Is Brown Sugar Vegan: Top 3 Incredible Facts About It

is brown sugar vegan

Is brown sugar vegan? This is probably the most common and confusing for the vegan diet followers that they want to know? As the vegan diet is becoming popular day by day, sugar is the main part of one’s life. So it becomes important to know is brown sugar vegan or not.


Is Brown Sugar Vegan: Top 3 Incredible Facts About It


is brown sugar vegan


Is brown sugar vegan is the biggest question that every vegan diet follower needs to know? A vegan diet is one of the new and yet becoming a popular diet in the world.

And now, as more people are moving to the vegan diet, they want to know that it is brown sugar vegan or not, as sugar is an inseparable part of anyone’s life. Without sweetness, no one can imagine his life.

From ice – creams to deserts, shakes, chocolate, and almost every house use sugar. Whether brown or white sugar or any plant-based sugar. But with time, the trend of brown sugar is increasing. And that is why we should know that is brown sugar is vegan or not.


1. Why It Is Important To Know That Is Brown Sugar Vegan

is vegan sugar vegan

Before going for is brown sugar vegan, we should know that what is a vegan diet. And what it has to do with sugar. Whether white or brown sugar. Or any powdered sugar.

Well, a vegan diet is a typically new diet that prohibits the use of animal products. A vegan diet is a completely animal product-free diet. And doesn’t use any animal products like milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, chicken, meat, poultry products.

Even leather or any product made from animals is banned in this vegan culture.

The vegan diet is purely a diet that includes only plant products or plant foods. Like fruits, vegetables, soymilk, tofu, and many more, we can count on the list.

The reason for the popularity of the vegan diet varies. In contrast, some follow for health reasons because the vegan diet is very healthy. And some follow it for ethical reasons so that animals should be protected.

Whatever the reason there is. The main thing is that the vegan diet is becoming popular, and we can find the follower of a vegan diet throughout the world. So it becomes important to know that it is brown sugar vegan.

Now you might be thinking that what a vegan diet has to do with sugar or, more specifically, brown sugar. Well sugar although sugar is made from plant, sugarcane, its refining process include animal product.

When raw sugar is made in the making of sugar, it is discoloured or filtered through bone char. And hence white sugar gets its colour. Bone char is a powder that is made from animal bones, especially cattle.

Bona char is made from the animal’s bone. In the countries which have animal husbandry as an economic activity. Bones of the animals are burned till they turn into the char. And then used for giving the white colour to the sugar.

So, the white colour of the sugar is just because of the bone char used in the processing of sugar. So, although sugar is made from plants.

It doesn’t need any animal product in its making because of the bone char used in its filtering process. Sugar becomes non – vegan friendly.

It is important to know if brown sugar vegan or not. Because brown sugar is an important part of the diet. And is used by many people all over the world. It is important to know if brown sugar vegan or not because there is nothing like following a diet, honestly.

And even mistakenly breaking the rules of a diet is not right ethically but morally also. And also, knowing that is brown sugar vegan is important. Because you should be completely aware of the diet you are following and the food items you are consuming.

To know that is brown sugar vegan is important because vegan sugar has many health benefits. It controls the blood sugar level and prevents type 2 diabetes, obesity, and many other health problems.

Sugar is the main component of anyone’s life. And without sugar and the sweetness that it offers the life of people is dull. Can you imagine your life without sugar, sweetness. The answer would be a big no.

And that is why it important to know that is brown sugar vegan or not so that we can’t lose the sweetness of our life.

And last but not least, knowing is brown sugar vegan or not is important. So that you can prevent animals from unethical killing. As bone char is made from the powder of animal bones.

So using vegan sugar that doesn’t include bone char is good not only for you. But for the animals, the environment also.


2. How Brown Sugar Is Made

is brown sugar vegan

Bone Char 

You would think that because brown sugar is not white, it doesn’t involve bone char in its processing process. And is brown sugar vegan. But that is a myth indeed.

Brown sugar is also not vegan – friendly. Brown sugar is made from refined sugar. And then molasses are added to it to give the brown colour.

So because brown sugar is made from refined sugar that has bone char. So brown sugar is not also vegan–friendly.

And if you are selecting any brand just because it claims that its brown sugar is vegan–friendly. They are not right. You should check that it is brown sugar vegan or not.

Every refines sugar, whether white sugar or brown sugar. Every kind of sugar is processed with bone char and is not vegan friendly.


3. Is Brown Sugar Vegan

Now the most important thing is that it is brown sugar vegan, even in the real sense. Yes, brown sugar can be vegan, but you have to be very careful about selecting vegan brown sugar.

Not every sugar labelled vegan sugar. You have to be very careful with brown sugar vegan and have to search thoroughly for vegan brown sugar.

But it is not so difficult as it would seem at first glance. For vegan brown sugar, first of all, keep in mind that you cant tell which sugar is vegan or not.

Not every company uses bone char for processing sugar. Some use carbon granular also gives the sugar its white colour, and also makes it vegan friendly. But you cant tell that which sugar is free from bone char or which is not.

Not every company makes it clear from the packet, whether it used bone char or not. And it all creates a mess about is brown sugar vegan or not.

But all you can do is to use beet sugar. Beet sugar is a sugar made from beetroots and never uses bone char for the processing of sugar.

Also, there are some more sugar options that you can choose for use in the vegan diet. You can find many vegan sugars out there.

One such is turbinado sugar. Turbinado sugar is made from the sugar cane plants like other ordinary white sugar, but it is not filtered or discoloured using bone char. It doesn’t use anything for discolouring and is vegan.

Other ingredients used for making sugar are maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut palm sweet, demerara sugar, muscovado sugar, and many more we can count on the list.

All of them have one thing in common that don’t use any substance for refining sugar or discolouring and filtering sugar, and that is why they are also called raw sugar, as they are not refined.

is brown sugar vegan

Apart from this, you can also use organic sugar. Organic sugar also doesn’t use bone char or any animal product to process sugar and is completely vegan friendly.

Also, you should keep in mind that while selecting vegan-friendly sugar, don’t always think of the brands. Not all brands offer you vegan-friendly sugar.

So on what you have to focus on is the certification or the certified sugars, which are certified by the international parameters and labelled any sugar that they are vegan or not.



In this article, we have tried to find out that is brown sugar vegan or not and has also come out with the answer that every sugar, even brown sugar, is not vegan and uses bone char as a refining substance and making it non-vegan friendly.

But you can find some vegan sugars out there, which are not only bone char-free but also has health benefits. Using raw sugars or unrefined sugars can be ethically, morally, and right in health.

Also, you can make your vegan sugar at home. If you are passionate about cooking and health, you can also make your vegan sugar at your home using simple methods, and in the long run, that could be cost-effective and beneficial for health.

There are many deserts in which you can use natural sugar made from natural ingredients and is very beneficial for health. By using vegan sugar, you are not saving your life and those innocent animals who are brutally killed for making sugar white.

So after knowing that is brown sugar vegan, use vegan, friendly and make your recipes and your life sweet and save your life, innocent animal’s life, and the environment.

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