is the most eminent and has a pleasant appearance among all the hues in the spectrum. Yellow jasper and citrine as yellow gem are just like vitamin c in our body life. Wear healing crystal jewelry with yellow stones and always have a little ray of sunlight where ever you go.

By wearing these healing gems means proudly you’ll shine from the inside out in your life. Citrine yellow color stones also represent spiritual joThe y as it overcomes negative energy and also panic attacks. It is also said that it is one of only two gems that do not need to be filtered or even restored.

4. Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Lazuli For Healing Anxiety

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The blue shade symbolizes self-expression and helps in a stressful situation. It signifies the nature of a river with peace that is attained deep within the comfortable place in the soul.  Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Lazuli crystals are just wonderful as healing gems for anxiety and stress. These crystals or gemstones clean and with anti-anxiety medication effects.

They control balance in the mind by cooling off stressful times. Furthermore, like blue stones, there are even violet color stones associated to relieve stress and anxiety.

5. Tiger’s Eye Gem Stones

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You can enhance your strength and motivate yourself by using this stone. The most reliable way to heal it is by using a shiny yellow color tiger eye stone. It is said that you can get free of your mental breakdown and body anxiety. It also assists you to build up self-reservation. You should definitely use a tiger eye healing crystal against your skin for stress relief.

It also makes us rid of anxiety attacks. This will be very helpful for your career ambitions or even matters of your soul. This yellowish golden tiger eye stone also leads you to consistency and helps you restore clear and conscious decisions.

6. Obsidian Healing Crystal Gemstone

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This crystal stone has a definite property to protect your soul and body. Obsidian healing crystal has the property to help you in physical well-being and also mental negativity which builds up anxiety. This stone improves clarity, properties of strength, and empathy to find your true self-sense feeling.

Obsidian crystal stone can be also used for your physical body, which will increase metabolism and detoxification by equally overcoming pain and cramps in your body.

7. Overcome Anxiety Attacks with Amethyst Crystal

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The amethyst crystal is our protector on days we feel under stress. It gives clarity and loosens up the mind, helping us to understand what creates stress. This gorgeous crystal can help us decrease anxiety by giving you peaceful vibes.

8. Release Tension and Reduce Anxiety with Black Tourmaline Crystal

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Black Tourmaline is a potent stone that can be used to defend against any kind of adverse influence. It’s rated one of the best stones to protect against dangerous EMFs. During stressful moments it can be used to reacquire sensitive balance and strength.

Other than only stress, it also serves you with many other different properties like:

  1. Enhancement in circulation
  2. Develops a healthy and energetic mood
  3. Helps to detox from large metals and environmental pollutants
  4. Helps in weight loss and reducing of bloating
  5. Mainly used for stress and anxiety relief
  6. Supports disengaging obsessive actions
  7. Supports a strong immune system

9. Overcome Depression and Anxiety with Lepidolite

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The lepidolite crystal is one of the most beneficial stones for the relief of stress and anxiety. It normally contains the element lithium, which is essentially used in the anti-anxiety medication process. This stone brings balance in stressful times when we feel emotionally confused or extremely worried.

How to use it:

  • Place the lepidolite crystal or gemstone on the heart chakra space which will help you recover your sensitive balance in life
  • Wear Lepidolite jewelry to experience its soothing energy throughout the day
  • Display the healing crystal near your bed to resonate with its soothing power while you relax

10. Jade and Aventurine for Anxiety

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The green stones, like jade and aventurine, can help us to bring stability to your life when you are stressed. The color green as a healing crystal is the color for ultimate good luck. Wearing green stone as a healing crystal against your skin will provide you with energetic and powerful success and prosperity principles. One can wear jade and aventurine crystal to succeed in their life. By providing with the above principles, the aventurine gemstone will keep you away from stress and anxiety.

It is one of the most used green colors, which comes in different red, blue, orange, grey, and brown colors. Aventurine gemstone belongs to a category of minerals that is Chalcedony. These colored stones have a meaning that is prosperity and confidence.

Stress and anxiety can affect everything we do, create or feel. It can also change our body functions.

We can feel and cope up with stress differently and the types can also exhibit in different ways:

  • Stress types on the physical level: tissue tensions, common colds, and diseases, allergies, diarrhea or illness, nausea, boils, hyperventilating, palpitations, high blood pressure, heart problems, sexual problems, menstrual problems.
  • Stress types on the psychological level: failure to think or make simple decisions, memory lapses, depression, anxiety, negative thinking, mood swings, frustration, irritability, lack of motivation, self-confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Behavioral stress types: increased reliance on coffee, smoking, alcohol, recreational or illegal drugs, workaholic, relationship problems, self-neglect, insomnia, recklessness, aggressive and anger outbursts.

Crystals That Help with Anxiety

These elegant gemstones can help you to get rid of anxiety and stressful times. They also provide you with equal balance within your soul to again rebuild the positive energy within yourself.

These healing crystals or gemstones also encourage your life exhibitions, which help fulfill your dreams and future goals. Energy Muse provides necklaces that provide us the balance and development of the consciousness that we need. Energy muse gives you different types of healing crystal necklaces with many other colors of gemstones.


While at times contributed by guest authors, our content is medically reviewed periodically by professionals for accuracy and relevance. We pride ourselves on our high-quality content and strive towards offering expertise while being authoritative. Our reviewers include doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and even medical students. -----------------------------------

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