7 Efficient Methods To Try For Enhancing Your Lips

Around the world, having bigger, plumper lips is seen as a symbol of attractiveness, health, and beauty. Having this in mind, it should come as no surprise that it is such a desired quality and that everyone is seeking methods to improve their lips. Even though genuine lip size is ultimately influenced by genetics1, there are various options to consider if one wants to give their lips more shine.

Although surgery is the only method that has been shown to dramatically increase their size, there are several other natural ways to enhance the appearance and fullness of your lips. In this helpful tutorial, we’ll give you seven tried-and-true tips for enhancing your lips and getting a charming smile.

Taking collagen supplements

As people age, their lips naturally become thinner. According to one study that compared the lip sizes of two age groups (the younger and older age groups), the older group’s lip volume fell by 25% on average. It, therefore, demands anti-aging methods to ensure that you maintain full, plump lips for a longer period of time. This might involve taking care of your interior health as well as your skin on a regular basis. Soluble collagen supplements are one technique to get skin that looks younger. These have been demonstrated to support elasticity, preserve skin thickness, and preserve natural moisture levels.

Moreover, there are a few straightforward methods to naturally boost collagen 2in the lips:

Add collagen to your diet. It’s simple to increase the amount of collagen in your diet by using collagen powder, tablets, and gummies. (Hint: Type I collagen is said to be the ideal kind for skin and lips.)

If you don’t like taking supplements, consider consuming collagen-rich soups or vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. These foods encourage the synthesis of collagen naturally.

Lip injections

For a variety of reasons, including aging, environmental variables, and occupational circumstances, the lips might lose their fullness and attractiveness over time. The biggest effects are probably your age and the rate at which you age as determined by your genetics. As people grow older, their capacity to retain moisture is lost along with collagen and other connective tissue. Workplaces and hot, dry environments can also dehydrate the lips. In order to get a bigger pout, lip injections, which are a relatively common and non-invasive technique, are used to plump and contour the lips.

It is a pleasant operation that will fit into any schedule because there is no recuperation time and immediate results. If you reside in Canada or just happen to be there, you can consider trying lip injections in Vancouver, which can assist you in getting the shape of your lips you’ve always desired. This type of therapy is a fantastic solution for naturally thin lips and the volume loss that can happen as we age. So, lip injections3 are a simple way to get the desired fullness back.

Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells, making your lips feel smoother and more moisturized. Exfoliation also improves circulation in the lips, giving them a fuller appearance.  Be careful not to overuse it, though; once a week is more than enough to exfoliate your lips.

Using a lip scrub feels much more comfortable, even if you can exfoliate with a cloth or gentle toothbrush.

A straightforward concoction of brown sugar and honey is ideal for providing shine and moisture to lips if you’re searching for the ideal, straightforward DIY exfoliant4. If you want to go with a toothbrush, your lips will appear and feel softer after two minutes of gently brushing in tiny, circular strokes with a toothbrush to remove the extra skin cells.

Makeup trick

Use the makeup you have to create the appearance if you want a quick fix before heading out to hang out with your friends. First of all, line your lips with a lip liner that is at least two shades darker than your natural lip color.

To enhance your pout, wear lipstick that is similar to the color of your skin. When trying to achieve fuller lips, you should generally stay away from darker lipsticks since they make your lips seem flat. Lipstick in clear or neutral tones is a much better match in this scenario. Apply clear lip gloss to the middle of your lips to finish. This will make the lip appear bigger and reflect light.

Apply brown or white eyeliner on the inside of your lower lip. Keep the line extremely understated, since you don’t want to overdo it and make it appear unnatural. 

Keep your face clean and moisturized

Dirt and unwanted extra oils may accumulate on your skin if you don’t often clean your face with a washcloth and some cleanser. Your lips will therefore suffer as well. Maintaining a clean face can help you seem more youthful in general and will help you avoid various elements that might damage your lips’ shiny beauty.

Moreover, using moisturizing and conditioning lip creams will keep your skin supple. Utilizing moisturizers will keep the region glowing and healthy-looking. However, the delicate lip area, in particular, is more sensitive than other locations and may require a little more attention.

Use sunscreen

Just as vital as sun protection for your face is sun protection for your lips. Search for items with a physical sunscreen. Hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients are sometimes used in them to moisturize and smooth the lips. The UV rays not only hasten collagen degradation but also prevent your body from producing healthy levels, which results in a decrease in lip volume. Your lips may dry up from exposure to the sun, which will make them appear thinner than they actually are. Make sure to apply SPF to protect your lips since shiny items like lip glosses can actually attract the sun’s rays, causing them to hurt your lips.

Use lip balm

Your lips are frequently affected by exposure to abrasive elements in the environment and by chemically derived lip cosmetics. As a result, the lips seem unhealthy, dry, and chapped. Many lip balms have the capacity to gently exfoliate dead skin cells from your lips, leaving you with healthy lips that aren’t weighed down by a covering of dead skin cells that makes them seem quite dreary. Additionally, moisturized lips can appear bigger, so applying lip balm every day is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your lips.

We hope that these suggestions will enable you to achieve the fuller, more attractive lips of your dreams. Take good care of your lips, especially if you live somewhere where your entire face is exposed to a harsh environment, and see how stunning and appealing they become.

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