40 Powerful Affirmations For Anxiety

Affirmations for anxiety are short positive statements that can help you relax when you feel very anxious. They allow you to remember that everything will eventually be alright and that you are in a safe environment.

Affirmations for anxiety motivate you to think positively and act appropriately. You can continuously repeat some of your favorite affirmations for anxiety in your mind when you feel too anxious.

It helps you calm down and soothes your mind to relax. These positive statements are like a soothing touch when you are alone and struggle with your anxiety.

An excellent way to reinforce these affirmations for anxiety is by putting them up everywhere in your room, on your mirror, and on your phone. It boosts self-love and encouragement.

Here are 40 powerful affirmations for anxiety. Focus on some of your favorite phrases, breathe deeply, and relax your body.

40 Powerful Affirmations For Anxiety

Powerful Affirmations For Anxiety
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  1.  As I breathe in deeply, I am gathering strength. This is a good way to gather your strength for a stressful event. Breathe in deeply and believe in your abilities.
  2. As I breathe out, I am more confident and relaxed.
  3. I can look around myself and see that nothing can harm me here. There is no immediate danger in my surroundings, and I can relax now.
  4. I am in a safe place, and nobody is judging me. They have their own worries to handle. The thought that others are busy in their own world is helpful when you feel insecure or judged.
  5. I am an influential person because I was capable of overcoming all barriers in my life.
  6. Even though this is daunting, I act like I am confident. And everybody believes that I am optimistic.
  7. I love how I look today. My attire is comfortable against my skin, and it is beautiful. I feel confident in this outfit, and I feel very awesome today.
  8. I love the person I am today. Through all the ups and downs of my life, I have evolved to be a better person. The way I am right now is more than enough to make me happy.
  9. My past doesn’t define who I am. I define myself in the present. I am a good person who strives to be better.
  10. I choose to be happy even in these difficult times. I decide to stop doing things that will only leave me hurt and sad. My mental health is my priority, and I want to take care of myself.
  11. If I work hard now, I won’t have to worry about the future.
  12. I am happy, healthy, and beautiful. I don’t need any approval to believe that. Others’ opinions do not matter to me.
  13. Even if cruel people surround me, I have lovely friends and family who support me through everything. Their support is all that matters to me, and I want to uphold their trust in me. I will overcome this stress and win.
  14. I know how to take care of myself. I love myself for everything that I have ever done, even my mistakes. They have taught me to become better and made me the person I am today.
  15. I know what makes me happy. I will always surround myself with the things that make me happy, whenever possible. I choose to think positively about everything in my life.
  16. All the happy memories of my life keep me company during my most challenging times. I remember these memories fondly and try my best to create more joyful memories every day.
  17. Living through the ups and downs of my life makes me feel alive.
  18. As I overcome every problematic task of my day, I feel brave and accomplished.
  19. I work hard to achieve all my dreams. And I will happily work hard through all these difficulties.
  20. I will observe all the beautiful things and people around me and feel the quiet peace that brings me. I will live mindfully, and quietly focusing on the life surrounding me.
    Powerful Affirmations For Anxiety
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  21. I am silently being cheered on by the people who matter the most in my life. It is important to remember that there are always people who want the best for you. Their support will drive you forward.
  22. I share my love with people who love me back. I decide who stays in my life and who does not. I want to remove all toxic relationships that hurt me. I will do this to live peacefully.
  23. I control my thoughts. I choose my happiness. Repeating such affirmations for anxiety will remind you of your power and ease your worries.
  24. I am a better, more knowledgeable person than I was before. My past has taught me valuable lessons. I am so much wiser than my younger self. I am capable of making the right decisions for myself.
  25. I know what is good for me, and I know my dreams well. What I do now is my choice alone. I will focus on maintaining the good health of my mind and body
  26. This is a stressful moment, but I have faced tougher situations. I’ve bravely endured them all. I have the strength and knowledge on how to deal with this problem. I need to focus and do it well.
  27. I have so many achievements. I know how to be successful in everything I do. Affirmations for anxiety can help you remember outstanding achievements and draw inspiration from those memories.
  28. I am brave and capable of speaking for myself. Nothing else matters if my words are trustworthy and confident.
  29. Even though I am hurting right now, I will take time to heal peacefully. This positive affirmation for anxiety is a good reminder to give yourself time and space to heal from bad experiences.
  30. Nothing is wrong in my life, and I only have a few bad days at hand. Once these tough times settle down, I’ll make my days better. I will learn from the mistakes I made and try my best not to repeat them next time. I am smart because I know from my mistakes.
  31. I trust my individuality, my dreams, and my plans. I’ll pave my way and live life uniquely.
  32. I am worthy of all happiness. I deserve to be happy because I am a good person, and I have done good things. I will remove all these negative thoughts out of my mind and focus on the little things that make me happy.
  33. Everybody feels anxious talking to new people. It goes away once I start talking about the things I am interested in talking about. I am passionate about this topic, and I can speak to others about it.
  34. Nobody has the right to judge me. I am unique, and I don’t fit any molds. There are no standards that can define my whole life.
  35. I have no fear of the criticism thrown my way. I am happy and proud of who I am today. I will take advice that will help me in the direction of my dreams. I won’t let others thwart my goals and individuality.
  36. I won’t let my anxiety keep me from being happy. I won’t let anxiety hold me back from doing exciting things and enjoying my life to the fullest. This affirmation for anxiety is important to remember at every moment of your day.
  37. Everything that’s happening in my life right now is for a better future. I have to go through each small task bravely until this challenging time is over. My hard work is admirable, and I am very proud of myself for making it through each day.
  38. Worrying over my mistakes won’t help me overcome self-doubt. If I don’t stop worrying about my past, I won’t get time to experience happier moments. I will focus on getting things right in the present. I will focus on my happiness the most.
  39. I realize that even though I feel anxious during stressful situations, I always manage to win. I know how to navigate this mess of thoughts and perform well. I won’t let momentary weaknesses affect the performance I have worked hard for.
  40. My purpose is to lead a life of the highest good, contentment, and happiness. I will do everything I want to do and be happier than I am right now. I won’t lead a regretful life. My mental health is good, and I can control my anxieties.
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Affirmations for anxiety help you gain a sense of self-worth during bouts of anxiety that can be debilitating. Keep in mind your favorite statements and try to relax. Believe in your ability to become peaceful in tough situations.

Anxiety is hard to cope with if you are not aware of small tricks to cope with it. Affirmations for anxiety can ease constant nervousness. These reminders are great during times of stress, anxiety when you are doubtful and afraid. Practice breathing exercises while repeating affirmations for anxiety to make them more effective.

It’s essential to repeat this exercise daily. It will boost your self-image, self-love, and acceptance. The path toward healing is challenging, but you will be glad you took it now.

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