Hyaluronic Acid Serum Benefits for Skin

Hyaluronic acid1 is widely used in skincare. It is naturally produced by our bodies and consists of sugar called Glycosaminoglycan. This sugar comprises water-binding molecules.2

The benefits of hyaluronic acid serum are infusing moisture and water into the skin. It does not exceed the water limit, which can cause a breakout.

1. What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

The hyaluronic acid serum is a Humectant. A humectant is a substance that traps moisture from the surroundings.

Some face serum bottles with hyaluronic acid with a scrunchy kept on a plain surface.
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The texture-wise hyaluronic acid serum is jelly and sticky. It is naturally present in our eyes, joints, hair, and skin.

Around 50% of hyaluronic acid is found in your skin in the epidermis and dermis region. However, with age, the hyaluronic acid content in the skin starts decreasing.

As a result, as we grow old, our skin becomes drier, and we start developing fine lines, and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid boosts the moisture level in our skin, making it appear more hydrated, supple, and glowing. It is practical, gentle, and has calming properties.

The best part about hyaluronic acid is that it works amazingly well on all skin types: regular, combination, dry skin, oily skin, or even acne-prone skin.

It works without any allergic reaction, has hydration benefits, and doesn’t leave any oily residue.

2. How to Use Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

It is advised that hyaluronic acid serum 3should be applied on damp skin. So, before using the serum, hydrate your skin by applying a layer of toner or spraying some face mist.

Then apply a few drops of hyaluronic acid serum to your skin when it is still wet. If you live in an area where the climate is usually dry, then after this step, you can again spray another layer of facial mist on your skin for more hydration.

Some face serum bottles with hyaluronic acid with a scrunchy and a pair of earrings kept on a grey cloth.
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Using hyaluronic acid correctly is more important than just inculcating it in your skincare routine.

Hyaluronic acid is also very beneficial for your lips. It can be used to moisturize chapped and flaky lips. Misusing it can reverse its effectiveness and cause more harm than good.

Many cosmetic skincare products contain hyaluronic acid as one of their ingredients. Hyaluronic acid works magic on any and every skin type. It is like a hydrating powerhouse and can make a significant difference to your skin if you start using it in your skincare.

As we age, the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin starts decreasing. We start getting fine lines and wrinkles; thus, by using hyaluronic acid serum, we can maintain the acid levels in our skin.

It targets fine lines, makes the skin look instantly plump, improves skin texture, and keeps skin moisturized. It has hydrating power, which heals dehydrated skin, irritated skin.

3. Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Serum

3.1. Hydrate Skin

Hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant that hydrates the skin by slowing the rate at which the water in our skin evaporates. Thus the moisture stays in our skin and makes it look more radiant and soft.

It is also called a magnet of moisture for skin as it literally draws moisture from the air and makes sure your skin is moist and hydrated.

3.2. Plumps Up Skin

As hyaluronic acid traps water in the skin, the skin looks dewier, more supple, and plumper.

3.3. Minimize Fine Lines

Hyaluronic acid increases collagen in the skin. Collagen is the reason behind the elasticity in the skin. Thus, by using hyaluronic acid, we can make sure our skin is not deprived of collagen., This will make sure our skin has more elasticity and fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

A woman with very short hair uses a drop of hyaluronic acid serum on her face.
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3.4. Maintain Skin Elasticity

Hyaluronic acid serum maintains elasticity by making sure the skin is getting enough collagen. As the natural collagen present in our skin decreases with age, we tend to see signs of dryness and fine lines but hyaluronic acid makes sure the skin is getting enough collagen, and thus, it maintains skin elasticity.

Since hyaluronic acid serum has so many benefits, one should definitely consider giving it a try.

Inculcate Hyaluronic acid serum in your skincare routine and see the amazing results yourself.

4. Some Other Facts about Hyaluronic Acid 

4.1. Moisture Magnet

One of the salts present in hyaluronic acid is called sodium hyaluronate. The more sodium hyaluronate content in the serum, the less it gets absorbed.

Hyaluronic acid holds water within your complexion. It is a natural structure that is found in our skin. It is also commonly called a moisture magnet. It binds water and keeps that within the skin.

The hyaluronic acid serum makes skin look fresh, alert, and more awake.

It is crucial to pick the correct hyaluronic acid serum. The hyaluronic acid content in the skin starts declining in the late 20s. Thus, supplementing hyaluronic acid from external sources does help a lot.

Different serums and creams use different sizes of molecules for other effects on the skin. Bigger molecules sit closer to the top of the skin, and smaller molecules make their way into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

 While purchasing, it is recommended to buy a serum with sodium hyaluronate 4with less molecular weight.

Inculcate hyaluronic acid in your morning and night skincare routine. Make sure you put a moisturizer after applying hyaluronic acid as the moisturizer will make sure that the acid is all locked in properly in your skin.

The hyaluronic acid serum is going to provide immediate plumpness and instant radiance to your skin. 

