Soul Connection: Top 4 Incredible Things To Know

soul connection

Soul connection is an interesting and intriguing concept. Have you ever come across someone and felt an instant and unexplainable connection with them. Do they make you feel at home or familiar even though you’ve only met for a short period of time?

 You may have experienced a soul connection, something two people feel when they meet each other. Soul connection occurs when both individuals feel that their souls are linked together significantly. They feel as if their relationship is more in-depth and on a profound level.

soul connection

To understand more about soul connection, let us dive deeper into this belief.

1. What Is A Soul?

To understand the concept of soul connection, we need to understand the real meaning of the soul. In simpler terms, the soul is the spiritual part of a person that experiences deep and emotional feelings. It does not exist in a physical form and can only be ‘felt’. The soul is an essence that cannot be separated from the body.

From the ancient era until the present, people believe that a person’s soul continues to exist even after the physical body has died.

While many subjects this concept as questionable, many types of research attempt to prove its existence. Whether you agree with the concept of soul or not, one can’t deny the interesting phenomena and theories behind it.

soul connections

2. What is A Soul Connection

As mentioned above, when two people experience soul connection, they feel significantly linked with each other. It does not matter whether the person you connect to is your best friend, co-worker or a casual lover; one can feel like the universe deliberately brought both of you together.

As we are all part of humanity, our souls are linked with each other individually. They contain intimacy and leave a lasting impression while helping us heal and grow. We can also manifest good or bad relationships through our varied thoughts.

According to Vanessa Van Edwards, whether people believe in a soul connection, their mindset can affect their further relationships.

Some even feel as if they’ve met the person in their past life and thus feel connected towards them. It is also believed that before we are born, we have a ‘soul agreement‘ wherein your soul chooses relationships and family ties with other souls. This is because our soul desires to learn specific valuable lessons from them in the human world.

Hence, when we meet someone and feel an inexplicable connection with them, it means we have a soul agreement with them. However, one must keep in mind that every individual’s soul contract is unique and different. They differ based on personality, relationships and even maturity level.

One of the most widely and common misconceptions about soulmates is that they tend to be only romantic. This is a wrong thought as many experience soul connection with their friends, families, mentors etc.

Every lesson we learn is valuable to us, whether that comes from our friendship lasting only for 6 months or our parents who we’ve known forever. No matter the duration of our soul connection, the life lesson remains profound for the rest of our lives while leaving a lasting impression.

Coming across people who instantly connect with us is a bit harder that one would expect. Start off by visiting places where you can find people similar to you. Sharing the same values, preferences and philosophies of life is an important aspect of a genuine soul connection.

For example – if you like reading books, visit the bookstore often to come across a person who is passionate about them just like you are. There might be a chance you stumble across your soulmate or find a soul partner.

soul connection

3. These Are The Signs That Indicate You Have Found A Soul Connection

1.Feel Connected On An Energetic Level

You experience their energies in your life and feel a deeper bond. Even if they are not around, you think about them often, consciously or unconsciously.

2. Feel Committed

Sometimes individual relationships become overbearing, and one may feel like running away from them. On the other hand, soul connections make you eliminate your fear of commitment and helps you feel peaceful.

3. Feel An Instant Bond

Applying to all sorts of relationships, this is a telltale sign of a soul connection. Your first meeting becomes so memorable, and you might even remember where and how you met them.

4. Learn Something New

While you spend time with them, you slowly learn new things in life that help shapes you as a person. Be it a personality trait, a hobby or a moral lesson; you always know something when you have a genuine soul mate. You might also transform into a better and positive individual while spending time with them.

4. Types Of Soul Connections

How do you recognize different types of soul connections? Are you currently involved with any type of true soul connection? There are various types of soul mates or relations we experience. Below are some of the common types one can find:

1. Karmic Partners

soul connection

Also called ‘wrecking ball soulmates’, these people are the one we have met in our past life and need to settle our karmic depths. According to Rudolf Steiner, many individuals are destined to meet each other and become karmic partners.

Instead of fear, one must always have the courage to face whatever comes with these partners. They are here to teach and give us a valuable life lesson and vice versa. You can focus on improving your karma with very interactive and be more positive.

It is believed that once in our lifetime, we are bound to have a karmic relation, and they won’t be smooth sailing. Instead, these relationships reach our limits, push our buttons and help us grow in life.

Karmic relationships can soon turn out to be toxic as well. It is your responsibility to end it as soon as you believe you’ve received a valuable lesson from them.

