4 Beard Growth Stages: Natural Tips to Fasten Growth

If you are growing a beard or in the middle of the process, this post has all you need to know about beard growth stages. Hair has always been a great attraction to men and women, whether a beard or other hairstyles.

When talking about the beard, they are the sign of puberty, comprising four distinct stages. But, not all men need to acquire fuller lengths in a specific span. Your beard needs cordial care.

What will you experience the most? Loss of hair, irrational beard growth, less growth, and many other problems. Today, this guide will lead you to the nuts and bolts of beard growth stages and how they can be nourished.

History Behind Beards

  • The evolution in the beard styles came with the great Lebanese emperors. The Lebanon civilization gave great attention to beards.
  • During the Greek period, the beard was known as a beacon of honor and dignity. Men who were found guilty cut their beards to show their cowardness. Greek beards were nurtured and curled frequently. The curled beard makes their genetics stand out from other periods.
beard growth stages
  • Followed by India, the east ancient believed to have a long heavy beard which resembles their pride and significance. Publicity punishments were to cut beards for guilty and prisoners.
  • China, on the other hand, has grown very popular with its unique beard growth stages. Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, portrayed the human body as the most natural phenomenon. However, other than farmers and soldiers, the East Asian men were allowed to develop long beards.
  • What’s more? Other than Israel, Egypt, Iran, Mecadon, and Rome, communities like Muslim, Hinduism were immense examples to detail beard growth stages.

3 Phase of Beard Growth Cycle

Facial hair growth is like your scalp growth; understanding the process stages may lead to healthy beard growth performance. A potential beard growth takes 2-5 months to turn a full-length beard.

Considering the initial growth period, let’s explore the healthy beginning of beard growth stages. Like your scalp hair, beard growth is also divided into three spans, that is, anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase. Let’s know which stage you have stepped in.

1. Anagen Phase

It is the initial span, where the beard rises 1cm long. This phase continues from months to years. Men who get annoyed for a very long anagen phase should know that they are in the initial stage, which may differ growth period accordingly.

Anagen phase of beard - Man brutal bearded hipster thoughtful mood defocused background. Macho with beard and mustache look confident brutal. Beard represent masculinity. Brutality concept. Beard masculinity attribute.
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By the end of the anagen phase, a slight variation is seen in the growth. The hair rises an inch longer than before.

The entire growth span requires complete nutrition and grooming since this will commence with healthy hairy results.

2. Catagen Phase

The second phase of the growth contains a slight bushy look, where the progress goes smooth.

Catagen Phase - This stage of beard lasts upto 2-3 weeks.
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The catagen phase ends for two to three weeks, continuing the growth. The hair detaches itself from the blood supply and gets ready for the last stage.

3. Telogen Phase

The last phase of beard growth stages brings a sudden hair fall in your beard. You might experience spontaneous hair fall while scratching. Do not be panic as it leads to the comeback of new hair, removing premature hairs from the skin.

Telogen Phase
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Just like your teeth have a second birth, the new hair follicles are stronger and sharp than previous. These are the permanent hairs forming into a healthy beard.

Know your hair deeply. Here’s what you need to know. Join us in another guide.

The Ultimate Beard Growth Stages

The real struggle starts from here. The end of the hair growth cycle brings permanent beard growth. Following are the four ultimate beard growth stages of progressing to the final lengths.

beard growth stages

1. Scratch Scratch Scratch

It is the worst experience you will ever go through. Having a stylish beard is overwhelming, but the initial stage is as alarming to imagine.

The minute lengths are like sharp and spiky thorns to the face. Touching the skin will cause itching and scratching that might leave pimples and then bleeding. The period lasts for 1 or 2 weeks, considering the further progress.

Beard itching is the worst situation to face, where the skin becomes dry and peeling off. Try hydrating your facial skin with water, ice, aloe vera1, and coconut oil to minimize the marks.

2. 1x growth in Lengths

As sounds, your beard grows 1 inch longer to your face. The itching and stubble will persist but add patchiness to your face.