4.2. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid

Vitamin C is very important for the production of hyaluronic acid in the body, hence food items that are rich in vitamin C should be consumed on a regular basis to get that natural hyaluronic acid boost in the body.

Almonds, oranges, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and bone broth are some of the food items that naturally contain hyaluronic acid in them.

In fact, hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin C serum both work miracles on the skin. A skincare routine should definitely have both vitamin C as well as hyaluronic acid serum in it, it will not only reduce the signs of aging and give you plump skin but it will also keep your skin healthy from the inside.

Hydrated skin is equivalent to healthy skin. Water is like a blessing to your skin. It works effortlessly on every single skin type, be it oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, parched skin, or normal skin.

A hyaluronic acid-boosting serum is a must-try. There are plenty of brands available in the market which have the best hyaluronic acid serums.

4.3. Low Molecular Weight

Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid is a low molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. It is known for its deep penetration property as the molecules of these hydrolyzed acids are tiny enough to penetrate your skin thoroughly.

Thus, hyaluronic acid serum with low molecular weight is better than ordinary hyaluronic acid serums, Molecular weights do make a difference in the finalization of the best hyaluronic acid as our aim is good hydration without any additional moisture loss.

The hyaluronic acid serum also helps in wound healing, it does not clog pores, works well for all skin types, and also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This acid reduces inflammation and also enlarged pores.

4.4. Primes the Skin

Hyaluronic acid is used as an active ingredient in a lot of products in the cosmetic industry. One such product which uses hyaluronic acid in its manufacturing is a makeup primer.

A makeup primer is used as a base before applying the actual makeup like the foundation and concealer, it is extremely important to have a good makeup base so that the makeup looks flawless.

Hyaluronic acid naturally repairs the skin cells, makes the skin’s surface even, and also improves skin tone.

4.5. Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5

Hyaluronic acid 2 b5 is the best solution for dryness in the skin. As hyaluronic acid combined with b5 allows more penetration of the acid into the skin.

It also provides long-lasting hydration and moisture. It gives you plump skin that always looks refreshed and beautiful.

Hyaluronic acid 2 b5 is easily available in the market you can also purchase it online. Pure hyaluronic acid is very lightweight and has a watery consistency.

100% pure hyaluronic acid serum helps in the transfer of active ingredients into the skin. It easily reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Even a board-certified dermatologist will suggest you inculcate this amazing skincare ingredient in your daily routine.

5. Collagen

Collagen is a protein found in our skin, joints, and ligaments. Studies suggest that hyaluronic acid boosts collagen production in our bodies.

Collagen is a very beneficial protein for the skin. It gives you supple skin, smoothes fine lines, and retains moisture in your skin.

Collagen can be found in various creams and serums, and you can also consume collagen shots. People with dehydrated skin even opt for direct collagen injections.

5.1. Benefits of Collagen

An attractive young woman wearing an under eye patch.
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Collagen has anti-aging antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is needed to have healthy skin, hair, bones, ligaments, joints, and muscles.

It makes 1/3rd of the total protein in mammals. Collagen supplements are typically made from protein sources from bones, skin, and scales.

The supplements come from the connective tissues of animals like cows, chickens, pigs, and horses. Collagen supplements include collagen peptides5, collagen hydrolysate6, and gelatin.

Our bodies do naturally make collagen, and it is synthesized in the body using vitamin C and amino acids proline and glycine. Proline and glycine both are non-essential amino acids.

The collagen synthesis declines with age. However, we can continue having good skin and healthy joints if we inculcate collagen supplements into our diet.

We can add collagen protein powder or supplement to your morning smoothie, or we can add it to our coffee. Proteins are made from amino acids. Glycine is one of the primary amino acids found in collagen protein. Glycine is exceptionally beneficial for having amazing skin.

6. B Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

B hydra intensive hydration serum is like a hydration booster for your skin. It works amazingly well for all irrespective of your skin type and it is composed of a variety of skin moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients like zinc oxide, vitamin C, ceramides, and panthenol.

B hydra intensive hydration serum has plenty of benefits for the skin along with hydration it has anti-aging properties, and it reduces excess melanin in the skin.

There are even mineral complex serums available in the market which has hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and other beneficial ingredients present in them.

It helps in vanishing fine lines and wrinkles and leaves skin looking dewy and flawlessly gorgeous.

7. Ending Tips

Hyaluronic acid is believed to work even better when combined with certain ingredients that are equally wonderful for your skin.

Some of the ingredients that work best with hyaluronic acid are licorice root, niacinamide, vitamin C, and bio-fermented zinc.

The hyaluronic acid serum also contains purple rice extract as one of its ingredients. Purple rice is a natural ingredient that has many skin benefits like it is rich in antioxidants.

Silk proteins are also known for their skin benefits like increasing skin elasticity, and preventing the appearance of fine lines.

The hyaluronic acid serum is a must-try! Do consider giving it a shot and see how it works for you.

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