2. Soul Partners

soul connection

Soul Partners are someone you form a soul connection with as they have agreed to become your partners in this life. You share the same energy or soul level with them and thus feel instantly connected to them.

These partners are not limited to only romantic relationships as they can appear in friends, siblings, close relatives, and even business partners.

You know them intimately and have a connection that sometimes lasts a lifetime. They are there to support you in life, be it emotionally, financially, professionally or in any other manner.

Even if you’ve met your soul partner for a short period of time, they remain unforgettable. For example – a teacher who helped you choose the right career and changed the course of your life, even though you barely knew him or her.

Signs Of Soul Partners Are:

  • Strong sense of familiarity when you meet them for the first time.
  • Both share a mutual respect.
  • You and your soul partner share the same goals, aspirations or interests.
  • Find yourself being authentic and comfortable around them, instead of feeling pressured.
  • Soul Partners appear like a true best friend to you.

What our souls cannot achieve alone, soul partners can help us in various aspects of life. They are intricately woven with our destiny and become some of the most memorable people we ever meet.

3. Past Life Soul Mates

soul connection

Many researchers have studied the concept of reincarnation or past life. Nevertheless, it is an interesting concept, and many people swear by it as well.

Those who are our past life soulmates are believed to have some form of connection with us in their previous life. They could have been our past lover, best friend or related to us in some way or another. If they stumble upon you in the present, you are likely to feel drawn towards them due to their past life connection.

Many believe that past life soulmates are the most powerful out of the others because they can navigate each other even though they’ve been apart for decades or even centuries!

One important aspect to keep in mind about these partners is that you don’t have an obligation to settle with them. These partners sometimes enter our lives in search of healing. So, even if you do break up with them, you can provide healing to yourself and your partner and finally let them go from your life.

Signs You’ve Found Your Past Life Soul Partner:

  • They are compatible with your astrological birth chart.
  • Their meeting will cause either a good or a bad reaction in your life.
  • You are inexplicably drawn towards them.
  • You can experience love at first sight.

4. Romantic Soul Mate

soul connection

The romantic soulmates have always been idealized the most around the world. They can be the only one for us with whom we desire to spend our whole lives.

A real soul connection involving a romantic partner is built on commitment, trust, and spirituality. They offer unconditional love and become partners who understand you at a deeper level.

Such a partner also makes the best confidant and not only do they listen to your problems and worries, but they also offer the perfect solutions.

They provide healing and bring out the best version of yourselves. Not everything would be merry in the relationship as ups and downs are certain. Yet, a true romantic soulmate will stick with you until the storm passes away.

Signs You’ve Found Your Past Life Soul Partner:

  • They are empowered and encourage you.
  • Upon meeting them, you might instantly feel connected to them.
  • They might appear to be your true best friend.
  • You share similar thoughts and values.
  • You may feel calm while falling in love with them.

4. Twin Flames

soul connection

When you meet your twin flame, you experience the most powerful type of soul connection. Also called ‘mirror soul’, this kind of relationship is known to be the other half.

It is based on the idea that one soul was split into two identical bodies an when you meet them, you can form a complete soul.

Just like the nature of a twin, these types of the soul often provide healing and growth but can still be very challenging. Both the partners affect and encourage each other equally in life.

You share the same soul level with your twin flames and therefore find yourself very similar. You can share the same goals, interests, hobbies and even the vision for the future. There can be multiple soulmates, but there is one Twin Flame in our lives.

Twin Flames do not necessarily have to be romantic; they can appear in various other forms. This soul connection does not last long because once the lesson is learned, you can let them go.

They can change our lives and provide enlightenment. This does not mean you need a Twin Flame to feel complete in life in any manner.

6. Kindred Spirits

soul connection

The word ‘kindred spirits’ is usually a term used to convey affection for someone. But in the subject of soul connection, they are people who genuinely understand you.

People sharing the same values, interests and philosophical ideologies as you can be known as kindred spirits. This soul connection feels like both individuals have matching energy.

They understand you at a level no one else can. They can also share the same life experiences as you and can relate to each other. They don’t always have to romantic as some kindred spirits can be in friends and teachers.

These partners can sometimes be temporary as their only goal is to provide you with a valuable life lesson. Once that is achieved, they either choose to leave or manage to stay connected with you.

The level of understanding between such spirits is so deep, you might feel at ease around them.


Soul connection can be found in various forms and is bound to be experienced. These connections can result in diverse life experiences, good or bad, which will help shape us and grow in life.

If you think you haven’t experienced a soul connection, you need to be patient and wait for the right time. Everyone has a connection, whether we meet them sooner or later in life.





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