This is where you find an unusual growth of hair that may feel embarrassing to reveal. Do not stress it; give yourself some time. It will take 2-3 weeks where you have to be more cautious with your skin as well.

Facial skin is the most sensitive skin in the body. Dryness and stubble might affect your face and leave dark spots and marks around the beard area. To conquer this situation, use natural ways like icing and coconut oil to shut down your pimples and reduce itching.

3. Getting your Perfect Shape

Beard growth stages

From intangible beard growth stages, now your beard will finally take its original shape. This will feel relaxed as you will ditch stubble and form a perfect shape to your face cut.

This period ends for 5-6 weeks. Now it’s your turn to shape it as your desire. Using trimmers or certain non-electronic products will help you shape a better style for your face.

4. Maintenance will Improve Growth

The last stage of the beard growth stage needs impeccable maintenance of the shape for weeks (6-8). It will help to gain a solid structure and fill the wild-looking corners of your beard.

Maintenance means care and grooming. Regular washing, beard balms, and combing your beard will help you retain a successful shape. A normal beard usually grows backward from the chin. Brushing your hair backward toward the throat will maintain a strict shape. Hence, it will conclude with adequate beard growth stages.

3 Regular Tips for Healthy Beard Growth Stages

Your genes probably determine the speed of your beard growth. But not always. Sometimes, men having their ancestors with a healthy beard may experience weak growth. Every hair of your body passes a hair growth cycle, which decides beard growth.

Practicing at-home regular tips will increase the chances of hair growth and having a fuller beard. Let’s cure your beard growth issues in three easy natural steps.

  • Hydration is Must

During the beard growth stages, one of the most throbbing situations for men is patchiness and stubble. It falls due to dehydration of the skin. Regular cleansing and moisturizing the beard area will increase the chances of better growth.

A Man drinking water
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Wash your face with gentle natural soap. Conditioning your beard will give smoothness and unleash the locks between the hairs. Subsequently, moisturize your face with lotion or coconut oil to optimize successful beard growth stages.

  • Balanced Diet

Beard growth stages

Your daily food habits depend on what type of lengths you’ll acquire in the future. So, it’s better to maintain a balanced nutritious diet. Some vitamins like Vitamin D empower hair follicles to grow faster and healthier.

You can take fish, plant-based milk, and eggs as a component of vitamin D. Moreover, Vitamin B also results in better growth. So, intake of B12, Biotin 2will be a good choice for progress.

  • Quit Smoking and Late Sleep Habits

Smoking is undoubtedly a detrimental drive. It can be linked to hair fall, damaging blood vessels that lead to hair fall eventually. Though, beard growth stages are also affected by smoking and late sleepy habits. 

Quit smoking
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On the contrary, late sleep habits are another concern, attacking the flow of testosterone3. It means less DHT4 (Dihydrotestosterone), causing your beard growth slower. Experts say a complete sleeping routine and quitting smoking can fasten beard growth.

10 Beard Myths to be Debunked

  • Shaving every day can increase your beard lengths.
  • Watching your processing stages in the mirror will stop the growth.
  • Combing your beard will improve your beard growth stages.
  • Using expensive and quality products can process beard grow faster.
  • A beard makes you feel unhygienic and awkward.
  • All girls find beards attractive.
  • A healthy beard may push you away from landing a job
  • Beards are hot in the summers. They might irritate you
  • Beard makes you look creepy and inactive
  • A good beard is incomplete without a mustache.

Medication VS Natural Treatment- Which one is Better?

beard growth stages

Different human systems perform oppositely when intake medicine. One can not entirely depend on medicines, as they might not react precisely to what you expect. There might be times when you get effective results.

While it might not react or a reaction that affects your health, people with extra delicate skin should strictly avoid medication as it can trigger severe allergies on your face.

Natural treatments, on the other hand, are pure and easygoing with at-home products. They are routine practices with zero extra efforts, ending in better growth and care. As they are organic, there is no harm caused by the application.

When choosing the best, there is nothing as beneficial as natural treatments to boost beard growth stages

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