5 Surprising Pros And Cons Of Iaso Tea

Weight loss tea is always preferable for people looking to lose weight in a herbal way. Iaso Tea is a kind of herbal technique or remedy for weight loss1. The main principle behind this herbal tea is intestinal cleaning which aids weight loss.

Pros and cons of Iaso tea
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Pros and cons of Iaso tea are something one must learn before trying out this herbal tea, and this is the right place to find out about Iaso Tea2.

1. Iaso Tea: A Herbal Tea For Weight Loss

A herbal tea with a fantastic blend of 9 effective ingredients with incredible weight loss benefits3. Iaso Tea is a perfect package of fruits, herbs, and spices for supporting the weight loss journey.

Detox and weightloss 🔥 How to brew our amazing Iaso brew tea!

1.1. Ingredients

This herbal tea entirely belongs to and is owned by the US marketing company (Total Life Changes); the tea is only available on the online shopping website.

1.2. The Tea Is Prepared in the Following Way

  • Use two tea bags in 1.14 litres of water (boiling water) and then brew for 4 hours.
  • After the brewing process, add 3.4 litres of cold water and cool down then the tea is in the refrigerator.

This whole process prepares or produces around 4.5 litres of tea. The tea is recommended to be taken twice daily. Each serving should contain 236 ml of Iaso tea. The benefits of tea will be seen in intestinal cleansing and weight loss 4within 5 days since you started using it.

How to brew the Iaso Tea Original

2. Pros And Cons Of Iaso Tea

Many questions pop up in your mind about weight loss tea, as they may have side effects. You will see a lot of benefits of the tea while very significant cons are suppressing the benefits. Let’s start with the Pros of Iaso tea. Here we go.

2.1. Pros of Iaso Tea

2.1.1. Weight Loss

No doubt! Weight loss is one of the most accepted benefits of using Iaso tea. The presence of Thistle would contribute to sudden weight loss due to diuretic changes. This condition will help lose weight for many folks trying it out within a short period (5 days).

If you continue using this Iaso tea, then you will see suitable weight loss, but it’s only possible during long-term constant use of it. Continuous effects of diuretics will help in statutable weight loss, as your body’s (excess) water will be flushed out continuously.

Pros and cons of Iaso tea
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2.1.2. Natural Laxatives

In the debate of the pros and cons of Iaso tea, the presence of natural laxatives helps in adding another point for the benefits of Iaso tea. The presence of persimmon leaves would relieve constipation and help in proper bowel movement because persimmon leaves serve the purpose of natural laxatives in the tea5.

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Ginger present in Iaso herbal tea will also stimulate the process of weight gain by cleaning toxins and helping manage unwanted fats. There is no such study to prove the strong effects of ginger on the weight loss journey, but a few reports in 2018 by the National Library Of Medicine came up with the linkage between ginger and weight loss in a significant way.

Also, Iaso tea contains a significantly less quantity of ginger. The weight loss due to ginger may not be notable.

2.1.3. Detoxification

How to Make Iaso Detox Tea...Stronger | Organic Tea | Colon Cleanse | Order at iasonutrition.com

The main motive behind making Iaso tea is to clean both the upper and lower intestines to detox your body. Iaso tea will help detoxify your intestine, ultimately flushing out toxins from your body.

No doubt our body is blessed with some excellent detoxification system to clean our body on its own, still, sometimes it may not be enough, and hence, Iaso tea will do the extra load of toxins removals. Ingredients such as chamomile and ginger would be great detoxification agents for your liver and skin.

2.1.4. For Physical And Mental Health

Iaso tea remains excellent for enhancing your energy level, the primary source of your body’s functioning. Iaso tea will improve your physical performance, like exercise, by increasing energy and keeping your body free from toxins. This herbal tea tends to be a good remedy for your mental clarity.

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By increasing your energy level, you will exercise daily, and your blood circulation will improve. This condition will help in mental health development, encouraging peace and no stress at all.

2.1.5. Better Sleep

Besides a healthy diet and weight loss exercises, sleep is another essential factor for your weight loss journey. Iaso tea works amazingly for improving and maintaining your sleeping window. It will enhance your mental stability and hence, provide a peaceful mind for proper sleep.

Chamomile herbs present in this tea also aid sleeping habits and a peaceful mind. Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory properties that will help in reducing bloating and relaxing your muscles for a sound sleep.

3. Cons Of Iaso Tea

Iaso tea’s side effects are sometimes quite dangerous for people buying Iaso tea. The natural ingredients present in Iaso tea are pretty sceptical and would also bring enormous cons for some people.

3.1. Some of the Most Observed Side Effects of Iaso Tea Are the Following

  • Stomach gas
  • Inflammation
  • Stools smelling foul
  • Headaches
  • Frequent urination


According to the makers and sellers of this tea, the side effects are mainly because it removes all the harmful toxins from your body. The headaches are generally due to a lack of water intake (or dehydration) and could be overcome with the excess addition of water to the body.

Long-term use of diuretics (chronic use) could also have repercussions like death for many people with hypertension or heart failure.

4. In the End

No doubt! Iaso Tea is excellent for weight loss due to its many defective ingredients. However, there is an IASO review that states that once you stop using this tea, it may result in weight gain.

The pros and cons of Iaso tea are quite balanced, but you can’t snub the fact that instant weight loss is possible using this tea. Go ahead and try out this amazing tea for weight loss but don’t skip consulting with an expert for better clarity.

5.  Frequently Asked Questions

5.1. What Is Iaso Tea Good For?

Many herbal teas enhance the breakdown of fats and hasten the process of emptying the stomach. Doing so helps reduce indigestion, vomiting, and bloating, therefore, improving your digestion. Iaso tea is the perfect solution for those looking for a soft-tasting all-natural tea blend with zero sugar. 

5.2. Can Detox Tea Help Lose Weight?

The teas contain diuretics that make you lose a lot of water, which is why you might see the scale drop by 5 lb. or so for a few days. Detox teas can promote weight loss, but probably not much of the loss is actually fat loss.

5.3. Who Is the Founder of Iaso Tea?

Gerhard Ebersohn – CEO – TLC Iaso Tea

5.4. Are Detox Teas Safe?

Detox teas don’t contain regulated ingredients. They may contain powerful herbs, laxatives, high levels of caffeine, medications, and even illegal drugs that can cause severe health problems or even death. Avoid teas and other products sold for “detox” or weight loss purposes.

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